Face Yoga To Stop Forehead Overuse

Just place a hand over the fore head and you’re just going to
widen your eyes as much as you can. Now as you widen
your eyes the most important thing to do is keep the fore
head still so don’t worry if you have to blink or close your
eyes occasionally but just keep widening the those eyes whilst
I talk to you. So one of the big reasons we get horizontal
lines in the fore head area is because we tend to
over express in that area. So whilst we’re talking or
thinking or even sometimes when we’re sleeping we tend to raise
eyebrows up and down a lot. And this causes lines.
However, it is possible to retrain the face so that you
use the eyes more and the fore head a lot less. And this
is a great technique to help you retrain. So eyes really
wide and then just look up and look down. So just keep this going in a
nice straight line up and down and try to keep the
fore head as still as possible. That’s the reason you’ve got
the hand there. Just to remind those muscles to stay relaxed
to try and get that muscle memory into the eye area so you know
you can look up and down with the eyes without raising the
eyebrows. And then just look from side to side. And remember
retraining the fore head doesn’t happen overnight.
This is something you really need to do daily just to get
used to using the eyes more and the fore head less and you’ll
be amazed how this really does help to soften any current
lines and helps to prevent any new lines coming. So you just go up and
down a couple more times there. This is also really lovely and
energizing for the eye area as well. Very good if you’ve got
sore eyes or eye strain and then just look forward and then
close the eyes for a moment move the hand down. Just
allow the eyes to relax.

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