Gorilla Doorway Gym Assembly Instructions

Hi I’m Micah with Gorilla Gym. Today we’re going to show you how to put together your Gorilla Gym system. We are going to go through each part. Make sure you have everything in the box. Then I’m going to show you how to put together each part into your full Gorilla Gym. As we go piece by piece, feel free to follow along with the manual, and see what each piece looks like in the manual, so that way, you can put it together. This video should just be an accompaniment. First step, we have the curved handlebars,
we have two of this. Next step, we have a horizontal plastic bar. Finally, right now, we have the main support bar. We have the left, and the right side. These pieces will eventually go together, to form the main support, but we will get to that later in the video. Next step we have the Gorilla Gym vise-grips. These might come in your box. I already put together like you see here. If they are not, we will show you real quickly how to assemble it. It will come in three pieces: the vise-grip, the vise-grip adjuster and the vise-grip bar tightener. First you take the adjuster, it has three prongs, and you stake it into the three holes on the vise-grip. Push down and tighten the screw, to adjust. Next, we have the vise-grip bar tightener. This is the piece, goes around this screw right here. You stake the side, that is all the way up to the edge inwards, as opposed to this side with the hollow holes. Make sure you put it on straight, and once it’s on straight, tight it to adjust. Next step, we have the stability blocks,
you should have two of these. Then you have the removable padded grips, you have four of these. You can choose to only put on two of them,
it is sort of whatever you or whatever
you are more comfortable with. Next step, we have the long bolts, as you see right here you should have two of those, and the medium bolts, you should have two of those, and the short bolts, you should have two of those. As you can see lined up right here, each bolt has their own washers, and each one of the bolts also has a locknut. These are listed as spring washers and locking nuts in your manual, but they are also called the short bolt washer and the short bolt nut, and in many cases these will look very similar, or may even be the same thing. Now we’re ready to assemble your
Gorilla Gym. First step, we are going to attached
the two main support bar halves. Like that. Make sure to line up the square holes with the other square holes, and it will make your life a lot easier when you are screwing in the bolts. If you take your bolt, you can see that
one end of the bolt has a square top. It is important to put this and in first through the square hole to make sure that everything is lined up correctly. So I have got the square holes right here, take the bolt, drop it in, take the other bolt, drop that in. And right now you see the two ends coming out through the round holes. And these two loose ends, we will take the washer, put it on, take the other washer, put that on the other one. Next we are going to take the locking nuts, and put those on the tops of the screws. At the beginning it is totally fine to screw them on by hands, but once they get some point, where you can no longer tighten them by hand use your assembly tool. Make sure they are nice tight. Your main support bar. For this next step, we are going to attach the two curved bars to the horizontal plastic bar. We will do this one at a time. First, we are going to you take the curved bar, plastic bar. Make sure that this side with the padding is facing the inward curve of the curve bar. This is very important for later. Then you are going to take one of the medium screws, light it up, so that it goes through the plastic, with the square end on the square hole. Once that is through, stick that through the bar, and at this point, it is probably a good idea to take the washer and take the locking nut and tight it up, just by hand. Now, we are going to do the same thing on the other side. We want to line up the curve of the plastic with the curve of the bar. Take the medium-size bolt, stick that towards you. Stick that through the bar. Do the same thing with the washers, and the locking nut. As we saw before, if these locking nuts are not fully tightened by hand, take your assembly tool and give a few more turns. Make sure that everything is attached firmly. This next step we are going to take the part we just made with the curve bars, and attach it to the main support bar. The key here is to use the stability blocks. So first thing we are going do is to take the stability blocks, and slide them onto each side of the main support bar. We are going to focus on one side at a time. So, a key feature here is make sure that the square hole on the main support bar is facing down. Stability block will be facing upwards. So that this semi-circular shape can be attached to the curved bar. The curved bar will fit nicely inside of it, just like that. We are going to take one of the long screws now and slide it up trough the bottom so that the square top of the screw fits the square hole at the button. We also want to make sure that it goes trough the hole in the stability block, enough through there. Now we are going to take the curved bars and we are going to stick this screw, through the hole on the curve bar, on top of the stability block. At this point, we want to take one of the washers, and one of the locking nuts, screwed on top, just to make sure it stays in place when we will do the other side. Now we are going to do the same thing we did, over there. On this side. Turn the stability blocks so that are facing
upwards with the semi-circular side facing the curved bar. Now we are going to take the screw, slide through the hole on the bottom Make sure it goes through the stability block at the top. Just like that, and you are going to take the curve bar. Slide it on to the screw and take the washer, the locking nut, screw that on top. Now, just like we have done the other two times, we are going take the assembly tool and make sure that these locking nuts are nicely tight. Now that we have the shape of the Gorilla Gym, we are going to attach the vise-grips to make it fit on your door frame. First we are going to take the padded grips and slide them onto the bar. This is a choice you can make depending on the width of your door frame. If you have an especially wide door is probably good to put all four on the inside. For this demonstration, we are only going to put one on each side, and then we are going to slide them on the vise-grips. This is totally a preference kind of thing,
so whatever you want you should do. Now we are going to take the vise-grips, and we are going to take the side of the bar tightener and slide it onto the bar. The bar tightener should be inside, facing the rest of the Gorilla Gym. The slides on, nicely, put it right over it the padded grip, and turn it, tighten it. Do the same thing on the other side. Slide the bar tightener inside on first, and turn it to tighten it. Depending on the width of your door frame, these vise-grips can slide in or out to fit any size door. Now that your Gorilla Gym is fully assembled, the last step is to go back to all of the locking nuts. Using your assembly tool to make
sure there are securely. Now your Gorilla Gym is ready to go on the door.

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