1. I m so sorry that Jackie passed away…i did not see that coming…rest in peace for that little baby. So sorry that Tsou will be without her sister…
    Farmers must make the change and cultivate plants.

    We don't want any other soul to be in the slaughterhouse.

    Animal liberation NOW.

  2. So easy to be vegan ✅❤️😬, delicious vegan food, from YouTube, for the grocery department !! And its low price !

  3. I'm a vegetarian. And slowly changing eating meat. Its a process. But no animal thats sluaghter for meat goes in vain. Originally we as humams aren't supposed to eat meat. Most High intended us all to eat Fruits Seeds and Vegitibles. Also other forms of food not found on Earth. Its Sin of Man what cuased this. Also I can feel their pain in there eyes. Language of Understandings can unloked hidden Knowlegde wich somtimes is to much and bear in pain. And Im a tough son of b*!#:*.

    Cumsumers want meat based on their carnal mindset/ Carnal Desiers… Corporation always put profit over lives. They also purposely inchance the meats with chemicals to make them crave more flesh.

    If a Rightoues person moves in favor of God, he moves mountains. If Many Rightoues individuals at heart move with a sacrifice of one self=Fast and Supplication towards the Eternal God, will even move bigger mountains.

    But the day is coming where the Lion will eat hay and all beast of the fields will become Vigens. Its only a short time. And as mentioned… Animals souls have a place in Paradise. More evidence of many seeing where their animals goes after dealth is being recording through Super Natural experiance including my Dog. But thats another story.
    P..s sweet delth is mention in Scripture.. Meaning soon as the knife hits the animals through his soul flies out. Dosen't feel much. Never give up.' I know I wont. More than meets the eye to every situation.
    You people have Mercey in you're hearts. You soewth what you reap.

    Matthew 5:7 

    7 Blessed are the merciful,
        for they will be shown mercy

  4. Shared on both my Facebook and IG. Please if anyone needs guidance or help going vegan, do not hesitate to contact me. IG: @augustbelen

  5. Oh my gosh! I saved two boy goats from a dairy farm but I am so sad for the ones I couldn't save! I'm only one person but I try my best! I don't care if I'm poor! I live for the animals!

  6. These particular animal " farmers " are just as cruel and barbaric for separating this poor family and only releasing two out of a dozen poor sheep and lambs , it was still all about earning money / business for them , this tiny release was just to make them selves feel better about slaughtering other living beings , they don't deserve any congratulation or gratitude , they still betrayed this entire poor defenceless family of sheep for a handful of money , Disgusting As Hell !!!!!! , Shame on Them :(((

  7. Yes certainly, the demand for animal products is part of the problem.
    But is it not rather convenient that those 2 farmers have allowed themselves to be portrayed as compassionate toward the animals…….yet what meaningful actions have they done to remove themselves as swiftly as possible from the cycle of violence that they are choosing to be a direct perpetrator of??
    After all, there's nothing that's stopping them from reaching out to other farmers who have completely eschewed their role as exploiters of animals to get advice…..have these farmers done that? What other actions have they knowingly chosen to not take which would hasten their exit from their role as direct exploiters of the animals? I don't know but these are questions that ought to be asked of them.

  8. "A universe is indeed to be pitied whose dominating inhabitants are so unconscious and so ethically embryonic that they make life a commodity, mercy a disease, and systematic massacre a pastime and a profession."- J. Howard Moore

    “In their behavior toward creatures, all men are Nazis. Human beings see oppression vividly when they're the victims. Otherwise they victimize blindly and without a thought.” ― Isaac Bashevis Singer

    "There are no magical slaughterhouses where animals are fed their favorite meal, make a last phone call to a loved one and voluntarily hold their breath until they die. The act of slaughter is violent, vicious, bloody and hellish. The animals do not sacrifice themselves for your pleasure, tradition or greed. They are dragged in, kicking and screaming until their last breath. Don't fool yourself into thinking that you can eat meat, dairy and eggs and remain disconnected from this violence.
    The only way out is VEGAN."

  9. this footage is exactly what we and everyone needs to see. thank you for your activism. this needs to start to become a reality that we all see bc when confronted with it, those of us connected to your hearts and compassion will not continue to prop up this horrendous system.

  10. Omggg, this made me cry!!!
    I am so happy for those babies were saved but so sad for the others💔💔😭😭. It is so heartbreaking that Jackie didn’t make it. Ugh, poor little one. I am glad she left this Earth feeling love as opposed to a knife slitting her throat, however, but ugh 😭😭😭.
    Oh I just wish everyone would wake up and stop this madness!!!
    Thank you so much for this video! I will share on my social media. 🙏🏼❤️

  11. Still have tears in my eyes. Beautiful video you guys. Bittersweet of course but an important message as always. Thank you for your hard work. I couldn’t imagine how it felt seeing that family enter the gate. Because of you, so many more people will see the truth. Much love 💗

  12. Why does seeing these sweet babies on the truck before slaughter always give me the feels? 😭 It's bittersweet at best. I've had my share of vigils for the past four years and they never fail to break my heart. But, the bright spot: we get to comfort them before the inevitable happens. I love it all the more. This has to end. Thank you for being there, guys! You're amazing! 🙏🌱💚

  13. This helps restore some of my faith in humanity. We’re getting there! More people become vegan every day! ✌️🌱

  14. Omg so absolutely gut wrenching, heartbreaking, and beautiful ❤️💔
    Idk how to feel. Why. Can’t we just have a vegan world already 🙏
    Sending love and support from Wittlich Pig Save here in Germany 🇩🇪 🐷

  15. Aww wgat an emotional video.. you said is perfectly. My heart is torn. The two babies saved while their mother and siblings die for a product we don't even need ):

  16. Torn is the perfect word to describe how I feel. I've been vegan for 2 years but I have never done any activist work. Seeing this kinda stuff strikes such a strong emotion inside me. Thank you for the work you do <3

  17. Jackie died cos she wasn't given her own mom's milk and was bottle fed :_( mom's milk is nature's way of making sure that babies have all the immunity they need to survive…

  18. I love you guys so much. Thank you for all you do, I sobbed throughout the whole of this video. Been vegan for 7 years and raising 2 vegan babies hoping to bring more compassion to the world. Xx

  19. Thank you for saving these baby soul. Again if Jacqui was ill she probably was sick before and this proves time and time again that sick animals are going to slaughterhouses and people are eating sick animals on antibiotics! Bless her soul ! 53 plant based for over 3 and will never go back, for the animals for the planet for your health. Love and light

  20. Thank you for making this video. I'm so glad to have met Jaquie & Chew at the vigil. They are so cute and precious and so were the rest of the baby sheep. So sad to know that Jaquie is not here anymore but I believe she'll always be in our hearts. I'll do my part to spread the message of being kind to all animals to others and the world. Thank you again and I hope to see you guys around 🙂 Love, Kiko

  21. So beautiful to watch the singing at the end and saving those two lambs is an amazing step further towards animal liberation 💗💗💗

  22. i just could not understand that farmer. Imagine doing this in sec world war:

    " Well here are some jewish people hidden. I am going to give most of them to the SS, but you can choose 2 of them" . We would call someone like that batright insane or sadistic, but in this clip she feels like she is some moral angel of animals rofl. Maybe she knows it is wrong and this is the beginning of her changing towards a more sustainable cruel free future but i was like: what??

  23. The Vegan Society has a programme – Grow Green – https://www.vegansociety.com/take-action/campaigns/grow-green which advises farmers how to transition to arable farming. We need farmers – to produce protein from plants.

  24. This is an amazing video, so many levels of emotion I felt, for the saved babies, to the unsaved babies and mother. To the activist who negotiated and the farmer who is on a journey from what they do now, yet feel trapped in what they feel they have to do for now.

    Then the horror of the slaughterhouse and official police security.

    Those lambs. The contrast of outright horror and love.

  25. Great video, this will undoubtedly make vegans as I've already read in the comments. So that's fantastic. But I have a question – did you ask the farmers to watch Dominion? Did you and others attempt to go deeper with them? I will not deny that it's great that they spare some lives, but not speaking with them more is a missed opportunity in my eyes. We need to discuss their options for plant farming and help them fully realize the compassion they obviously do have for animals.

  26. I've just sat cried watching this. Cant these farmers transition to veg farming. These lambs are not commodities. Sorry to say I felt it hard to feel sorry for the farmers

  27. Such a beautiful but bittersweet rescue but an even sadder ending. Looks like these farmers don't take very good care of their animals, as the cow was mentioned as being sick and then the poor sweet lamb didn't make it. Thank you for doing this.

  28. This is the worse! To see some get saved and others go to slaughter, honestly this is just wrong!!! This really needs to be seen by the masses! Thank you guys for your work! Vegan for life!

  29. Literally just cried my eyes out at work. It's so painful to think about the power we have over these beings. How we save 2 and have to just let the others have their live brutally taken from them. Thank you for documenting this beautiful, tragic moment. Love you guys. You're legends. 💗

  30. This brought me to tears. I am happy for the two lives saved, but so sad for the rest. I am a mother to be and cannot imagine being separated from my baby. So proud to be a vegan. We are saving so many lives and changing the world with love and compassion. Do all things with love

  31. Crying. I’ve seen so much, but the juxtaposition of the two sides to this story is so incredibly emotional. ❤️🌱❤️🌱❤️🌱❤️
    I am so so sorry. I don’t know how humans can be so cruel and so blind.

  32. On the one hand it is nice that two babies would be saved … on the other hand it is also infinitely sad. Thank you so much for your commitment and love.🙏🌱😔


  34. Bawling over here!! Jackie was so sweet!! Why?? RIP, girl. <3 God bless those farmers. Too many don't even care that much.

  35. Amazing video. <3 We hope more people will stand up and get active against Speciesism after seeing this !

  36. The road that holds infinite weight of ideas to feed all sentient beings in every way that is needed is not the same road to slaughterhouses and factory farms. Coming up with excuses to justify murder, rape and violence is a result of greed for money on a scale that outweighs decency , respect and compassion. Saving and protecting all sentient beings from misery and disease is opposite of ignorance and self absorption. Dominion and pcrm.org and all you wonderful activists online-So many documentation to learn from–that's true inspiration.

  37. Thank you guys, that was a wonderful video. Thanks to you I am running AV Gdańsk in Poland. Going vegan is the least we can do, go active! 🙂

  38. Bless your hearts – you two are awesome and I appreciate all that you do x we do all need to take action until every cage is empty xxx Peace begins on your plate xxx

  39. Oh my gosh … I'm just watching it thinking .. how can we be looking at these babies .. and pointing out the ones that will live and the ones that will be killed … I just don't get how farmers can look these babies in the eyes and do this … just heart breaking … but I am SO relieved for the 2 saved !! X

  40. Why don’t y’all show some real slaughter house footage instead of telling us to go and watch a tv show. Oh that’s right, you’ve never been in one. I’ve been in so many and have to say that the animals do not suffer, aren’t abused, literally chewing their cud the whole time 😂

  41. The bible is very clear regarding eating animals. This has everything to do with the new testament. God showed Peter a blanket with all animals and said kill and eat. This vision from god happened when the law of Leviticus separated clean from unclean animals, it signified that all animals are now clean and we should eat and use all all animals for food and energy. Not through evolving opinions but supposedly if the bible is to believed, direction from God. I'm an atheist. Just letting you know that religion is complicated and I am seeing a lot of straw arguments for not eating meat that have to do with your feelings and not religion or nature. I honestly get this concept and feel vegans try to act like we are not animals. We are omnivores by nature. Enjoy your plants but back off my natural rights to consume animals.

  42. Oh my god, how utterly cruel to kill those lovely, sweet, innocent and affectionate animals. Watching your videos, I am more and more turned around about this horrible destruction of life. I'm crying. Many children could have one of them as a pet if people are concerned about the planet being overrun by them. Does it remind you of Auschwitz watching that truck roll into the slaughterhouse?

  43. To add to my previous comment, wouldn't it be awesome if farms bred the sheep and sold them to people as pets! Then everyone would win! The farmers make money while saving the animals and people get to have them to love 🙂 I'd like to know if you think this would make a great campaign!

  44. Sorry, but no no no no!
    The farmer needs to stop farming animals! They need to stop breeding them into existence so that NONE of them need to suffer!
    This was weird.
    They are running a business based on animal exploitation and if a ewe produces more lambs than will give them a profit then saving some is somehow easing their conscience????
    Sorry but this was a terrible video.
    I cried all the way through because the whole family should have been saved!
    Halal slaughter is the worst!
    Like a surgeon chopping a diseased limb off without using anaesthesia.
    Disgraceful and disgusting.
    Sad, so sad!
    You have ruined my day!

  45. Absolutely heartbreaking. Thanj you for this video. I can show this to my work colleagues. It gets a very strong message across, about the madness if animal exploitation, without upsetting them too much with graphic footage of murder. I can't show innocent babies getting their throats cut, in the work place.

  46. Please look at babies left with no families,dumped in care homes,sheep are wonderful but even they would take care of their own babies!

  47. If I needed to id eat my dog! A duck,a cow,….people need to take care of the starving humans on this earth before they use resources to save two sheep and pat themselves on the back.

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