Galaxy Watch Active 2 New Watch Faces Fitness/Analog/Digital

Hey, what’s up guys welcome to another video interview in the house world and today. Yes We got the galaxy watch active to watch spaces that we’re gonna be reviewing today and the Bob out of the mall They’re all nice but they blend is some of the old with the new but we picked out the new so you guys can check them out and I’m hoping I’m hoping that we get an update for these watch faces very soon We missed the one for of course the original galaxy watch active. We didn’t get those watch faces So hopefully we get these that I want to go at you watch active too with that being said Let’s go ahead. Let’s get started. Now the name of the first watch face is called digital neon. I love this one I love to look very simple you get of course your date your whether your step Information now bunny the weather when I first got this out of the box, it had a crescent moon with some animation going on I don’t know what that was about. I don’t know if it was brain or what but it looked awesome so of course if you tap on any of those are Applications you’ll be able to go right into it. Now. The next one is called premium Analog now premium analog was it’s pretty good. I like this one right how very nice gives you stuff information, of course It’s an active. Are you got London down at the bottom? Nice black background. So this red black tone really looks nice It’s gonna help save on battery to a great degree But it’s not a bad look right just tap on the September and yeah, it brings up your weather as well Let’s go to the next one now The next one is probably one of my favorite which is live wallpaper now, they need to make more of these Samsung’s developers get down when they new watch faces for their new watches. This one is nice. I like to look of course It’s a black background. So it’s gonna help with battery efficiency. Not bad, but if I tap on it, I can’t change the look Not bad at all. I’m loving it. Let me clean off this display. I’m telling you these developers are really doing their thing I don’t know who Samsung got doing their there their watch faces, but the guy gets down Check that out now that all right. Let’s check out The next one now The next one is called simple analog and it’s just what it is. It’s a simple analog watch face Let’s find it. I Think we missed it Very simple it is what it is gives you the weather up at the top again And of course you can walk into it and then it gives you your heart rate information Not bad not bad for a simple watch face. It doesn’t have a lot of his ass like somebody Older watch his head when they first came out, but it still I’m saying a good look now The next one is called my style and this is the one you probably were looking for right this one now I Was looking at this difference. I thought that you can create different designs with this one But you can’t they give you like if I’m not mistaken 10 or no 6 templates And you can only change the color. So whenever you take a picture of it’s going to blend that color into these designs so if you want to get to the different design that you have just tap on it and it’ll take you to the ones you have created so far as the different design and also the different colors But you can change it anytime you want to I thought that was an awesome look that’ll be up to you But you can’t create any new designs These are the only designs that you’re going to get you’ll be able to change the colors tone of them the color thing But you would not be able to change the design at all. Check it out. Not bad. It’s still not bad Alright you all that’s gonna be it listen hit me in the comment section down below Let me know what you thought of these blue watch faces for the galaxy watch active 2 and if you want these on your Galaxy Watch your gear is 3n or your galaxy watch active the original. Alright, you all that’s gonna be it for the video I hope you enjoyed it. Hope it was informative And if it was please make sure you have to like button on the way out and if you wanna see more videos like this then by all means Make sure you subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you all again at the next video Take care

6 thoughts on “Galaxy Watch Active 2 New Watch Faces Fitness/Analog/Digital

  1. A few cool faces there, Huck don't have audio at moment so can only watch this video when they will be available ? Thanks for video 😉💯🇦🇺✅

  2. Fun faces Huck! I like em. I'm still debating on buying the LTE version when it comes out. I think I will wait for some LTE reviews because have a feeling battery life will be bad. The watch looks good though.

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