100 thoughts on “FLYING PHONE SCAM EXPOSED (so I built a REAL one)

  1. No offence. I actually like all of ur videos cuz ur cool and true to the viewers.i would just connect my phone to drone and take photos cuz i m lazy to built that

  2. wow in the video i literally saw a mavic pro platinum, mark rober you're one of the smartest, and the best and the richest person, i wish you were my uncle

  3. You are one of the main accounts i use to support the idea that youtube can be used to educate people more than bad teachers.

  4. I'm gonna get disliked but honestly if an aspiring engineer though that might actually work they probably shouldn't be an engineer.

  5. 8:50 Mark Rober is a true gamer, that's how we know he'll be at Area 51, hes not afraid of dying under security gunfire, he'll just respawn

  6. "who's qualifications include: building his own electric plane from scratch…"
    because thats really the only qualification you need for a project like this

  7. Gg mark, I love your channel and I commented on the fakes video. 😁👍🏻

    Edit: I told people not to use his design and instead use yours

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