Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders | Antoine Vaillant’s Grocery Run

alright what’s up this is Antoine Vaillant IFBB pro from Canada and we are here in Burlington Ontario
this is Sobeys one of our grocery store chains and we’re gonna shop a little bit
and we’re gonna try not to get kicked out too right now we got the fruits organic
fruits black fruits
blackberry fruits I’ve got apples already at home need some bananas it’s just tenderloin usually they have bigger size
also get ribeye if I were to get grassfed I use a true company and they
just deliver straight to your door oh well yeah Buffalo bison that’s good so high in fat you can turn a normal
meal into a cheat meal so my other source of protein actually is a the
chicken and salmon that you that I eat in my my diet this from a boss meals and boss meals is actually Todd he has the meal prep company and he’s the
one cooking all our chicken and our the meat we need so I get him to cook all my
meals except the steak which I like to cook myself so it’s like fresh you know
but the chicken I don’t care if it’s fresh or not and he cooks he cooks his
fresh to cook and then he packs it up and then they puts it puts it in a very
cold fridge then he brings it up the next morning in a cold package at the
door so twice a week I get all my meal all my meat freshly cooked from him
actually I’m gonna grab some cereals cereal like a crisp honey nut
Harvest crunch 30% less fat and low in sodium well I’m from here I live we have a gym
here in Burlington we open up a gym and I do videos for YouTube and stuff like
that yeah yeah it’s my job I’m a professional bodybuilder so ya no I
this is what is missing from my diet I got everything already at home I got my
chicken cooked my salmon cooked by somebody else delivers to my house so
yeah cuz my prep oh thank you oh yeah it’s like it’s like a purse with
no hands you know how girls have their purses they carry a bunch of shit in there
well I carry my stuff in there I put my keys here my wallet is here
I like this fannypack I mean I go on a date maybe I’m not gonna wear it I have
another one it’s like a satchel it’s more stylish it’s a gift from my mom this one
is good here see that it’s like 67% dark chocolate mint in my diet
post-workout is my meal I get a cup of orange juice pure orange juice but I
actually asked Dorian I can I use apple juice instead pure apple juice and I
always need to be not from concentrate it needs to be like mushed up like fruits
for your for you juice and he says he doesn’t mind the apple juice right now
but you’d really like the orange juice the pure one not the concentrate
because there’s a natural source of vitamin C because it’s always good to
try to find your vitamins and stuff from real food when you can so if you have to
make a choice what’s the best between the two juices orange juices has more
vitamin C so therefore it should be better but I like the taste of apple
juice that’s the one I use not from concentrate but then it’ll like gonna
shake it up that’s how you know it’s good it’s like a shake weight remember that nope
oh that’s just cheating aisle the cheating aisle it’s all the candy and
stuff not no only Wednesday nights and Sunday nights they don’t have it hmm
you have a sweet and chilli though like this one here the thing is if you look
sometimes if I look in the back I’m like ah shit I can’t have that
like 2 tbsp is like a tablespoon of sugar but the thing is offseason I could
put a little bit it won’t make me more fat than I am really what makes you fat
in the offseason is not going to be the condiments gonna be if you eat junk food
every day yeah that’s what I use Kikkoman yeah low sodium I use a low
sodium because it’s still very high in sodium it’s just half no less than half
yeah so there’s the big bag here that’s I
think that’s the best one but I kind of like the little packets for some reason
six bucks for all this yeah I kind of like this one because in my coffee I just open
two of them if I use this I feel like I’ve gotta use too much my coffee you
know so I’m gonna use this one so see that free-range farms brown eggs I open
up I move them like that because if it doesn’t move if it’s stuck it means it’s broken
underneath and you know what makes that chicken they’re little eggs like that
brown well if the chicken is brown it’s gunna make brown eggs the chicken is white white
eggs so I guess the free-range chickens are mostly brown chickens organic sometimes I buy fresh but if I’m
not gonna eat it or if I’m gonna eat it like in this is why I buy fresh berries
and I don’t eat it they’re gonna go bad but the only time I use berries really
is in the morning in my cream of rice when I eat it so I’m good I can use
this one it’s cheaper so this brand of rice it’s called Romberg usually I always
stack up on the sushi rice which is the blue bag but sometimes also get for a
second choice this one here was jasmine rice and as soon as if I see blue the blue
bags I usually buy all of them I always stock up on them all right that’s it

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  2. M&S with Regan and Antoine. Must be up in Canada. With that said, we better see Greg Doucette, Cbum, Fouad, and Ian Valliere

  3. M&S thanks a million for the videos you put, I really enjoy and wait for every day, that’s what we want shopping and full day of eating, cheers lads

  4. Actually the color of the egg is determined by the color of the chicken’s earlobe. Not the color of the chickens feathers

  5. Bodybuilders have the most amazing physiques on the planet and if you notice non of them add vegetables to their grocery list. It makes you wonder if we really need vegetables to thrive at all.

  6. Hi muscle and strength thanks for the shopping video! Love how he calmly talks to customers about his work as he must get alot of people who also talk about it when he's in public

  7. I haven’t even watched the vid probably egg white “some greens” “plenty of rice” “some food additives that make eating easier”

  8. Two things, first this dude is not in BODYBUILDER shape …. second italian sausage…pepperoni etc is proven to severely lower your test

  9. grocery list:

    black berries


    tenderloin steak

    ribeye steak

    ground bison, extra lean

    italian sausages

    granola cereal

    dark chocolate

    apple juice, not from concentrate

    hot sauce

    soy sauce



    frozen berries

    jasmine rice

    (he gets chicken and salmon pre-cooked from another place)

  10. Shocked by how smart many of his choices are.

    Most I've seen buy too much red meat and frozen rice. This dude actually knows his shit.

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