Exercise Demo: 7 Strength Training Exercises to Add to Your Workout

Hi my name is Antonio I am one of the health coaches here at Cigna What I’m gonna talk about today are seven strength training excercises you can do to help
improve your strength The first one we’re going to do is a squat so we’re gonna lay the resistance band down on the ground And you gonna step into with the arch of your feet making sure both toes are pointed straight ahead We’re going to bring the bands up to our shoulders And we’re squatting down at a nice comfortable control pace Making sure you’re keeping your chest up You’re not leaning forward too much because that puts a little but of pressure on the knees That’s how your knees get hurt Make sure your knees
aren’t bowing in as well because that will give you some inner knee pain And when you’re squatting down, As you can see, sticking your butt back as if you’re trying to sit in chair That helps make sure you’re activating your glutes and not too much on your front of your thighs What we’re also gonna do are use dumbells as well So if you don’t have a resistance band you can use dumbbells So stay with the same form Feet shoulder width apart both toes straight-ahead squatting down nice and control Focus on the deceleration Coming down nice and slow that’s where you build your strength If you ever have problems walking down steps this is the part of the squat you want to focus on Squat down as far as you feel comfortable, you want to go to a certain distance So the next excercise we’re gonna do is for our rows for our back so we’re going to sit on the ground Once again, putting the resistance band arching our feet crossing the bands over Keeping our back nice and upright and we’re rowing back nice control pace You may feel some burn in your biceps but that’s ok it’s a secondary muscle But you want to get your elbow back far enough to where you feel your back squeezing and pinching Alright and relax so the next exercise we’re
going to do is for our chest So we’re gonna go to resistance band you want to find a
point where it locks in on the band around a doorknob Around a weight stack so we’re
not going to build a move You want to get into a staggered position arms back and we’re gonna press straight ahead, nice control pace As you can see, keeping the elbows
below the shoulders as they’re coming back This is help working on our chest Alright and for our next exercise we’re gonna go to lateral raises so we’re going to work our shoulders So we get the resistance band Step into it with one foot Then we’ll go out to the side keeping our elbow straight
don’t bend your elbow Keep your elbow straight Go around to the side Ready Begin You don’t have to go up really high Have the elbows go above the shoulders and come down at a nice slow control pace Make sure you don’t want to drop it You can also use dumbbells as well So it’s the same thing, going out to the side
coming down nice slow controlled pace You don’t want to let it free fall Focus on the deceleration of the exercise And for our next exercise we’re gonna work the front of our thighs We’re going to do lunges So we get the resistance band step into it with the arch of our feet Bring the bands up to our hands, our shoulders in a stagger position Now we’re lunging straight down Keeping our chest up once again if you lean forward too much or put too much pressure on your knee If you knee bows inward or outward that’s going to give you a little bit too much pressure on your knees as well This helps strengthen the front of your thighs and also your glutes. Alright and relax you can use the
dumb bells as well And if you notice, for the heavier weights Michelle is using for the lower body for the lunges and also the squats The upper body may want to use a little bit of the lighter weights Same form we’re gonna squat down nice control pace And for our next exercise we’re gonna go to bicep curls working the front part of our arm Lay the band down, stepping into it two feet shoulder width apart Elbows glued to the side curling up nice
slow controlled pace coming down Don’t let it free fall down there you go Remember, continue to keep breathing
don’t hold your breath We’re also going to use dumbbells for our next set Once again elbows glues to the side
curling up nice slow controlled pace Coming down Alright, relax And for our last exercise we’re gonna
work on the back of our arms our triceps So put one handle on the ground you wanna step with the same foot the same handle Alright, keep your arm locked in place and you’re extending your arms straight ahead Make sure you keep this arm in place you don’t want to fall forward and you’re working on your triceps The back of your arm nice slow control pace
once again don’t let it free fall down You could do the same thing with our next set
we’re using dumbbells Keep your elbow locked in place extending up and
down there you go And there you have it those are the seven strength training excercise that you can do With either using resistance band or dumb bells and that’s it

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