Free Galaxy Watch/ Gear S3 Analog Fitness Watch Face Review

Hey, what’s up, welcome back for another video and if you into hugs were and listen up people We got an awesome watch face for you all to download in the game manager store now listen up I do not know how long this one has been on promo. How much longer it’s gonna be free So hopefully by the time it reaches you is still a free watch face But if not know that I got more freebies coming behind this one All right you all let’s check this watch face out. Now the name of it is called Honored tanker now the people are telling me that this is certified which is nice. I like to design I like the overall style at this watch face And I definitely love the uniqueness of it all in the AOD mode You are gonna have it in a black bean mode, right? Which looks nice. This is an analogue watch face I love the way the hands light up. You got a nice smooth orange Second hand is going around the bezel to watch as well now up at the top in the first window You’re gonna get your step information over to the left. You’ll get your heart rate info down at the bottom You are gonna get your battery info now the window to the right I like the most maybe because it has the most information, right? So you’re gonna get information on Mouse walk the RAM it calories burn You’re gonna get your data information as well like the month the day of the week and also the date now you will get your digital time down at the bottom which simply means that you’ll Get the best of both worlds Now, let’s check this out. Right you get some shortcuts like your weather. I love my weather. I’m telling you I gotta have my weather on every single wise face but if you’re on your run You want to play your music? You need to go into your s health? You need to set an alarm if you need to go into your calendar or make a phone call you can do that right here on this watch face, but the highlight of the watch face are the Customization of the colors and they all look nice rich take a look at it. You got to see this in person Like when you tap on you got these dots that kind of change to design a little bit But that’s not bad. I like this color The video isn’t gonna do it justice but I thought the developer all for quite a few nice colors for you to complement whatever we’re You gonna have one for that day? All right, you all just gonna be it for the video. I hope you enjoyed it I hope it was informative and if it was Please make sure you hit the like button on the way out and if you want to see more videos like this then by all means Make sure you subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you all again at the next video Take care

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