Galaxy Watch/Galaxy Watch Active 2 Analog Fitness Watch Face

Look another video interview tomorrow, and yes The weekend is here and we gotta also watch face that PW once again for you guys to check out Now this is going to be a giveaway. So we have some coupon codes to give away for this one This one is called PW 218 now we got for watch page code to giveaway But they’re all to the US I did send out for PW to send me some watch faces for the UK Canada Germany and India if I missed anybody. Hit me in my email ra w j8 Y7 at So therefore I can get your country and reach out to PW. See if we can take care of us. Cool Alright you all with that being said know that we got a couple more watch faces to review that PW So that means we got eight more watch faces to give away And for the us we got some free watch places by PW to give away to you today All you got to do is hit me in my email or hit me in the comment section down below Tell me say hey, I’m from the US. I didn’t get a watch for his cold. Take care of me Alright, and I got you. Would that be a sale? Let’s go ahead. Let’s kick off this review All right, you all dense one. Once again, it’s called PW 218 PW lift this one up I like to look I like the design of this watch face. He definitely put his foot in it Now you pretty much going to get the same design the same look the same Info as you would when the watch face is on its gonna be dimmed down in a OD mode is gonna look nice But the overall theme of this watch face stands out it definitely pops, but let’s go ahead Let’s take a look at it. First off. You’re gonna get your step information right here You’re gonna get your traditional and a long time as well. I love this look right here. It’s a premium Look can animate a second down at the bottom. You’re gonna get digital time. Which means you get the best of both worlds You’re gonna get your step status info you’re gonna get your battery info as well Go completed here battery info right there your date information over here You get everything that you could possibly need in this watch face and you also get your heart rate info So as you can see, the watch face is geared to a fitness It’s definitely a good look but if you look around the bezel watch gonna be able to go into things like his settings Setting alarm. You can go in and make a phone call. You’re tapping to your weather here by a single tap Which isn’t bad at all and you can also change the color theme now you get ten and all This video isn’t going to do it justice. You got to see this in person. This is beautiful So we’re gonna cycle through a few of them Just give you an idea of what you’re going to be in for when you download this awesome watch face 5pw Not bad, right. I like that last color. I like this one. All the colors are nice. You can mix and match However, you see fit so far as your outfit that you may have one. Yeah, this is nice people This is nice Don’t forget hit me in the comment section down below for an opportunity to win a free watch face cold Alright you all that’s gonna be it. We got another watch face coming. You’re gonna like this one as well It’s gonna be free for the taking and so don’t miss out on that video All right, you all we’re gonna see you all at the next one Make sure you hit the like button on the way out smash the notification builder You’ll be notified when I drop more videos on this channel, and don’t forget To subscribe and I’ll see you all again at the next video Take care

16 thoughts on “Galaxy Watch/Galaxy Watch Active 2 Analog Fitness Watch Face

  1. This is very cool 😎 👍🏾another smashing watchface from PW. I love the black and gold colour theme. I'm from the UK 🇬🇧 . I don't mind the watchface ☺. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very attractive. I love the color options. Analog faces just dont work for me though so please skip over me for giveaway. Have w wonderful weekend😊

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