Oh, oh, that’s just nasty. Oh he poopy us out. let’s push her out, push her! Oh no! So slow, ok Welcome back to the channel guys today We are getting fit because with potatoes, and we’re lazy, so let’s say this is our trainer and their saying ” come on let’s get fit!” All right, yes. We’re getting fit. It looks like these people are also getting fit and they are they don’t touch the sweat That’s all I need to say I don’t need to say anything else open sesame oh What’s happening in here? They’re like i Candy oh my gosh Doritos Draco It’s my favorite it Draco’s favorite chip and Gold’s why are you pushing us Gold? Why? Jump over the corner over here on to our favorite chips actually Doritos is not my favorite. That’s Draco’s but in here let’s see I Want to see those legs moving. Don’t touch the floor or you’re out? I have touched this NPC and now I have grey hair from all the working out you guys cuz I have to speak it I don’t know how you oh no, oh, oh we’re turning old This game isn’t meant for us anyways over the obstacles are these called jumping are these hurdles Yes, I think their hurdles. I don’t think their hurdles. Yes they are their like bouncy thingings. alright I-I actually don’t know the name Yeah, you guys leave a comment down below on what their called I honestly forgot. I remember the ladders in jungle gym I mean Gymnastics or whatever yeah, it looks like gymnastics. We are crawling over the ladders and Who put these up so hot I feel like a burnt a thousand calories already? And down we go, they’re either called jump horsing thingies or hurdles I have no idea over this down here and Oh, it’s those ploes it’s it’s it high jumps! high jump-noo! Why is High Jump so hard ok bounce bounce? Huh, we won’t make it out alive. Get close to it JUMP That is the secret to winning high jump now. We are on the rock climbing wall, which is Extruded very weirdly, but it doesn’t matter cuz we will climb it and go on to our next level Oh, it’s the punching bag area. i love punching bags Avoid those punching bag we must go through these giant punching bags without dying Oh its really hard. We’re making it through go over here and no. Come on Funneh you can do it oh no. I died! I’ve made it through the punching bags and what is this person doing over here? I think he wants to fight. they look really angry you want to fight us? and punch him. Go Funneh punch him! Oh no he’s punching you! Aww he beat my hair off! im dead.Okay, don’t- obviously he’s very angry. Why are you so angry? Oh Gold! he riped off my arms! why did you touch him?! oh no Funneh run away! how am i supose to go through without arms? run, run Funneh! Are you siri- you left me in the back. You guys are the worst I have to die so i get my arms back. he might rip off your head I’m distracting him come hurry i’m crawling your distracting him. Thank you. Thank you. he took my arms funneh. Oh thank you for your Sacrifice, Draco and over here, oh Welcome to yoga class wait. Is that a giant fat guy. I think it is but what are they doing? I have no idea Draco. He said he’s doing yoga. whoa, whoa, whoa i think he’s gonna eat me! uh yep. oh no Funneh! you guys i got eaten,we may have been eaten but I want to see those jumping muscles burn Okay, turning a bad situation into a good one. We can still work out. wow look at his meal, is this Doritos chip? He ate mcdonalds Think those are Dorito’s chip is it Doritos cereal? and dude look he ate a whole pizza Look at this guy’s. Oh, it’s Hawaiian that’s good at least it’s Hawaiian nope i died Hey, Funneh. I have a prediction What’s your prediction there will be a poop level in this obby. Draco’s prediction once again You know what drago? I bet you there will be a poop obby because the pizza! and safe on to the next area Which is his rib cage or his backbone? Oh? spine? Wait now that is not solid, okay? All right? I don’t even know why they put that there if we’re just there to suffer. there’s lasers too. lasers okay. We need to be the extra careful. We do not want to die in here careful careful, yes. yyyyes! oh no here it is! It’s dirty in here! Ew we’re not wearing shoes Funneh! oh gosh i can feel the squishyness under my feet Hello, come on. You guys i glitch Oh, oh, that’s just nasty aw he Poopyed us out. and we smell, aw stop guys? Sorry about that. Oh uh yeah, well I don’t – I you guys! wash your feet wash your feet! we got to clean our feet k um Yeah, just don’t eat people. I guess that’s the lesson here We are I get it swimming time No excuses. Let’s get swimming. We actually really want to go swimming just because we were just plain in poop. Yeah What? wait. stand up Funneh Okay, we’re going swimming alright. That is that is a new way to swim in Roblox. Oh Ducky Pool, whoa Don’t cheat and go around I’m watching hey guys Hey guys sneak over heree-no! No, he threw a rock at me, he said no cheatin How about the other side? Oh no! the other side doesn’t work Fine no cheating is no cheating We will go through this the very long and intense way over here and a boom are you happy teacher? Up the ladder who we are crawling up this. What’s here? Oh? oh it’s a slide! (^_^) i love slides! wheeee! ye-oh I’m sorry. I jammed the slide what? yyaayy that was fun That was so fun. We’re at the Ro-gym Hey, we are not finished yet jump over those hurdles jump over the hurdles. Oh wait You guys want a race first oh? oo Yeah? Hey yes, let’s raise wheee! no! i already got elimanated no!, second time is the charm. Oh People say third time is the charm not a second or- slow and steady this time That was my mistake slow and steady No No, slow and steady wins the race. Jump! hey gym class. Well draco too bad welcome to ro gym where gym class is 24/7 You know what we should just go slower. Why are we racing to win, but we can just do this and go slow Over over over Jump no stop it Yes I made it! high fiveces Gold is the winner of this hurdle jumping competition Draco is feeling miserable. No fair. I’m taller so it’s harder to jump are you taller than us. Let’s measure. yes. Draco, you look like you’re the same height as us. nah I’m a taller. Don’t you see my hair it’s taller? Well our ears make us taller than you, so let’s just go to the next one I want you to clear the long jump if you don’t you fail oh fail? we can’t fail long jump. how do we clear this? clear this oh Oh, Draco just slid his butt and died Let’s try this again. Oh I don’t get where we’re suppose to land. This is honestly super hard, how are we dying? Jump Speed jump over here. We did it what you’re supposed to jump over the second line. Oh We’re jumping too early ok let’s try this again. Jump run and. You guys are just running into it We’re literally running ourselves into the sand let’s try it again Okay, run jump a little bit and jump too early too late Yeah, Draco. I don’t get it. Okay. Let’s see yes. A job right when you’re on the line jump oh yeah Gold do you see that line you have to jump as soon as you touch it don’t even step into the sand okay? which line? Tell me when to jump. Now! Yeah don’t you guys feel healthier or tired tired I want Doritos. Well guess what Draco, the workout never stops at Ro gym What is that? We’re all oh? Nice get in the plane. It’s time to go skydiving skydiving oh that’s very extreme. i would love to go skydiving. Look down! ooo Scary! that’s a far jump. um hey it’s kinda scary jumping all the way down there. Grab a parachute and jump ok. whoa, i pulled it too early Funneh! Gold it’s Ok we’ll push you off. OK Gold. now i’m goona die! Let’s push her off no stop. Push her! Bye Gold! NOOO Have fun! she so slow ok. oh. wheee! oh no! Yeah! EXTREAM!! that Was scary, Gold is going so slow down? It’s halarious. You can drop your parachute by pressing it again. Oh But we’re not gonna land where we wanna land. I want to land close over here and psh parachute we are flying down closely. and drop! wait, can we die from dropping too high? Probably. I don’t think so You can test it yourself Draco. Oh look at all of us We are flying to the end of the obby to get a prize. I hope it’s chips or potatoes I hope it’s Doritos Or like Draco said Doritos. We’re going down. Funneh did you see that there our own potato houses so we can be lazy? Yes, we’ll never have to move again yes! yay! Hit the check point whew we did it and is that a badge? No secret badge? it’s a secret. We hope you guys enjoyed this Roblox episode of us Getting buff if you did make sure to punch the like button down below for more, we’re tryin to reach 6000 likes and we will create a super salad. Potato salad there you go. and a cheese oh Wait what? no cheese on a super salad only pineapple and some lime and add some soggy Crouton Draco’s a soggy cruton, anyways if you aren’t subscribed to our channel make sure to hit that subscribe button Thank you so much for watching and we will see you on in the next video. Bye guys Funneh out! Nope, Funneh out! you


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