33 thoughts on “Female Fitness Motivation – Motivational workout Music video 2017

  1. Girls motivation should be butts and boob's and spreading legs brig go f itself whoever made this dumb ass vid and I'm pretty sure a dumb male pig edited this vid

  2. Why the fuck guys workout music always sucks. I am going to use female music do my gym workout minus the video. Thanks for the good music not interested on video.

  3. Why am I still not motivated? My 33rd bday is tomorrow. And I haven't even started my "diet" of the year. I just don't care anymore. Even tho I know ..that I should care for my health. Meh :/

  4. Where can i find the remix of fly like a woman on its own at 45:40? Such a great track, i want to add it to my workout playlist with out the other songs. I've listened to the original but it simply doesn't compare to this.

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