Full Body Gentle Yoga Flow | 24 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today we’re going to go through a nice gentle full-body
yoga flow so find a little bit of space to move subscribe to my channel if you
haven’t already and let’s get started so let’s get started today by just
finding a nice comfortable seat so whatever that looks like for you you can
find your way there I’m gonna sit cross-legged we’re just
gonna take the hands and rest them either on the knees or in the lap and
then I want you to close your eyes whenever you’re ready to do so we’ll
begin by just taking a few nice big breath so inhale through your nose
exhale out your mouth do that again inhale exhale let it go
one more nice big inhale through the nose exhale out the mouth
awesome work keeping your eyes closed and breathing however feels good for you
I want you to just a little bit taller nice long spine we’re gonna start to
rotate the upper body or turn the upper body over to the right side so keep that
spine nice and long come for a nice gentle twist finding that breath and
just holding it here take another breath in and out slowly slowly you can turn to
face the front reset finding a nice long spine and then
gently turn the upper body over to that left side finding the twist finding the
breath mmm I don’t know about you guys but I’m nice and sore today so this
feels awesome on my back right now let’s take one more full breath inhale and
exhale and then slowly turning yourself to face the front again we’re just gonna
place our hands on the floor beside us but sit nice and tall nice long spine
and use an inhale reaching the right arm all the way up to the ceiling and then
if you want to lean over you can lean Oh over feeling the length of the side body using an inhale lift yourself up hands
to the floor sit nice and tall in how the left arm up reach those fingertips
and if you want add a little lean go for it nice job you guys use an inhale
lifting all the way back hands can find the knees or the lap bring the shoulders
up to your ears and pull them all the way back and drop them down starting to
flutter the eyes open or gently opening of the eyes we’re gonna come onto our
hands and knees so moving into tabletop whenever you’re ready for it spreading
the fingers nice and wide slide your wrists so they’re right underneath your
shoulders and then bring your knees and under the hips as you inhale drop your
belly towards the mat lift the chest lift the chin as much just feels good
we’ll stay for an inhale here and exhale start to round the spine
squeezing the belly button and push into the palms and draw the chin towards the
collarbone and with your next inhale starting to drop the belly again lifting
the heart chin and exhale let’s round inhale again and drop the belly lift the
heart and the chin and exhale round the spine squeeze that belly button in and
with an inhale coming back to a nice flat back if you need to reset it all
maybe the fingers moved a little bit just spread them out nice and wide again
we’ll be tucking the toes underneath and lifting the knees up and the hips nice
and high for downward facing dog taking a few breath here just to warm up a
little bit more so if you want to take your dog for a little walk you can bend
one knee straighten the other peddle the feet and then if you are pedaling your
feet right now I want you just to find a bit of stillness so we’re gonna keep
those fingers spread nice and wide I know they like to come on in a bit so
just look at them make sure they’re still spreading out wide and then let
your head hang heavy gazing towards the toes so your feet are about hip-width
apart I want you to bend your knees here and then lit lifts scuse me your hips
even higher try and bring the tailbone towards the ceiling creating some length
through the legs even though even though you’ve got a bend in the knees nice job
you guys using inhale look between your hands exhale let’s walk the feet all the
way up to the top of the mat pausing in a forward fold you can bend your knees
you can have your legs straight let the head be heavy create as much length
through the back of the neck as you can so you might actually be looking to your
knees instead of your toes nice work you guys
staying in the forward fold let’s take another breath here inhale exhale and
then bending your knees a lot inhale start to lift your chest come up to
standing all the way up nice and gracefully roll your shoulders back and
down inhale reach up exhale fold forward inhale halfway just lifting the upper
body your hands can find the shins exhale as you fold bend your knees again
inhale all the way up reach up look up exhale your hands through heart center
to your sides inhale reach up exhale as you fold inhale halfway nice flat back
if you can exhale let’s plant our hands on the mat and walk the feet all the way
back into downward facing dog we’re going to bring the feet together
so your big toes can come towards each other using an inhale lift your right
foot up towards the ceiling three like a dog take a nice big inhale start to look
between your hands and as you exhale pull that right knee in towards your
chest and lower that foot all the way down in between your hands we’re gonna
lower that back knee in a nice lunge a nice low lunge you can keep your hands
down or you can take a nice big inhale and reach all the way up for the ceiling
sink into those hips feel that hip flexor spread the fingertips wide let’s
take another inhale exhale just that left hand you guys is gonna come down to
the mat we’re gonna add a twist here reaching up with the right arm look up
if you can awesome job still sinking into those hips take another inhale
exhale bring that right hand down to the mat we’re gonna step the front foot all
the way back into down dog feet are gonna come together they’re big toes are
touching inhale your left foot nice and high hold it up for a moment hold it up
for a nice big breath but start to shift your gaze between your hands so that you
know where that foots going so look between the hands use an exhale pull
your knee in towards the chest and then lower your foot down dropping that back
knee as well and sinking into that nice low lunge hands can stay on the floor if
you want it or a nice big inhale reach up lift the chest
maybe even the chin find your bet your breath your balance relax those
shoulders take one more inhale with both arms reaching up use an exhale to bring
the right hand down next to that front foot and then just open the chest
towards the left side twist remember to spread those fingertips wide of that
left hand one more inhale here exhale bring that left hand down to the mat
take your front foot step it back into downward facing dog your feet can stay
hip width apart this time let the hips come nice and high let the head be heavy
and then using your inhales let’s start to look between your hands and exhale
walk or step your feet to the top of your mat inhale half-lift exhale fold
inhale all the way up to standing reach up look up and exhale your hands through
heart center down to your sides we’re gonna bend our knees and send the hips
back chair pose ooh toss and I so if your feet are together squeeze your
knees or to get squeeze your knees together if your feet are apart you can
have your knees apart using an he’ll reach your arms up breathe I know
you’re feeling this through the legs that’s awesome
take one more inhale here exhale straighten your legs and fold forward at
the same time inhale lift halfway exhale fold bend the knees your hands can
lightly touch the floor bend the knees lower the hips like you’re coming back
into that chair pose inhale start to reach your arms up breathe awesome work
you guys find that nice strong breath one more inhale and exhale folding
forward nice you guys inhale half-lift exhale planting the hands stepping back
into downward facing dog we’re gonna bring the feet together
again use an inhale lift your right foot up nice and high and I’m just try and
stack your hip on top of the left one and bend your knee if that feels right
finding your edge where you think you’re gonna flip your doggy over but you’re
not you’re just gonna hold it there gonna breathe so strong take one more
inhale with that foot lifted as you exhale bring that knee into your chest
and lower your foot down between the hands awesome you guys so you can lower
the back knee again if you want to or you can keep it up this time but same
thing we’re gonna lift the chest if you want it sinking into those hips a little
different with the arms this time so we’re in a lunge reach your arms out
nice and wide and then cross them that right arm is gonna come over top at the
left and then you can hug your shoulders or you can bring your palms together
really winding those arms Eagle arms breathe
awesome work with an inhale unwind your arms wherever you might be
and exhale let’s drop the hands down nice job you guys okay so from here
we’re gonna bring that back foot all the way to the top of
Matt so before you do that take an inhale look forward if you can exhale
that back foots coming to the top of the mat inhale halfway exhale fold inhale
all the way up to standing reach up look up exhale your hands through heart
center to your sides bend those knees sink those hips nice and low inhale
reach up exhale straighten the legs as you fold inhale half-lift exhale plant
the hands step back into downward facing dog feet are gonna come together getting
on a little bit warmer here you guys inhale your left foot up breathe maybe
trying to stack that left hip on top of the right one just trying to turn your
bellybutton to shine to the left side of the room if you’re going for that
stacked hip and you can bend the knee breathe the one more inhale here exhale
bring that knee into the chest and send it land it all the way between your
hands at the top of your mat so set up your lunge you can definitely drop the
back knee and you can lift the chest whenever you’re ready for it as well
breathe let’s find our balance and then add the arms whenever you’re ready to do
so reaching out wide left arms gonna come over the right maybe just hugging
the shoulders maybe taking full Eagle arms nice job you guys whoo with your
next inhale reaching those arms out wide again and exhale lower them down okay
we’re gonna step that back foot to the top of the right almost forgot but take
an inhale look forward exhale back foot up to the top nice inhale half-lift
exhale as you fold one pass chair let’s bend the knees lower those hips inhale
lift the chest lift the arms awesome yes so good you guys whoo let’s
take another inhale and exhale fold as you straighten the legs inhale half-lift
exhale fold plant your hands step your feet all the way back into down dog
bring your feet together we’re gonna lower our knees lower your knees almost
all the way to the floor and then send them out wide and drop them down and now
you are in Child’s Pose bringing the hips back to the heels
resting your forehead relaxing your arms and your shoulders lovely you guys stay in Child’s Pose as
long as you’d like or you can start to come on up we’re just gonna sit on our
heels so you can bring your knees together sit on your heels and then
we’re just gonna lean back a little bit so you can have your hands on the floor
behind you to help support you so from here you’re leaning back the knees might
want to lift they might not but if you can lift them try you can lift one knee
at a time you could lift both I want to feel a stretch for your feet through the
top of your ankles you might even be feeling this for your shins so the more
you lean back the more you might find that stretch might be easy to find may
be hard to find we’re all different but just breathe wherever you are if you are
able able to keep the knees lifted and take the weight out of the hands and
actually bring your hands maybe to the lap or in front of your heart just to
work on your balance you can try that as well if you were doing one knee you guys
switch sides if you’re doing both let’s stay awesome work I am feeling this one
in my ankles today nice job all righty very very slowly place your knees back
down onto the mat bring some weight into the hands we’re just gonna if you really
felt that you can shake out the feet a little bit or gently tap the toes onto
the mat but we’re gonna be bending or tucking I guess the toes under so
stretching the ankles in the opposite direction also stretching the toes the
bottom of the feet so tuck all your toes underneath the toe squat so this can be
a lot a lot for some people you can keep some weight in the hands or you can
actually sit on the heels stack the shoulders right over top of the hips
I find that if I lean back even further I feel a little bit more on the toes you
can play with that if you want to but just just an option we’re all gonna take
the hands rest them on the lap unless they’re on the floor in front of you
close your eyes let’s take a few breath here
relax the jaw the shoulders forget about what you’re feeling in those feets just
breathe nice work you guys three more breath here I know it’s a
long hold don’t worry it’s almost done two more breaths
one more bring your hands back down if they’re not there take all the weight
out of the feet now you might want to lightly lightly tap those toes on the
mat or shake it out however you want to shake it out we’re gonna have a seat so
you can cross the ankles sit on down bring your legs out in front so we’re
gonna hang on to the back of the legs and start to again lean back a little
bit so we want to just find our balance on our sit bones gently gently
taking the weight out of the toes so lengthen through your spine roll the
shoulders back and down you can keep the toes resting nice and light on the mat
or you can lift them up higher boat pose you might want to let go of the legs
we’re only doing one of these today it’s gonna be sure it’s gonna be sweet nice
job you guys it’s just a few more breath here squeeze that core draw the belly
button in breathe one more inhale and exhale bring the feet down let the soles
of the feet come together the knees fall out wide
Kim bring your hands to your knees take an inhale sit nice and tall
and exhale tipping forward if you want it releasing those hip flexors so as you
become ready to make your way um just use an inhale come back up bring your
hands to the outside of your knees help your legs come back together I’m just
gonna bring the hands behind us and let the feet come out nice and wide so on
the edges of the mat we’re gonna let our knees fall to the left side so both of
the knees are gonna fall to the left and then you can just keep your feet out
nice and wide or maybe take the left foot and rest it on top of the right one
just to help weigh that knee down a little twist a little stretch that right
leg mostly peeling it anywhere at all if you
have your foot on top of that right leg just bring it back down to the edge of
the mat let’s inhale lift the knees back up through Center and let them fall all
the way over to the other side so your feet are nice and wide your knees are
nice and wide a little twist to those legs option to take that right foot and
way down that left leg awesome you guys some people feel this one a lot some
people don’t get much hopefully you’re one of the lucky ones that feels this I
sure AM nice job so uncross that leg if you did inhale bring the knees all the
way back up you can walk your feet together we’re gonna lay down onto our
back so nice and gracefully lower on down mmm
we’re gonna just spread the feet out about hip width apart and walk the heels
in towards the hips resting your arm at your sides take an inhale lift your
hips up nice and high bridge pose push into the feet you can walk your
shoulders underneath a little bit more maybe you actually want to lightly touch
your heels or your ankles nice work you guys take another inhale
here with the hips lifted and exhale gently place them down onto the mat so
we’re just gonna take the knees and let them rock from side to side a little bit
windshield wiper the knees and then when you’re feeling good you can start to let
the legs go out nice and long and see if your feet can be nice and wide out on
the edges of the mat we’ll take the arms arrest them at your sides
turning your palms to face up take a nice big inhale and exhale
awesome work today you guys have a great rest of your day
subscribe to my channel and until we meet again namaste

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