FACE REVEAL Game Master Spy in Real Life! (Found Matt in Safe House Escape Room)

– Okay
– Bec, there’s a key. – Get it, get it, get it.
– Right here. – So that must be for one of the doors. – The key works. – there’s something on the wall – There’s so much stuff in here. – [Rebecca] Aah, aah, Matt!
– [Matt] Whoa, what was that. – [Rebecca] Let us out. – [Matt] Hello.
– [Rebecca] Who did that? – We gotta get out of this room. – [Matt] Let us out. – [Rebecca] You trapped us, let us out. – Matt, you have the vlog? – [Matt] Yeah, I got the vlog right here. – Hey, ZamFam it’s Rebecca,
and you guys saw in our other video that we chased Santa’s
little helper into the Game Masters master tunnel, and we
ended up in an escape room in real life at 60 Out. And when we went to explore
inside this room, somebody trapped us in here and we cannot get out. – Luckily I have my vlog camera. Let’s see if we can figure
out a way to get out of here. – Okay you guys, so this is locked. Look at this room. There’s like plastic on it. First child poison, cookies, cat. There’s all these different words. There’s like a sleigh,
like Santa’s sleigh. – [Matt] Looks like a
candy cane down there too. – [Rebecca] Look there’s a door. – [Matt] Yes. – It’s like locked. – [Matt] See if you can
put your hand through. – [Rebecca] I don’t think so look. My hands can’t go through. Is there any opening? ZamFam do you see any opening? – [Rebecca] Look.
– [Matt] Oh, you got through. – Okay, thumbs up right now if
you think we’re gonna be able to get out of this. – [Matt] You got it Bec.
– [Rebecca] One, two, three. – We’re still trapped. – Do you think the Game Master
did this, or do you think Santa’s little helper? – I have no idea. – Okay, look for
something, look for clues. – What’s that red thing down there? – I don’t know. – [Matt] What is it? It’s like a little handle, huh. – I think I can get it Matt. Matt the basket, it’s moving, it’s moving. Come here. – What? – It’s Santa’s little helper. What are you doing? Why did you trap us? What are you doing? – What? Let us out. – What was that? What did he drop? – It looks like a key. – Is that to get us out of here? – I can’t reach it, Matt. – Get this red thing, get this red thing, – I got it, I got it.
– Whoa, okay. – It’s like a magnet Matt. I don’t think I can reach – [Matt] It’s too far, you gotta reach. Can we use the magnet to like pull it in? – Is there something
inside that we can use? Do you see anything? – [Rebecca] There’s a sleigh. – [Matt] Is there
anything under the sleigh? – ZamFam let us know if you
see anything, we need to get out of here. – There’s something over here. I see something. – You see that?
– [Rebecca] It’s string – [Matt] It’s string. – [Rebecca] It’s string on the ground. You guys remember when we were trapped in the abandoned prison with
Steve and Cher and Grace Sharer. They used a string and
magnet to get the key. What if we do the same thing? – [Matt] Yes, I know what to do here. – [Rebecca] Okay. – I’ve done this when I
was trying to escape the being in the zoo too. – Tying a knot. – So look you guys, I can fit
my hand out here, so maybe if I bring this out. – You’ve gotta have to be really careful because it’s magnetic. – Alright ZamFam give me
a thumbs up for good luck. – [Matt And Rebecca] One, two, three. – [Matt and Rebecca] Three. Dang it. – [Rebecca] Hold on. One, two, – [Matt and Rebecca] Three. – [Rebecca] It’s so close, but . – You guys, we can do
this, right ZamFam? One, – [Matt And Rebecca] two, three. – [Matt] Yes, you got it. – [Rebecca] Yes, yeah I got it! We gotta go really slowly. – [Matt] Pull it up, it’s gonna stick. Can you grab the key,
can you grab the key? – [Rebecca] Oh, oh, I got
it, I got it, I got it! Uh, let’s see. – [Matt] How do you get out now? – [Rebecca] Wait Matt, there’s
no key hole on this side, what do we do? – Try to reach around. Is there another one on the other side? – I don’t know, I can’t see. ZamFam can you see a key
hole right over here? I can’t see it. ZamFam I feel like it’s close,
but I feel like my arm needs to be longer. Matt maybe if you try. – Oh, ’cause I have longer arms. – Yeah, you got this. Can you direct him,
because I can’t really see? I think you’re getting close Matt. I’m not quite sure. – [Matt] I feel something right here, Is it going in? Three, two, – [Rebecca]
Oh, did you get it? – [Matt] One. – Okay. – [Matt] We got out, we get out. – Oh my gosh, we did it. Matt, were are you going? – I’m trying to check,
and see if we can get out. Still locked. – So we explored all up here, and we found clues, but
we didn’t look in there. Let’s see where Santa’s
little helper came out, – Yes, yes. – Maybe there’s something. Look. Santa’s little helper
was in this basket hiding. – Okay. Is there something in there? – There is! There’s a note Matt! It says, “Dear Santa, bring
me five and give me five.” ZamFam, do you guys know what that means? – T for T. – [Rebecca] T for T. – I had T F T. – The word toy, what if toy is something. – Toy for T. – Or something for toy,
maybe it’s a trade for a toy. – Or toy for trade, I don’t know. – Matt, where in this room
did we not look for clues? Like we went all around. Did we look on this wall? – [Matt] Oh, look it, there’s
a bunch of Santas on the wall. – Santa, it says, “Dear
Santa,” and it’s underlined. – Yes. Okay – Maybe there’s something on here. What if it’s some type of
riddle to do with Santa? – Yeah, let’s look for
clues and see if we can find anything. Santa’s everywhere! – There are. – There’re a bunch of photos
and there’s like clippings of like newspaper stuff. – Does anything not fit in? Is there anything that stands out? – [Matt] Look at this, why is there. It’s a polaroid? – It’s like a mysterious witch. Oh, it came off, it’s a polaroid. Are there any more of these Matt? – There’s one right here. Comes right off too. – Okay, what is that? – White something? – Okay. Look, it’s like a lion. – [Matt] It’s a lion. These are all polaroids. – Okay are these, is there anything else? Anything that you guys see? Besides the Santas, what we
need to like count the Santas? – One, two, three, four,
that guy kinda looks like Santa Clause. – Five. – Five. – [Rebecca] Six, seven, eight. – [Matt] There’s another one, nine. – Nine, ten. I don’t know if that’s a clue,
but you guys we’ll come back. Let us know if you think
the number of Santas has to do with something. I think we need to like,
put these together. This must be a clue. – Okay. – Or a riddle of some sort. – [Matt] We have this lion right
here, this kinda looks like snow and then there’s a witch. This doesn’t make any sense though. It’s like a lion, a witch
and like snow thing. – The lion, the witch. The only thing I can think of is Narnia. Did you ever read the books,
like “The Lion, the Witch and The lion, the witch and the wardrobe! – Oh! – Had snow. It was a wardrobe. It’s a wardrobe. What if we have to get into this? That’s the clue. – It has a lock on it. – If you guys think that that
is the clue, let us know. – Can you pick the lock? – It needs something to open it. – Yeah, there’s no key hole. Must be magnetic. What if we used the magnet. – The magnet from before? Okay, let’s try it. Do you guys think that
magnet’s gonna work for this? We definitely need to unlock it. I think that this wardrobe is a clue. And I think this is the lion,
the witch and the wardrobe. Is this something? – Found it! – Okay. Comment “magnet”
if you think the magnet is gonna work. – Here we go. – No? So, in the other clues in the
room, we found presents and they had numbers. Where else did we find clues? – Wait, the ornaments. – How did we see the ornaments? It was the black light? – Oh yeah, we found the
black light over here. – What if there’s something on here, – Oh! – For the blacklight. – Yep, I got it. – Okay, do you guys think that
we should use the black light on these photos? Do you see anything Matt? There’s something, look! – Oh! A and a G, a C
and this one has an E. – A, G, C, E, okay wait! So, for what we were talking
about, it was lion, the witch and the wardrobe. So, what if lion is first,
and that’s the C right? – Yup. Witch, second – And then the witch, and then
the snow is what, when you went through the
wardrobe, where it snowed. – Got in the snow, that
would actually make sense. So, it spells C-A-G-E. – [Matt And Rebecca] Cage! – Is there a cage in here? – There’s a ca-, cage! There’s a cage. – What? – Oh my gosh. This is the cage. – It’s like a bird cage. But what is this? It looks like some sort of
like decoders spy gadget. – It looks like you need to
spell like a five letter word. Do you guys have any
idea what the five letter word would be? – I have no idea. What’s inside though? – Looks like hair of some sort. Ew. Who’s hair do you think that is? Do you think it’s the game master’s hair? – Okay. – So, it’s a five letter word,
we’ve got like exactly what, five letters in the head. – [Rebecca} Yeah, look, maybe
if we line it up with this red triangle right here. – [Matt] Yep. What do we have so far? There’s more black lights
over here, writing all over the whole wall. – I think it’s decoy, Matt. We didn’t use it earlier, I
think it’s just to mess with us. Matt, we need to hurry because
when Santa’s little helper gets back we need to trap them
and do a face reveal, because we need to figure out who
Santa’s little helper is, right you guys? – Do we have any more clues? – What if it’s witch? W-I-T-C-H. – Okay. Let’s go. W-I-T-C-H. – Okay. It didn’t work. Wait Matt, this note, it’s in
my hand, it’s “Dear Santa”. – Santa’s underlined. – [Rebecca] Santa’s underlined. So, do you guys think
Santa is the right word? Comment “Santa is the right word” below I guess we’re gonna find
out if you’re right. – S-A- – I hope so, we need to hurry. – N-T-A. – Look! Something dropped. If you guys guessed it was
Santa, thumbs up your comment. – It doesn’t look like anything,
it’s just a piece of metal. – Maybe if you put it up to that. I’ve never seen anything like this. – Oh, oh, oh! – It worked, it worked! Oh my gosh, you guys. What do you guys think
is inside this wardrobe? Do you think that there’s
gonna be snow like Narnia? – This could be like part of the tunnels. – Yeah, maybe the game master’s inside. Okay, are you ready Matt? One, – [Matt And Rebecca] Two, three. – It’s a secret hidden passageway Matt. Look there’s Christmas gifts. – More presents. – We found presents on
your video, remember? – Yeah. You think there’s
more clues inside? – You guys, do you think
these are more gifts? Do you guys think we should unbox them? – Three, two, one. – What’s with all these mysterious gifts? – Whoa! – Wait, Matt, check the paper. Remember, there were like numbers? – LOL surprise. – DIY school supplies. This is really cool. – I found one. – What? – Five. – Five? This is four. – [Matt And Rebecca] One, two, three. – And then this is – [Matt and Rebecca] Four and five. – The note I had, I must’ve
dropped it in the other room. The note that we found
with Santa’s little helper. – Yeah. – Do you guys think that
these gifts have to do with that note? Okay. It says bring me
five and give me five. – Grab the other present,
that’ll be five total, and maybe that’s the bring me five,
maybe it’s these five gifts right here. If you guys think that that
is correct, comment below. – I got ’em. What is this room? – I don’t know. Let’s put this stuff
over and let’s explore. There’s gotta be more
riddles and clues here. Matt, Project Zorgo. – [Rebecca] That’s us. – [Matt] We’re all on there. It’s the Sacred Six. – CVX Live. That was the
mansion, the game master’s top secret mansion. – Yup. Look at all these spy
cameras, this is all the rooms. – It’s a light. Oh my gosh. – [Matt] What? – It’s all of us. There’s Stephen Sharer,
Grace Sharer, Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Carter Sharer, Lizzy Sharer. – Project Zorgo’s over here. – [Rebecca] Papa Jake. – These are all security
cameras from the mansion and the mansion’s right here. – Lucas and Marcus? Carl and Jinger? Matt, do you notice, look at the string. – [Matt] It all starts
over here, the string starts right here. – Okay. CVX Live, that’s
where the game master trapped us all. – [Matt] Look it, that’s you and Chad. – That’s me and Chad, there’s
Lizzy, and look, Papa Jake and Carl and Jinger are attached
to that. And same with Lucas and Marcus, but they were
never at CVX Live or were they? Do you guys know if Lucas
and Marcus were there? And then Pumpkin Patch. Pumpkin Patch comes right here. You guys remember when I
spied on Pumpkin Patch and the secret hideout, and then we
unmasked him and did a lie detector test and it turned
out, it was our friend, Rocky who had met the game master in Hawaii. This is crazy. – But this is actually all
in sequence here too, ’cause right after that, this is
that white room we went in to. – This is the truth serum. Do you remember when the
game master made us drink the truth serum? So they could get information from us? – [Matt] Look this is the Sacred
Six right here, so this is all of us, Vy Qwaint, you, you
and I again, Stephen, Chad, got Grace on here too. – And then, this is the mansion. This is the mansion with the
backyard, it had this swimming pool that looked like a fish. – [Matt] And look it, this
string right here after the mansion is right to Project Zorgo. But wait, there’s like three lines, – Wait, where does this go? – This one goes to Chad,
and this one goes to Vy. What does that mean? – The game master said
he could only trust four out of the six of us of the Sacred Six. He had us go to Stephen Sharer
and Grace Sharer’s and we thought maybe they might
be the game master, but. – Maybe it’s the four of us
’cause look it right here, all four of us are tied in together,
and then only Chad and Vy are tied to Project Zorgo. – So, do you think Chad Wild
Clay and Vy Qwaint are actually spies for the game master? – Or what if they work for Project Zorgo. – You guys let us know what
you think in the comment section below. Chad has been very suspicious. – And he used to be a hacker. And then the string, – It just, it just ends. So , we don’t know what’s gonna happen. – But there is a lot of string left. – Look! This looks like my hair. Is this Vy’s hair? Stephen Sharer? – [Matt] That looks just
like Stephen Sharer’s hair. – Oh my gosh, Grace, Grace’s hair. Why is the game master
collecting all of our hair? It doesn’t make sense. – T and A. – T and A for what? Matt look, there’s a
key, it’s like this is a key for something. – [Matt] It looks like orbeez. Careful. – I’ve done one million orbeez before but this is a lot weirder. Have you guys ever drank orbeez? Oh my gosh, it’s like all orbeez. – [Matt] Oh, you almost
have it, you almost have it. – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh, there. – [Matt] You got it! You got it! – Oh my gosh, what, this is so
weird, you can’t even see the orbeez at the bottom, but there’s orbeez. Key! – It’s a key. – Key. What do you think it goes to? – I mean there’s a ton of locks down here. – Okay. This is open.
There’s nothing for a key. – [Matt] This feels like an
escape room in real life. – It is an escape room in real life Matt. It’s the game masters escape room. Do you guys see any locks? Or anything that would need a key? This key has to have a
purpose or we wouldn’t have had to get it. – You know what, do you
remember the box that we brought here? It’s that gold box. – Yeah. He’s left that
box in different places. Like when I was in the abandoned town. Bring it in, it might work. – This right here. – It fits. What’s inside? – Be careful. It’s a note. – It’s a note from the
game master because it’s on game master paper. The game master wants us to
trap Santa’s little helper. For tots. – For tots. – Wait, T for T, T for T. – T for T. – Bring me five and give me five, T for T. – Toys for Tots. – Toys was the word we
found on the ornaments. You guys if you think that’s
right then maybe the gifts have something to do with it. So, let’s get the five gifts. – Okay, I’m gonna grab them right now. – Five gifts. – Bring me five and give me five. So, is there anything
with like a five on it? – Like a high five? – Look Matt, there’s hand prints. Hold on. – [Matt] It’s a perfect fit. – It’s a perfect fit. Mine says Liz though. But that’s my hand print. It fits perfectly. – We got Lucas down here. – Like Marcus and Lucas? – Yeah. – Stephen. But it’s spelled differently. Matt, what is this? – It’s a hand scanner. – “Three failed attempts and I turn off.” There’s spot for five. – Bring me five and give me five. – Okay. – So we brought five presents in here. – Maybe a five, like a five. – Yes. – And what if I put my hands on here? What do you guys think is
gonna happen when we do this? We need to figure out who
Santa’s little helper is. – And the door’s locked. – One, – [Matt and Rebecca] Two, three. – Where are we? – What is this? – What is this room? – It’s another room. – How did that happen? There’s wrapping paper. – It’s a present. – It’s like a control panel. – [Matt] Follow this pipe all
the way across here, then it goes down into here. – What if the gifts go in here? – Oh. – That’s why the wrapping paper is there. – Okay. – Put ’em on. Okay Matt, this is the last gift. Whoa. – [Matt] It’s a laptop. – Was that there before? – I don’t remember this at all. – What does it say? – To donate? – So if we make a donation
for Toys for Tots, one of our videos will be deleted, but if
we don’t make a donation, our friend’s channels will be deleted. That’s Stephen Sharer
Sharer, Chad, like what do we do you guys? There’s no way we can let
our friend’s channels. – There’s no way. – Get deleted. It’s the end of the year
anyways, we were gonna make a donation so Toys for Tots
is a great organization. Matt, you feel good about this right? – It’s worth it to have our video deleted. – Okay. Three, two, one. Matt. It’s Santa’s little helper. Matt, they’re standing up. Game Master? You’re Santa’s Little Helper? – Yes, all of these
were tests for phase 2. Including the delivery of
five gifts for Toys for Tots. – We didn’t deliver the
gifts, they’re right here. – They’re gone. – What? Where did they go? – You already delivered them. – No we didn’t. Matt, look. – That’s us. – We’re here at Toys for
Tots delivering the toys, to drop off. But we’ve been here the whole time. This doesn’t make sense. – And now, you’re ready for phase 3.

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  1. I thought Santa would be the five letter word because it is mostly about Santa and I saw Santas little helpers hand at 2:52 in the right bottom corner like if you saw his hand to and like this video if you think there is more then one Santas little helper

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