Friend Yoga Challenge! – Hilariously Bad At It!!

Hiii! The Real Deaf Dreamer’s here with my friend Hello, my name’s Marianne Sign nickname is Mad Alright, today we’re doing a Yoga Challenge! Meaning we’ll try doing some yoga together to see if we can do it or fail?? Let’s do it! My new year resolution, I decided that I would try out Yoga So, I’ve bought a mat from Amazon So, I’m doing it first time with my friend Alright, we’re doing that! halp Not bad! Right! We’re doing a second one Wish us luck! Oh my Collapsed! Should have been slow, slower My god! Failed big time! Leg up? Hang on Impossible I think you’re too short and I’m too tall, thats why Agreed, dang Fail!! Trying that one! Think I’ll be fit enough for this?? Too heavy If we did this opposite way, I would have squashed her! Definitely! Yes Think we should try it again? Try again? It was a struggle to hold myself up! If it was a man, it would have been fine Let’s try again My god! Ready?? I do this, keep firm and you do this Not bad! Almost!! Not the cat! that one Beautiful cat Off you go She wants to join in with us Cat Yoga? Hmm, never heard of it Never heard Nearly nearly! Yessss hooray Never know we could try make it better? Ow ow ow Close! My hip… Hahaha Yoga really makes you out of breath! I didn’t realise My gods Doing this one Not bad! I think its a pass! Doing that one! Got it? Think got it Yay Think we got it! I think! Last one! I hope you don’t drop me! Be strong! Almost, close! I think most failed, but some almost and a few passed! I think definitely needs more practice myself! Right? Yes, you need to, I’ve done Yoga before That’s why It’s very exhausting! Right? Yes, it was so funny though! Definitely Alright, hope you’ve enjoyed this video Don’t forget to subscribe! Byebye!

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