Exercise COPE NORTH 20 – E-7A Wedgetail

Hi, my name is Corporal Lucas King.
I’m an aircraft technician and I work on the E-7 Wedgetail here at COPE NORTH Guam. Working on a US airbase is quite
awesome, everything’s on a bigger scale. It’s really good to work alongside them.
They provide a lot of help for us when we’re missing things, and things
have been very successful. It’s been great working alongside the Japanese
Self-Defense Force as well. The language barrier is certainly obvious but
we get through it and want to compare how we do things the same way
that they would do them. We also have that language barrier with the
Americans too. I think we use a little bit too much slang. Here at COPE NORTH we’ve actually achieved
100% mission success rate which reflects really well for us in the Air Force
and especially on the E-7’s capability.

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