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Hi! Guys, today we are going to pamper the
eyes. The eyes are something that are most ignored most of the times and we
are on our phones ,on our computers usually for the whole day and this time
we are going to exercise the eyes. We usually don’t think of the eyes when we
think of exercising so we are going to exercise the eyes pamper them a little
so that they feel good and the muscles of the eyes also are strengthened. So
wherever you are is a good place to start. let’s get going let’s pamper
these babies. Before we begin exercising the eyes let’s close them. Give them a bit of rest. Take a breath in and as you exhale
just connect with the body. Even though we’ll be working on the eyes let’s be conscious of the whole body as
we sit, the way we move. One more breath in and breathe out. Gently just draw the shoulders back
and down, stretching the spine up not tightening up the body but
just feeling that sense of upliftment and keeping the spine straight. One more
joyful breath in. And joyfully exhale. And gently open the eyes and now we will
look up. For all of these we’ll keep the head straight, not move the head at all,
chin parallel to the ground and look down now, not moving the head at all, just
to the eyes . Look up As high as you can and look down on the ground. Look up and
down. Up Down Up Down Up Down up and down and come back to the center,
close your eyes. Take a breath in and breathe out. Once again open the eyes now
let’s look left ,just the eyes and right Left – using all these muscles right. Left Right Left Continue. Notice if the head is moving or
not or if you’re just moving the eyes. Left Right Left Right Left Right Left and right and come back to the centre. Close the eyes take a another breath in
and breathe out. Once more open the eyes now we look at the top left corner and
the bottom right corner. Top left corner The bottom right Top left. Again no
movement with the head. Up Bottom right Top left Bottom right Top left Bottom
right Top left and bottom right and come back. Now we look at the right top
corner and the bottom left. Top right Bottom left Top right Bottom left Top right Bottom left Right Left Right Left Top right Bottom left Top right Bottom
left Top right and bottom left. Come back to the center close the eyes. You might
feel a little bit of sensation in the eyes.
It’s alright we’re not used to doing anything for the eyes. So that’s why that
happens. Let’s gently open the eyes just rub the
palms generating a little bit of heat in the palms. Rub them. Rub Rub Rub.
And now slowly placing the palms on the top of the eyes. Just let the eyes relax. Again noticing the rest of the body as well. See if the body is relaxed or not.
If you’ve tightened the body anywhere or if the spine is not straight. let it
be. Let the eyes rest under the Palms. Take a breath in and exhale and very
gently release the hands. Now we will rotate the eyes. So look at the left
whatever is there to your left just look and now we’ll look and make circles. So
not even missing a single thing. We come Up and now slowly we go towards the
right side Looking towards the right. Now come down not missing even one thing. Now
look down at the ground. Again in a circle. From down we go towards the left.
Again from left going up to the top, from the top looking towards the right side
and then again coming down. Once again go to the left. This is the last one this side. Going up. Go towards the right side and come down. Let’s close the eyes for a bit
and now we start with the opposite direction. From looking down at the ground
slowly go towards the right, not moving the head. See the tendency of the body.
Look up at the ceiling of the sky. Now slowly not missing anything go towards
the left and then come down towards the ground again. Again look to the right, in
between also not missing a thing thing go up to the left and down. See if you
can do it with the breath slowly. As you inhale this time very gently go to the right and then go up to the top and then as you exhale
very gently come down. And now close the eyes. Open the eyes wide, just close them
tight. Open wide close tight. Open and close. Just have a little fun, open wide,
close tight. Open close. Open close. Open and close. And just relax. Slowly we are
going to bring the thumb in front. Again the head stays stationary but the eyes
will be fixed on the tip of the thumb. So you fix the gaze over here and now we
will take the thumb up. Up, as high as you can, gaze is fixed on the tip of the
thumb. Till the time it is visible to you take it up and now slowly bring it down
keeping the gaze fixed at the tip of the thumb. Just follow the thumb . So we follow the thumb and again we take it up. Keep the gaze fixed And now we’ll go a little faster. Not too fast,
just fixing the gaze up and down. Up down. This brings coordination between
the upper eyeball and the lower eyeball. Up down. Up . Down and relax the right hand and slowly we bring the left hand and now gently we bring it to the center
first and slowly we take it up. So fixing the gaze on the tip of the thumb, taking
it as high as you can without moving the head. Fix that attention. Just notice, time
and again the head will want to move but we don’t let it. Today is the day to exercise the eyes and nothing else can take the attention
away from them so let’s give it our all. Looking up just fixing the gaze at the
tip of the thumb. Just fix the gaze at the tip of the thumb. And we’ll do it a little faster. Take it
up down, up down, up down. Keep the gaze fixed. Up down. Up see if you’re clenching
the hand or the fist. Keeping the body light but maintaining the focus on the
tip of the thumb. Last time. Up and down and relax. Close the eyes take a breath
in and breathe out. Gently rub the palms. Once more and place them on the top of
the eyes take a breath in. Again just notice the entire body and release. Once more let’s bring the thumb in front. We”re almost halfway through, a little more than that. You’re doing so well continue.
This time we’ll gaze at the tip of the thumb and we will move the thumb to the
side and we will take the gaze, not the head. Keep the gaze fixed on the tip of
the thumb. It comes back to the center again. See if you can blink the least
amount when you do this or just blink at the beginning and the end if you need to.
if you need to in between also it’s fine. But just try to lessen it as much as
possible. Maintaining that focus in the muscles. To the right,
to the center. Right center. Right center. Last time , to the right and back to
the center. And release. It’s also a good exercise for the arms. So now we do it
with the other side. So thumbs up . With the left hand. And let’s go for it.
So we fix the gaze and now take it towards the left
fixing the gaze not letting the head move. The head might want to go but we
tell it no. So bringing the thumb back to the center ,let the gaze be fixed. Very
good to utilize all the muscles in the eyes. Back to the center, to the left, centre.
Just notice if while going or while coming back, if the attention is not
there on the tip of the thumb. So just maintain that as much as possible
without moving the head. And center, left center, left ,center, left ,center. last time.
With a smile even if your arms are hurting. And relax just relax the arms
close the eyes take a deep breath in and breathe out.
One more breath in and exhale. Slowly open the eyes now we will just blink
fast .So just blink. That’s all we have to do. So the blinking stops in front of the
computer ,even when you’re focused. When you do anything where you’re focused be
reading or a computer screen or a phone screen. We don’t blink enough so today we
will blink ..blink.. So the phones and computers reduce our blinking by less
than half of what it should be. Research says that! not me. So
let’s blink so that our eyes are not dry. So we should do this just a little bit
in between our day as well. With a smile we blink though. Keep blinking ,just
notice how the world is going a little dark and then bright suddenly . Blink
blink, a little more. You can look to the left and blink just a change of scenery. Come back to the center, look to the right and blink. Just do whatever
movement you feel like with the neck and then again keep blinking. If your arms
are tired you can just move a little bit as you blink. But keep blinking no matter
what you do and slowly come back to the center . Just close their eyes take a
breath in and let go. One more breath in and exhale. Slowly again coming back. Opening the eyes get towards the last leg And once more just bring the right thumb in front. This time bring it down. And now again,
head fixed we will rotate as much as we can and keep the head fixed. But follow
the thumb to the right, come down go to the left ,taking the thumb up, follow it to the right and down. Left , up , right down.
Now the opposite direction Keeping the fist soft. Right up left down
again blinking the least right up left down, you might feel a little dizzy a
little lightheaded that’s okay right up left down. Last one
right up left and down and gently relax. It’s time for the other hand, it should
not feel left out huh , So once more thumbs up and now we take it to the
right ,look up gaze is fixed on the tip of the thumb. Left down right up left down right up left down right up left and down and
opposite direction. Right up left down Not moving the head just being aware, up
down. Left up right down. Left up right and relax. Close the eyes. Take a breath
in and breathe out. One more breath in and exhale we just do
the last thing. Now we will look at a point far away as far from you as
possible. So we’ll focus therefore one two three four and five. Now look at the
tip of your nose for five four three two and one. Look far five four three two one . Look at the tip of the nose five four three two one.
Once more look at a point far away We often don’t do this we keep focusing
at the same distance, which is usually our phones and gadgets books.. whatever..
Look at the tip of the nose. This helps us utilise all those muscles.
Once again look at a point as far away as possible. Just look there without
blinking if possible. We’ll fix our gazes over there for a little longer. Now look at the tip of our beautiful nose. five-four-three-two-one Stay for a little longer. Annd relax. Just
close the eyes. Take a breath in and let go. Gently bring the palms together rub
them and gently place the palms on the eyes. Just again noticing if the rest of
the body is collapsed or sitting nice and tall . Gently relax the hands keeping
the eyes closed, let the palms be open to the ceiling, resting on the thighs or the
knees. Let us be grateful for these eyes for they let us see this world this
colorful this beautiful world of ours. Feeling very grateful say a mental thank
you to the eyes. Another breath in and breathe out . One more joyful breath in, the
deepest breath you’ve taken all day and joyfully exhale. Gently become aware of your body and
surroundings and whenever you feel complete you may open your eyes. We hope you enjoyed today’s practice. We’ll see you again on the map soon . Thank you for joining us. May you stay Fit N Calm! And iff you have not done that yet do
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