French homeless man, 50 years old, aids patient, street bodybuilder!!! (English subtitles)

My name is Jack. We were 3 brothers always playing sports. I was working out in my corridor, in my bedroom. All Karate mag, Muscle World mag, Euro boxing mag. I always lifted weight. I was making barbels with brooms, I was betting money with my friends at schools on push ups. I was a fighter, I was doing Karate, Judo, racing… Always training. Bodybuilders are forerunners, they are the best! They dare it all. Their way of dressing, their haircuts, their crazy ideas. I love them, I love their world. Wow the muscles!!! When I’m in the middle of the street looking great, it’s a trip! It’s better to be able to run and do what you want Than being sluggish… Especially when you are 50. I’m working on my body cause I live in the streets. If I didn’t have that I might be dead. I don’t want to be stuck in a tiny apartment. People can’t understand I sleep on the pavement. But I’m never cold. 14/15 degrees Fahrenheit I use cardboard, old school. I used dope, crack, heroin… Montreuil, Barbes (Paris’ sketchy neighborhoods)I slept with prostitutes. I slept in the most dangerous neighborhoods. The morning you wake up surrounded by corpses and open wallets. Those that want to steal or stab you, it happened all the time. When you keep a sharp mind and body. Someone is asking for his age. Between 30 and 50. 38! 50! Other homeless are looking up to me, I think. They are saying, damn! one day you drink the other you don’t. You smoke, you quit. You never go to sleep smoking… You’re not a real addict. I’m 75 and I have trained 50 years in martial arts. I know about working out and I can appreciate your hard work. And a lot of work to stay in shape. That’s good, great job! Have a nice day! With my street brothers I share everything. I should have been like that with my broads. They might have been happier… My love story with street people has been very strong, it might have ruined my life. When this sticks. If your skin sticks like that. Look closer. When it really stick like glue, it means you are shredded. It sticks like glue. I’m still retaining water A bit of water. May 3rd there is a bodybuilding competition in the Pyrenees, I don’t even know where. It’s called the Pyrenees championship. I’ve got to be there ripped. It’s in a few days, it’s a crazy challenge. I’ve got to loose all the water left on my body. Today or tomorrow, it goes away very fast. I didn’t have time to make any fat. Beans, cabbage for 5/6 days. I was on hard diet. I was on 1500 calories a day. With my aids treatment, with a liver that’s not working too well. The doctors were worried. I can’t remain a teenager all my life, a mix of a teenager and an adult. I have grandchildren. I want them to see, a granddaddy…. I want them proud of their grandfather! My grandfather is a meathead, but he is a good man. And I have a son that I love… My name is Jacques. A big thanks to my “Jacquo” Jacques Sayagh for these moments shared.

100 thoughts on “French homeless man, 50 years old, aids patient, street bodybuilder!!! (English subtitles)

  1. Some people react differently to aids, I know a guy who got it at aged 8/10. It was mid 80s through untested NHS blood. He's early 40s and has a normal life.
    In his teens, that was different. He was really angry and turned to drugs. Not caring about tomorrow as he thought he'd be dead. How wrong he was.
    Over 15 years later I met him in a rehab and then again a few years ago in a 12 step group. Not going to be like we were close friends but we had a session or few.

  2. People with AIDS get steroids and testosterone as part of thier treatment. This was covered in the documentary Bigger Faster Stronger. This is why he looks the way he does.

  3. Avec toutes les aides sociales en France s’il ne cherche pas à se loger c sûr qu’il a largement de quoi se nourrir convenablement et en plus il a que ça à de toutes façons 😂

  4. Wow this shit is fake as fuck,
    Do you know how much you have to eat and train with heavy weights to get a body like that?
    Get the fuck outta here.

  5. I grew up very very very poor, and had little to eat to nothing, my job payed enough for my rent and basic bills and that is it. I was about 105 pounds at 5'9 my minimum weight at the age and high is 170-180 ( so you ca tell how I skinny I was, fucking Somalia in this bitch!), my body starved its self in eating all my muscles, and I was 19 years old. I doubt this guy is homeless, or at least, he is eating really good food.

  6. I've always heard if your skin sticks and doesn't return quickly it means you're dehydrated someone correct me if I'm wrong

  7. Just me who sees the wolverine? Got the face hair body and even trousers with that belt I swhere he could get signed up if he spoke English and sponsored

  8. Well, if he is homeless its because he wants, because u have to spent money to have a proper diet for that body, or in the other hand, buy suplements, which are not cheap.

  9. Right just to get the idiots GONE. When you’re in prison your calories are liminal but you still put weight ON why you’re wondering well because the body is on it’s own a very complex machine so what you ate before training was literally SHIT probably muckyDDs AND zero training now your eating at set times but lower but slightly better food AND training. You see you can eat 6000 calories a day and NOT put weight on or you can eat 3000 AND train and look like this but it does help this man being on the very expensive drugs he’s on because they literally detox his blood everyday and that’s where all pathogens, viruses,common cold all originate from.

  10. This is a deceptive form of public masterbation by a cognitively confused & highly insecure individual…jausst mu oh-pinyaaawn.

  11. I go gym evryday i eat on tims n good diet…but still don't have this typ of body….im pretty sure this dude in stroid as well….becuse natural very hard to get a body like this

  12. You guys (to those who apply) are so ignorant. The man isnt 240 pounds shredded, he's pretty light, lives in the street while is moving around all day. his diet probably sucks too. Ya'll saying steroids this steroids that, doctors would use weight gainers, and steroids that makes you hold water, not winstrol. I believe that whatever he is given is extremely low, and has nothing to do with how shredded he is. He works out and has good genetics. Stop crying, and if he's getting roids or GH. The man has HIV for God's sake. Roids aren't going to be that affective for someone who HAS A WASTING DISEASE.

  13. disease will affect the body but the mind- willpower can beat them to an extend. I appreciate this guy… Being homeless is very tough. Life is not secure in streets and much more problems…. If we can concentrate and deviate our mind to something like workouts, or some other activities it will be so good and can control our mind and emotions…. we don`t feel loneliness all the time. Gymnasium , workout i consider it as an art ….. not to show our power on others unnecessarily…. I understood that when i feel worried about certain things, my workouts helped me to eradicate my ……..??? and to move forward …

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