Fish & Chips Halal di Queen’s Park, London – Mat Salleh Cari Makan

Now I’m back in my hometown, in the United Kingdom If you mention the UK, people always imagine Fish and Chips Because it’s on of the nations favourite dishes During the industrial revolution, day to day food was not very tasty So once Fish and Chips became popular people loved it, because it was so tasty So it’s now become a tradition, every Friday the whole family will gather together and eat Fish and Chips Even to this very day people still follow this tradition In this day and age we call the places that sell Fish and Chips “chippys”. So, lets find a chippy So now I’m in Queens Park, North London, less than 50m from Queens Park underground station Here there is a restaurant that sells halal Fish and Chips and they have been open for more the 40 years. Lets eat! In front of me I have two dishes that I have ordered The first is what I came here to try, the Fish and Chips You can see the chips, the fish and also these mushy peas The other dish I’ve ordered is a little bit special, because I think in Malaysia it’s rare and almost impossible to find this dish It’s called Scampi and Chips We’ve also got two types of sauce, Tomato Sauce and Tartare Sauce Normally people have Tartare Sauce with fish, me personally I love to dip scampi into it Lastly we have vinegar and salt It’s not the same if you eat chips without salt and vinegar Now it’s time to eat! I’m going to eat the scampi first, as we have a saying in English, leave the best until last I forgot the tartare sauce It’s just not the same without it Then just a little bit of vinegar for the chips A bit of salt. Oops a little too much.. Ok, let’s eat It’s been such a long time since I ate scampi Very tasty, because it tastes very unique It’s a little like prawn, but not the same as prawn Very unique You can really taste a little bit of sweetness, a slightly starchy taste from the batter But the meat/filling I’ll open one and show you So you can see the inside, there’s the batter And that’s all scampi is… what you can see inside here And it tastes like I don’t know how to explain, it tastes like scampi You’ll have to come here and taste it yourself It’s got a sweet taste, a prawn taste, but in it’s own unique and individual way Whilst I’m eating this food, I start to realise how much I miss UK food However for now I’ve got to save this for later Because there’s another dish calling me to eat it The specialty here, Fish and Chips What else to do, lets eat! When you cut it you can hear how crispy the batter is Take a look at how white and soft the fish is Hot from the fryer and tastes very fresh This is very delicious You can taste the difference with the fresh fish When the fish is fresh it tastes so much better You can also taste that the batter is fresh Sometimes what people do is they fry the fish in advance and leave it until people order The type of fish used, cod It doesn’t taste fishy It doesn’t taste anything like any other type of fish The closest thing I can compare to in Malaysia is with Keli fish (catfish) It doesn’t taste like other fish but instead has its own unique taste Look at how handsome this fish is It’s flaky… and the portion is large The chips are also very unique, compared to Malaysian “fries” they are much larger and the shapes are all different This is because normally most chips are cut by hand The way the chips are fried is also interesting, because they don’t fry it once, but twice The first round of frying is to cook the insides But after that, they remove the chips from the oil and leave them to dry Then they fry them once more at a higher temperature This is what makes the outside crunchy, and the inside soft So you can see how thick it is You can really feel the difference between the crispy outside and the soft inside The last thing I want to tell you all Maybe you can see it. Underneath the fish meat, we can see the fish skin. When we get the fish skin it’s one of the signs that the fish we are eating is prepared properly Sometimes when we eat fish and chips and we don’t get the skin, it could mean the fish is not the highest quality But here we have it Some people really don’t like to eat the skin, and some people love it because it tastes a little oily Lets try it Seriously, the fish and chips here is so tasty So there you have it, fish and chips. And the fish and chips here is seriously good, so much so that I’m gonna finish all of this myself If you guys watching want to know what food I’ll be trying after this… see you next week!

100 thoughts on “Fish & Chips Halal di Queen’s Park, London – Mat Salleh Cari Makan

  1. Rhys! They way to speak English is almost same like how Malaysian did😂 I feel like your British accent is fading😂

  2. mat salleh tau cakap bahasa melayu. kadang2 ada orang dari lahir tinggal kat malaysia dah besar masih x pandai cakap bahasa melayu

  3. Mat salleh pun fasih BM, yg tipikal etnik cina kat Msia ckp BM cam tahi.
    PS: I bkn melayu, tp I hormat BM dn utamakan BM sbg bahasa perantaraan rakyat Msia

  4. uih teringin betul nak gi london, lagi2 area banyak halal food.. kerja kat mr fish ni kena ni kalu pegi sana.. ahh macam dalam mimpi je boleh buat

  5. My 3rd day iftar in london during our trip here in 2019 was at Mr Fish. Thank you Rhys for the introduction. We really enjoyed the food and friendly athmosphere. The cod fish i had was crispy and flaky and the scampi crunchy. Yummm!

  6. Yup betul. Atuk aku dri zmn era perang British dduk malaysia lpas perang tamat. Dia kawin org tempatan, nenek aku.. Dia pilot bawak kapal pengebom msa zmn perang dunia kedua kt Jerman dlu. . Mkn fish and chips boleh kata kerap smpai ayah aku kerap mkn fish and chips follow atuk aku tradisi arwah atuk aku.. Kami satu family akan berkumpul and makan fish and chips

  7. In most cases when you cook in wine or beer the alcohol burns off quite fast only leaving the flavour.

  8. roti canai di UK rasa tak seperti di malaysia, samalah macam chips di Malaysia rasa tak seperti di UK, ,

    nak rasa sesuatu makanan asing, mestilah kena rasa keaslian makanan tu , ,

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