Good Form Running by New Balance

Good Form Running is comprised of four
elements that teach you a natural and sustainable running stride that leads to
a better overall running experience while reducing injury. Proper alignment of the body allows it to move as efficiently as possible. Subtly shift your body forward initiated at the ankle joint. A higher cadence of two to three steps per second will help you can conserve energy. Landing on the midfoot rather than the heel reduces impact on the knees. Lightweight or minimalist shoes can be used as a training tool to help promote the elements of Good Form Running and improve your form. Minimalist shoes have a low heel to toe drop to encourage a midfoot strike, lightweight materials that allow natural motion of the foot, and lightweight flexible soles to encourage sensory perception of the surface of the foot.

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  1. You might want to talk to Saucony too(Probably other big companies as well). Not really a big deal. I just see it as another way to run.

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