Full Leg Bodybuilding Workout

here we are back at the Sporting Village in Rome as always I’m your Silvia “Pink Danger” and today I’ll show you a workout for the legs both for the quads and for the hamstrings I remind you as usual that the workouts that I propose are studied for me, and therefore also for you By Doc. Gabriele Trapani which is technical and scientific consultant for IAFSTORE and Yamamoto Nutrition and now let’s start I give a little explanation of what you will see we’ll start with a set of squats to multipower performed with 4 seconds of negative phase
1 second pause and then an explosive rise
the movement should be fluid without locking the knees and continued
then we’ll continue with a series of composed leg press where you will see me place my feet on the platform in various positions we’re going to run about 55 repetitions on the press obviously using the various angles of movement to stimulate the muscles in a different way let’s start with the squat to multipower come with me let’s start with twenty repetitions with your feet shoulder-width apart go! Now raise your feet on the footrest
we’re going to work harder the back then you can complete the series with another 15 reps always with your legs shoulder-width apart
now we continue training our training continues with 4 series
there I’ll show you one of bulgarian squat in continuous tension
to end with 4 sets of which I’ll show you the execution of the first of leg curls for hamstrings
will be 16 repetitions throughout 8 performed in trunk bent with peak contractions and other 8 smoother by lying with the feet outstretched tips I recommend you start the workout you saw with 4-5 sets of bench in iperextension to begin to activate the muscles of the posterior kinetic chain then buttocks and hamstrings
ok? let’s start ok for today we’re done I remind you to follow me on IAFSTORE site and Yamamoto Nutrition
will look at the next training session and remember: There’s only one Matta, beware of imitations

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