100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Why Scar is the RIGHTFUL King! (Disney Lion King)

  1. god damnit….. no… no i won't let this ruin my favorite disney movie… I do like the lionesses taking vengense on scar though…. that would have made for a satisfying ending…. a very satisfying ending

  2. Hey I'm from Minnesota, feels nice to be I anything…. No idea if other states learn about Minnesota. Always thought about that

  3. He left out that in the wild lions (male & female) sometimes kill their own cubs.
    It's common.
    Father Lion: I told you to clean your room.
    Insolent cub: I don't have to, you can't tell me what to do!?!
    Lioness: where's junior, it's been quiet…
    Father Lion: (Belch)(shrugs)…I don't know…you ready baby… ;>)

  4. ITS JUST A MOVIE😂🙄 no need to do all these theory’s or research it’s a movie its their to entertain you. But YouTube is to so their won’t be any YouTube without all theses people making theory’s trying to ruin are memories and getting paid for it but come on it’s stupid😂😂anyway I’ll watch so you can get money for it🤠

  5. You are right. I am an animal expert so I know that female lions choose males with black manes because lighter makes show signs of weakness, defeat, etc.

  6. Actually, according to the lion guard Nala’s father was a lion that was passing through the pride… So… Does that mean she would have been killed the moment she was born? She wasn't Mufasa’s kid or Scar’s. Unless her mother lied about Nala, but that meant Mufasa still knew Nala was Simbas brother/cousin.

  7. Because the only males in the lion king is scar and mofasha so who’s nala’s dad? So simba and nana are cousins or brother and sister

  8. My dude, you’ve done a couple of anime theories, how about you do one of the most needed one of all: How Strong is One Punch Man/Saitama?

  9. Look. I don't like furries at all.. so at this point. I prefer watching natural geographic with the Lion King characters..👌🏼

  10. This is nothing: Watch Mapogos: Brothers in Blood, right here on YouTube. They were a coalition of an unheard-of six big, strong males, from a pride literally called The Sparta Pride, and killed an estimated 40-100 lions in their first year of hostile takeover.

  11. First off technically Simba is biologically related to Scar being Mufasa’s brother. Second there’s no way a wise and caring Mufasa would kill any cubs since he has one of his own who loves to death (literally)

  12. You know, I think you would really like the anime Madoka Magica. It sounds childish and like a regular magical girl series, but just like DDLC, it has a much darker twist. If you do watch it, watch at least the first 3 episodes before deciding whether to keep watching or not.

  13. I'm confused, now that the remake is all out and all, he does say that he did serve the lionesses first before the hyenas, wouldn't that make him a better king then?

  14. In the new movie I was paying attention to this and they made Mufasa have that hair on the back of his legs sooooo

  15. Logical issue that is not addressed. The female lions attacking the dominant male were in captivity. As such, human influence takes a part. Yes, an offhand comment that such attacks are common in the wild is backed by authority, but which authority? One's looking to protect the status quo of the park, or the ones looking observe reality? Or simply some dude on YouTube reciting said second hand info? That's the entire crux of this theory in a nutshell. In order for it to be a story that humans can relate to, they have to break the rules. The main characters have plot armor. Why? Because if they didn't, it would be a boring story. Human influence is also present in the Lion King's story itself. To sum it up, this theory IS invalid and can't be refuted by real life examples to begin with. The human influence in this movie is giving animals recognizable sentience. And it just so happens that a monarch fits. As for Simba being exiled only to start his own pride, he did. He hung out with Timon and Pumba for socialization purposes as a coalition. He adapted to the situation in order to survive into adulthood. Again, sentience being present, he would have a massive amount of problems explaining two royal bodies, a King and his successor. Instead, he puts the fear of god in him by convincing Simba it was his fault thus allowing him to exile himself, thereby becoming easy prey as a worthless lion cub in the wild. Some might consider it a plot hole that he didn't just kill him and have the hyenas eat him or something, but oh yeah. Hyenas aren't loyal and they talk too much. It is very clear by the appearance that he is made to look like he does because he is the common Disney villain who attacks with lies and manipulation. Superior genes or not, he's a scrawny piece of shit. Therefore, with that "real world" trait about all the females spreading at the drop of a hat for his luxurious raven-colored mane, it goes out the window. Why? It relates to humans and their sensibilities, or it doesn't exist as a story. The creepy freak with a scar on his face is automatically the malicious one, but the successful usurper to the previous king is a hulking giant with long flowing hair and a nice deep voice. This sets up for the double standard that all women go by. Looks don't matter, except when they do, and thus sets the tone for a negative or positive first impression. Once they have the first impression, women stick with it. There is no deeper soul searching with the initial dance of meet and greet. It's all a tinder swipe fest. Therefore, not having a very pleasant presence to a human female's sensibility puts Scar in the shit pile immediately after they lay eyes upon him. All this is leading up to one very important notion. A house of cards, built to the exact specifications to make it look like a mansion. But every time you leap from real world to the Disney verse, the deal is done. You're comparing apples to oranges to prove one is more valid than the other in a reality where there's no such thing as an orange. Of course a movie based on some old ass anime no one cares about, laced with all manner of talking animals forming a society that could never exist is not real. And that is the point. It's not real, the inspiration was. An inspiration that if based solely off the real world behavior of lions would make absolutely no sense to humans, and therefore would not have produced a movie geared towards fictional entertainment. Again, you are not wrong. But you are false.

  16. Normal people:What a cute movie

    Matpat:It’s the most bloody and scary movie of 2019.

    Pennywise:Am I a joke to you

  17. Matpat: You will never…. ever be able to look at these movies, the same way again
    Me: ok so basically like all your other Disney theorizes? Alright

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