[Eng Sub/Sub Indo] Run BTS! 2020 – EP.95

[EP.95 Let’s play with BTS 1] RUN BTS. [Bright] [Bright]
– We are here after a long while. – That’s right. – This place.
– I missed here. [BTS back in the studio after a long while]
– Yes, it’s been a while. – Yeah. – What are we doing today?
– Today… What kinds of games did you enjoy
back in school days? In school?
[Bang][Bang] Perk. Perk. [Jin] [Confused]
What is that? – Using the paper. – Flipping the small paper.
– A game that flips the small paper. [A game that people around BTS’s age enjoyed]
You don’t know this game? – Do you call that Perk?
– If you do this, the paper flips upside down. [Like this] [Like this]
It’s… [Memories, a theme BTS can talk about
endlessly] We can talk 1 hour about
old games. – First, there was hopscotch.
– There was hopscotch. – Flipping paper disks! – Flipping erasers!
– Flipping paper disks, flipping erasers! – Good. [Back in the days, everyone had a notebook]
– Right. – There was a game where
you draw in the notebook. [To draw avatars] – And you pick pictures to
complete the avatar. Do you know it? – Right. Back in the days, WWE was all the rage. [Jimin trapped between the excited older
members] – We did choke slam, like this. – Chop, chop, chop. Crossline.
– Chop, chop and… [Jin explaining today’s Run BTS dancing
to the rhythm of chop, chop, chop]
As we chop, chop, chop, we are going to play classic games
that you enjoyed back in school days. [To recall BTS’s memories]
Run BTS, [Today’s theme]
– has prepared the games for us.
– That’s it? Is this classic game season 2? [Let’s play with BTS]
It used to be my dream when I was young! [6 popular classic games when BTS was young]
It’s melting. [As an individual match, the 1st and
2nd place will be selected in each game]
It’s melting. [The 1st place will be given 5 points and five coins
of 500 won] – j-hope is good. – Everest, Everest. [2nd place will be given 3 points and
three coins of 500 won] Put a dot. [The members can get snacks from
the lucky draw machine] Go, shoot! [By combining the score of each game,]
This game used to be my dream.
I am playing it finally. [the members with the highest total score
is given an amazing prize!] The person who wins the highest score
from playing the games, will be given an amazing gold. [Suprised face]
Gold? How much gold? How much does it weigh? [The members are excited after hearing
about gold] – How much gold?
– How much? For that information, – we need to ask the staff.
– Is it true? Are you really giving us pure gold? [Not pure gold. It’s just yellow gold]
– Is it real gold? – It’s not pure gold. I heard that the prize is amazing. Don’t tell me the prize is “now”
(similar pronunciation to gold). No way. [The most precious gold, “Now”]
– The most important thing, “now”
– Don’t tell me it’s “now”. [Fortunately, it’s gold, not “now” or “salt”]
– It’s not salt (similar pronunciation). – Ok, ok. – No, it’s not salt.
– Ok, ok! Shall we play games now? – Ok. [Playing the games. Let’s Go!]
Let’s play the games now. Let’s go! – Let’s go.
– I wish there is the Korean honeycomb toffee. [Surprisingly, the honeycomb toffee is ready]
Before we play the actual game, we prepared this to recall your memories. – Have you tried the Korean honeycomb toffees
sold in front of the school?
– Right. Of course, of course. [Q. What is the name of honeycomb toffee in
Gyeongsang-do?] How did you call it in
Gyeongsang-do? – Jjok-ja! – We called it Jjok-ja.
– In Daegu, we called it Bbob-gi. – Bbob-gi, Jjok-ja.
– Bbob-gi. – Bbob-gi and Jjok-ja.
– The names are different by region. – That’s right. [The name differed by regions]
– In Busan, it’s Jjok-ja. – Bbob-gi, Jjok-ja, Dalgona.
– Now… [According to the staff’s search]
– He can’t remember how it’s called in Gwangju.
– But… [Gwangju people called it as “Ddi-gi”]
I don’t remember how it was called in Gwangju. – There was a name.
– You don’t remember? Anyway, we used to eat, [V’s eyes, busy looking for something]
– a lot of honeycomb toffees in front of
the school. – Yeah. – While recalling our memories, let’s make
honeycomb toffees. – Ok. [Recalling the memories]
– Using stamps, we are going to cut them
into shapes. – Yeah. – Without breaking it. [Making the honeycomb toffees]
Shall we make it? Oh, Jin! I’m going to make it like this. [Heart]
– Heart. – Heart. [Sliding] [Sliding] [What? Did I just foresee the future?] [Let’s make it]
– Shall we make the honeycomb toffee?- Ok! [Chinese honeycomb toffee?]
I’m going to make Chinese honeycomb toffee. Chinese style. Good. [Spill]
– Huh? – Ah! What are you doing? j-hope.
What are you doing now? [Sweet][Sweet]
Sweet smell. Do you smell something burning? [Wonderful harmony like a twin]
My heart is burning. It’s melting, it’s melting! [Amazed by melting sugar]
It’s melting, it’s melting. [This team’s sugar is melting well too]
It’s melting. [The only sugar that has completely melted]
V, your sugar has melted completely. Don’t put the baking powder with that spoon. – Then, what should I use?
– Use chopsticks. [Dip the baking powder]
Just dip the chopstick into the baking powder. [Obedient younger brother]
Dip! V, your region… Don’t you think your area is too big? [Due to V’s mixture, there aren’t enough space
for SUGA and RM] If you drop it in the center, where can we drop our mixture? [Looking around]
[What should I do next?] [Oh!] [Hurriedly pressing the mixture] [Observing the younger members after offering
his turn to the youngest member]
V has finished. The tastiest part is, [Evenly placed mixture]
the excess left, after you drop the mixture
onto the pan. [Happy] [Excited] [The honeycomb toffee expert and his younger
brothers] Are you the honeycomb toffee expert? I used to eat a lot of honeycomb toffees. Jung Kook! [Like this?]
I don’t think I need to press my mixture. Normally, [SUGA indulged in reminisence]
– the leftovers are really delicious.
– Shall we try? [Immidiately having a bite]
This is the best part. [It’s delicious]
– This one! – What’s this? Move! [Putting the melted mixture onto the pan]
Bring it here! Put it when it is melted. [Jimin bursts out into laughter after seeing
Jin’s ruined mixture] – Move. – Sugar, sugar. – Where is the baking soda?
– Move! – Be careful not to burn your hands.
– What are you doing? It’s hardened now.
You failed. [Chaotic]
I put too much. – Why are you putting in here? – Huh?
– Why are you putting in here? [Pressing the mixture even though
it became hard] What? [Feels like he failed]
This is… [Did he fail?]
– This is… – I don’t know. You should hit… [Is Jimin the hidden expert of honeycomb toffee?]
You have to use more sugar. [Jin completed his honeycomb toffee]
I will go after you. j-hope! I made one! [It looks ok]
Jin, I made one too! [The reason why Jung Kook gave up]
[The mixture is stuck on the pressing tool] No, this is bad.
This one is bad. [V’s pretty honeycomb toffee] V did well! [Although he struggled, the result is not bad]
We don’t have much time, Jin. What did you do? [j-hope is cleaning up the mess made by Jung
Kook] [confused j-hope] V did well! [The stamp became a handle] – I’m sorry.
– He pulled out the shape along with the stamp. [RM…Please…]
Awesome. Guys, guys! It’s modern art! – Oh, what’s that? A flame?
– This is… [CONNECT, BTS demonstrated by honeycomb
toffee] Honeycomb toffee 3D. Awesome. Come on (Jjok-ja)! Everyone, I made it!
It’s the moon! [ j-hope made the moon from Jung Kook’s
mixture] I’m sorry. It’s the moon. [Peaceful] [Chaotic]
Do you know the Korean flag? [Bursting into laughter]
What is this? [What is this?] – Jimin, press it. – Don’t press it.
– Don’t press it. – Why not? We are screwed. – Jimin, just press it! – Should I press it?
– Just press it! [Obedient younger brother]
Just press it! [Frustrated]
[Press it like this?] It’s awesome. [Made a Jjok-ja that makes him laugh out loud]
– Isn’t it scorched rice? – Isn’t it Korean pancake? I think we need to put some cooking oil here. [The older members are helping Jung Kook out
on both sides] See? The mixture sticks here. – You guys are so bad. – Jung Kook! Stamps!
– Didn’t you make it when you were young? – Jung Kook, stamp it. – No. I need
the pressing tool. [Chaotic] – Where is the pressing tool? Here.
– There it is. – It’s amazing. [Press the mixture using oily pressing tool?]
– When you were young…
– Let’s turn off the heat. [Anxious] [Nervous]
I think it’s stuck again. I think… [Endless laugh] No, take it off. It will be ok
if you take it off quickly. [Haha] I think this is the best one
made by our team. [Jin made a good one]
– Let me see. – Stamp it quickly. – Stamp it. [Stamping with the help from j-hope]
– Stamp it. Star, star. Star, star! Everyone, can you show your honeycomb
toffees to the camera? – Starting from V.
– V did a good job. [V made a pretty one just like his face]
Good. If you are a honeycomb expert, – you will know that this color is very difficult
to get. – Is it? [SUGA][What about mine?] SUGA,
what do you think about mine? [It’s a bit…]
– The sugar is a bit… – It’s a bit… [Jung Kook almost made it]
– There should be a little more sugar…
– The color should be gold. – Is it burnt? – What shape is it?
– I tried to make a heart shape but I failed. [Speechless] – How can you fail in stamping
a heart shape? – How can you fail? [An art piece, so like RM]
I was stamping for too long and it turned
out like this. Next! Do you know the Korean flag? [Jin, promoting “Taegukgi”(Korean flag)]
Let me see yours. [In conclusion=What we made is the best!]
– The colors all look bad, compared to ours.
– Next! – Jimin!
– Yes! Can I introduce yours? [Jimin is making another piece, while he
already has one] My piece is almost ready! [Working hard]
– Hold on! – No, just introduce the old one. [Title: Scorched rice or crab-shell shaped biscuit]
– Title, scorched rice. – Crab-shell shaped biscuit. [a.k.a. Korean pancake]
– Ok. – a.k.a. Korean pancake. [The older members are explaining instead
of Jimin] Ok, Jimin’s art piece is called
scorched rice. Jung Kook, show us! [Jung Kook’s half-eaten honeycomb toffee]
It looks delicious. – It’s delicious.
– It’s star-shaped. Next, j-hope! [Moon!]
Here it is! Moon! [Defensing his friend]
– Run BTS (similar pronunciation) – Yes. – Run BTS. [Run BTS]- Right. – You wanted to express
the moon because it’s Run BTS.
– Right. It’s the moon. Ok, good. [RM wants to eat it quickly]
Let’s cut them into shapes, quickly! [Hot][Hot]
But…it’s still hot. – R…RM [What is he doing?]
– I cut the shape perfectly. [Surprisingly, RM cut the shape perfectly]
– This is modern art. – He carved it. Isn’t it perfect? [V carefully pokes, so that it doesn’t break] [What!] [The star shape from SUGA’s toffee disappeared]
I made it too thick… It’s so delicious! [The members gave up in cutting the shape
and started to eat] This is the right concentration. Our honeycomb toffees all look the same.
Let’s eat! Jin, we… Jin, if I cut the shape perfectly, will you admit? [Frustrated] I don’t know what to admit…
Cut the shape using the needle! Done. [He is cutting it well…Ah…]
The next person… Do you want to do it? [What should I do?]
V? [Even his heart is broken] [SUGA thinks it’s unfair!]
I failed because I used a safety pin. – I think I have to make it again!
– No! [Is MC Jin the winner?]
I think I’m in the first place. Let me make it again.
I have never made it properly before. – It’s delicious.
– Please show your results on the camera. [Sad j-hope]
It’s already in my stomach. I’m not done yet. [Give me one last chance] I’m sorry.
Will you give me one last chance? [Good job, if it’s delicious] [Everyone is eating
rather than cutting the shape]
Did you all succeed? This is mine. – I did.
– I failed. It broke. [RM confidently made a piece of modern art]
I made it. It’s modern art. [j-hope finally making it properly]
– Then…- You don’t have to press it with the tool. Hey! Do you have the heart stamp? There’s no heart stamp?
Let me make the heart myself. [The person who made the Korean flag using
heart stamp] You can make Korea with
that stamp. You can do it. I… [Hot]
It’s hot. – Can we press using this? If you want to press it.
– Let’s just move on to the next game. [Endless cycle of eating and making]
Then… [The person who said let’s move on
is the most hard-working one]
– We all failed. – Yeah. – How about like this?
– Let’s wait until j-hope finishes. j-hope, if you do that, the mixture will stick
onto the tool. We are almost there. [V working in the corner alone]
[Prediction?] You are going to screw it once
you pull the stamp out. [And RM’s prediction came true]
I told you to take it off quickly! [Don’t cry]
I told you to take it off quickly or else
it becomes a modern art piece. Everyone! Enjoy your honeycomb toffees. – Let’s move on to the first game.
– Let’s play the game. – Moving onto the first game.
– Let’s go. This machine is great. What is the first game? Everyone, the first game is Korean
jackstones, which are in front of you. [Korean jackstones!] – Korean jackstones?
– A presence like air (wordplay) [The first game – Korean jackstones] [Indulging into reminiscence, Korean jackstones]
– Good. – Stable, a strong candidate! [It’s an individual match]
There was a snap. [The first member to reach 13 points
wins the game] [However, there are handicaps at 4, 8, 12 points]
– Ok. 1. – 1, 1, 1! Ok, let’s go. [Focus on j-hope]
– Everyone, focus. – Let’s stop and focus. – Focus, everyone.
– Ok. [Shaking]
– Stop, stop shaking. – Let’s go. – He said, stop shaking.
– Stop shaking! [Calm hands, obeying the older member]
Are you a thief? – A beginner’s typical play in round 1.
– It’s difficult. – In round 1.
– A difficult layout from round 1. [RM commentating his friends game]
If I were you, I would pick the center. – Are you picking that one?
– Are you picking that one? – I’ll go one by one.
– Let’s get it. [Wow, j-hope] – j-jope is good.
– Good, good. Then, do I start from round 2? [This is an individual match]
– No, it’s an individual match.
– No, you start from round 1. [Grab or not] [A strong candidate to be in the last place]
j-hope, it seems like you are one of
the weakest candidates. Jung Kook, the color of your jackstones
looks good. [Jung Kook’s jackstones with good colors?]
I matched the colors. [He took the other members jackstones
for matching color] – Really? – He stole all of
my jackstones. Good. Not bad. [Jung Kook moving his positions to win]
Good start, Jung Kook. – If you lose the balance here…
– Jung Kook! – He really throws the jackstones high.
– Ah! – Jung Kook! – Everest, Everest!
– Like this… – Jung Kook! It’s Everest. [Whatever other members say, he made his way
through round 1] Jung Kook succeeded in round 1. – Round 2. – Jung Kook, onto round 2. Let’s go!
– Can we play like him? I don’t have to throw the stones low? [Graceful]
When I was young, we had rules on cheating. [Spreading the stones while holding one stone]
This is considered cheating. Right. Then you have to do it again. – No…
– You are done. You’re out. If you don’t know, then that’s the end. [Giving up]
– I failed in round 1. – I’m ok. [The jackstone expert, Jimin’s turn]
– I’m ok. – Jimin… Jimin… [Jimin fails despite members’ encouragements]
Hey, hey, hey. – A strong potential champion just failed!
– Focus! [Confident after Jimin’s unexpected failure ]
Focus. You got this. [Another hidden master]
– This is winnable. – He’s good. – RM!
– He cleared round 1.
– He even took his shoes off. [Clears round 2 in no time as well]
– So balanced!
– Round 2 clear! It’s a little… It’s a little… [Disappointed]
– That was crazy. – I didn’t open my hand.
– RM fails after round 2. [Let’s see what SUGA’s got
after being so confidents]
Next up is SUGA! – Okay.
– Look how the floor is bumpy for SUGA. [Floor, a bit bumpy]
– Not so sure if I should just go on.
– This isn’t good for you SUGA. [But he still fails not because of the floor] [Worried]
– Will this ever end?
– I think it will be between you and me. Ready V? Let’s go. – Can I do the ddalgi (strawberry) trick?
– What’s that? What’s a ddalgi gonggi (jackstones)? [Another version of jackstones from childhood] – What’s that?
– This is the ddalgi gonggi.
– What is ddalgi gonggi? [Doubting]
Will we ever hit 13 points? Seriously… [No practicing]
– You are not allowed to practice.
– I am not practicing. [Tried using tricks but passes round 1 in no time]
– V, round 1 clear!
– Passed round 1. Nice. Nice. [His hands were quick but…] Oh well. [Is 13 points too much?]
– It’s…
– This is… We don’t need the cushion. [Yup!]
The cushion… [What was that?] [j-hope’s smash trick]
– I’ve never seen someone smash the stones
like that. – Seriously… – I’ve never seen someone do it like that.
– I am being serious. [Serious] [He never caught the first stone…] [Rolls]
Nicely done Jung Kook. I thought he was Gordon Ramsay adding
seasoning to his dishes. [But he passed round 1 and
moved into round 2 already]
There’s no need for you to throw that high! [Round 1 again…?]
As if he was sprinkling salt to food. [Jung Kook on the floor]
– Don’t be too greedy.
– Why throw that high? – Look.
– Jimin, which round were you at? [His may have a level 9 skill but he is at round 1]
– I am still at round 1.
– He’s at 9. You can easily do this. [Calm]
– Doing great. – He’s good.
– Why are you starting from round 1? [He’s good…?]
– Jimin’s done with round 1.
Moving into round 2.
– Let me do this. – Jimin’s good.
– He’s very stable. – He certainly is a possible champion.
– Look at that snap.
– He’s good. [Snap]
Look at that snap. He’s got the snap. [Whoa~!]
Because of the “whoa”… Just when we were about to be amazed… [If that was to distract Jimin, it certainly worked]
I lost everything at the “whoa”. Jimin’s running first with round 3. [RM’s turn, and he’s on round 3 too]
– Your reactions are so funny.
– How many rounds do we have to do? [RM, disappointed!]
Why can’t I get past this round! – SUGA, let’s go.
– Your reactions are so funny. [Fails the minute he starts]
Oh my… [Already an entertainer]
– This isn’t fun and I suck at it.
– Will this finish within today? – SUGA! – We are doomed.
– V, don’t try to be smart. [V, cheating when others aren’t looking]
SUGA we are doomed. [Doing it again after being caught by Jin]
Hurry. Round 1. [Bam!]
– Okay.
– Doing great. [Laughs] [Drops one after another] [He at least made others laugh]
Look, I beat at once. I am seriously going to… [Another unique trick after the smash?]
– Can I show off another unique trick?
– Be my guest. [Scatters]
– Like a chef.
– Okay. Okay. [Everyone seems to prioritize being funny
over winning]
Let’s at least be funny if we can’t do well. [Started out funny but turns all serious]
I want to do the chef style too. Are your hands trembling j-hope? I can’t see the stone once I throw it in the air. I am just catching them based on a hunch. [Cheer up!]
– J-hope! – Don’t focus on me.
– You are not the last j-hope. – J-hope!
– Okay! [Passes round 1 after all the pressure]
– You are not the last.
– Round 2 now? – Let’s go! – He just told us not to focus on him.
– I am going to take this seriously from now on. – Not bad. Not bad.
– J-hope. [Stones scattered pretty decently]
– That one. – The one at the far end.
– This one? Yes that one. [Focused]
– You need to grab both of them.
– It’s going to be easy. [Huh?]
Why would you look up? [He never threw the stone and just looked up]
What’s up there? What’s… I’m trying to get the sense. [RM certainly understands his friend]
His reading the air up there. He’s studying the air flow. [At least he made people laugh] [If you can’t win, be funny]
[Coach SUGA, satisfied]
– Thanks. – J-hope! No heading. That’s cheating. – Jung Kook, you have to start from round 2.
– Huh, round 2…? [Passed round 1]
[But doing it over and over again so naturally]
Why are you telling me now? Oh yes.
Okay! [Halfway through round 2]
– That was stable. – You got this.
– Jung Kook. – You can’t do that.
– That’s cheating. – That’s not allowed. [Clears round 2 anyways]
You can’t do that! Round 3 now? That’s a good layout. [Will he pass round 3 too?]
– Jung Kook.
– You are going to be the lead. – Grab 1 then 3 stones.
– You are winning currently. [Misses them] Nobody made it past round 3. Jimin, it’s your turn for round 3.
Let’s go! – I think we should change the rule to
whoever makes it to the last round first.
– Can’t pick up. – We suck too much.
– No, Jimin is good. Alright. Let’s do this Jimin! [Speedy] The fifth round! Makes two! [The only person to have scored]
So this gives him 2 points? 2 points. [Envious]
You are so good. [Praising Jimin somehow ends his luck]
The way I think of this… Okay. – He’s good.
– Let me get started right away. [Jimin and RM, neck to neck] – I think it’s between Jimin and RM.
– He’s good. [They all fail when someone praises them]
– Let’s do this!
– SUGA! – Let’s do this!
– At least be funny if you can’t do it right. I am going to take it seriously. [The only one remaining at round 1]
Yeah, it’s about time you move on
from round 1. [Pressure here,]
You’ve got this. You are almost there. [Pressure there]
– If you can’t pass this time…
– You got this. – Be quiet.
– You are a bit…
– You’ve got this! [Passes round 1 despite all the pressure]
– You cleared it! – Good.
– Okay. He’s super serious now. [He’s serious and polite]
Okay [So many people telling what to do]
– That one. – The red one. – Nope.
– Right. That seems good. [Misses] That’s now how you do it! [This isn’t a team game yet he’s being blamed for]
– Grab them at once!
– Why are you grabbing one by one! [Neither have us]
I’ve never seen people who suck at this
so much as they do. – Let’s continue.
– Let me get started right away. [Starting from J-hope with some speed]
– Let’s pick up some speed.
– Hurry. – Okay. Good.
– Good, right? [Can’t fail with this layout]
– That’s perfect. – That’s a good layout. – J-hope!
– Nice. [Getting better after each round]
– Okay. – Good.
– Round 3? – Round 3.
– Round 3. [Serious]
I am going to be really serious. [I look up when I am serious]
Why would you look up when you are serious? In the end, [He’s still trying to understand the rules]
do I have to get all five on my knuckles to win? – No, you have to make 13 points to win.
– (Shouts) – Okay.
– Why don’t you throw till it reaches the light. – That was a loud shout though.
– What do you mean 13 points? Just don’t think about the 13 points. You just think of round 3. His hands are too small. That’s a disadvantage. [He passed after just thinking about round 3!]
Okay, just like that! – Yes!
– And grab the rests! [So much better in no time]
– Exactly!
– Good. Now, round 5! – Wow?
– 5 points? If you miss you have to do it again. [Next up is Jimin full of confidence]
– Watch me hit 10 points at once.
– Okay. Let’s do this. [Smooth] – How many points am I on?
– You are good. [You are on zero…]
– How many points am I on?
– I will end it fast for you guys. [SUGA is all envious]
Look at his wrist snap. How can he
do it like that? Nice.
I think we are looking at a potential
winner here. That’s tricky. Looks difficult. – Good good.
– Jimin’s hands are small though. [There’s no word such as “difficult” for Jimin]
– Round 5 is always…
– My hands are too small. – That makes round 5 harder.
– Jimin! [Jimin enters the extra-difficult round]
Jimin is now on 4 points so he will be
given a handicap. – Handicap!
– Handicap! [MC Jin’s rule]
The person sitting on the right side of Jimin
gets to choose which stone to pick. – Oh yeah?
– Everyone’s so good. [Huh?]
What’s the handicap rule? Why did you move right into round 2?
You need to start over. I won two points though. [Jimin, confused]
– That’s not how it works.
– What does that have to do with this? You have to start over from round one. [Jimin’s logic]
I thought when you win 2 points,
you start from round 2. [I had no idea]
– You can’t get away with this like that.
– What if you win 5 points then? – What if you grab five stones?
– Then does one just repeat round 5? [Just realized]
You are right. – No…
– RM, your turn. [Jimin gives RM an opportunity for a silly reason]
– Let me do this.
– If you grab five… Strike! [His hands may be big but he failed]
His hands are big so… – That’s a bummer.
– You missed it. [Disappointing but it’s SUGA’s turn now]
– That’s a bummer. SUGA? Okay. [Why can’t you catch them]
You said I can throw it real high, right? – V’s turn.
– Are you good at this? [Finds time to complement himself and then
focus on V again]
– I am good at this. – V. [Let’s see]
V, you need to grab them at once. [Throws it up in the air till it reaches the ceiling]
Grab them at once this time. [But, fails!] [What’s he doing?] [He failed but was at least funny]
Good job. At least you can be funny. V, that was funny. Okay. [J-hope is halfway there]
– Anyone who suck at this…
– You got this. [Everyone watching j-hope in silence] [Getting better after every round]
– Okay. Round 4.
– It’s round 4 now. – This…
– Okay. What is this game and why is it making
me sweat? [Oh no] [That was so close] – It’s almost like watching U-20 nationals league.
– A little… [That’s cheating but since you are the youngest,
we will give you a pass]
That’s cheating but, – I will let you pass this once.
– Since I suck at this. – Okay. – What is the “flip”?
– This is the “flip”. [What’s up with the posture?]
This gives you points. [Come on, be at one place] [a.k.a Piano]
That’s cheating too, but I will let you pass again. [He hit 4 points and wins himself handicap!]
– Handicap!
– Handicap? – Go on.
– Do it, throw them on the floor. [Handicap? Whatever. He’s happy to pass]
– Choose one for him.
– Jimin. – Is he supposed to start from round 1?
– He touched it! [So not happy with this]
– Fails!
– Oh, we can’t touch it? – Of course you can’t.
– You have to start from round 1 remember. [Not 13 points]
Why don’t we lower the winning point to 10? Let’s… How old are you Jimin? [Jimin’s 3 year old]
– Twenty… Oh, I am 3.
– Three. [Ok, got it]
– Alright, then. I will change the winning point
to 10. – Alright. [No connection there but whatever the MC says]
– There’s no relevance in that whatsoever.
– 10 points. – This is difficult.
– This is…
– He’s good. [Loud crowd]
Jimin’s good. [Being proud of Jimin]
Jimin is acing this. – 4 points!
– Another handicap! [He grabs 4 again,
getting himself another handicap]
– Oh, handicap again! – On 8 points. – Let’s be speedy.
– You got this. What does handicap mean though? [These are BTS rules and aren’t widely applicable]
Someone else gets to choose which
stone to pick. – Like this.
– To make it more difficult. But handicap means nothing to him. [Jimin gets past handicaps with his
superb skills] [Jimin, you do whatever you want] [It’s just between the stones and Jimin] – So I just need to grab 2, right?
– Okay. [He’s on 8 points. He needs to grab 2 to win]
Yes. You need to grab 2 stones. – Just two stones.
– How do you do that though? – No shaking.
– I can’t get a higher point than 10? – No shaking.
– Does he need to get exactly two? [And…?]
– No shaking.
– Does he need to get exactly two? [The god of jackstones, Jimin] [Jimin, the champion]
– Game over! – He’s our champion! [Envious]
– You are so good.
– That’s amazing. [RM, chasing after the champion]
RM. – You touched the other stones… But let’s just
scrap that rule.
– Okay. RM makes 3 points. [No-touch rule is the key in jackstones]
No-touch rule is the key. – Let me do it real fast.
– This is tricky. – This…
– You touched it You touched it.
that’s a bummer. [Will SUGA take it seriously this time too?]
– Let’s do this! Round 2! – Why can’t I do this? [Fails]
– Fail! – Do you want me to show you
how it’s done? [V, doing is round 2 too]
Round 2! SUGA, that was a bummer. [Oh boy]
V is till on round 2. [Ha!]
[Wiggly] [Huh?] [Where’s the stone?]
[Somehow, he’s really busy down there] [It’s all here] [He he] [What’s this?] [V’s magic skills fooled everyone]
– He got me.
– Was this a magic trick or something? – What was that!
– You almost got me. [He hid a stone when nobody was watching]
V is still on round 2. [Then made a loud noise pretending to
throw one up in the air]
Give him time. [And quickly picked up the remaining stones
when nobody was watching] [V’s magic trick, exposed]
I had no idea. [Everyone was watching for
the stone to come down]
I was like… Why isn’t it coming down. I also looked up without even knowing. I was waiting for it to come down. [He almost got everyone]
He fails in so many ways. [j-hope chasing after RM]
– No, I didn’t catch this.
– Okay. – Finish it already.
– Okay. – Round 1. [j-hope’s turn is over already]
Okay. – Jung Kook?
– Round 1? – Close matches are more fun. [Jung Kook on handicap]
– Seriously…
– Do it. I will let you know how to do it. [Passing down his know-how]
You know how to pick up, right?
With these two fingers. Let me throw it and catch it… I got it! [He almost got it till he dropped it]
Oh no, I missed it! [Jackstone is this dangerous]
Others would’ve thought, he hit a jackpot. [Always so full of laughter]
What is this, they Olympics? – Let’s do this.
– I had it! – Let’s do this RM.
– Let’s do this. [RM just needs to get one]
One! One! I was too excited that I missed it. RM! [SUGA just keeps failing the moment he begins]
You can’t… – V.
– SUGA, you need to use a chance or something. V. – Can you just do round 3 for me?
– It’s not easy at all. Round 3? I really want to try round 5. [He wants to try round 5]
Okay! [MC Jin, getting on the floor for V]
V just used his chance! [Self-claimed Jackstone’s god]
I can’t wait to see how Jin will do. I’ll… – Oh?
– Jin is good at this. V! Sorry. [Jin is always confident] Do you want to have another chance? [hope wants to trust him again]
– What chance? – Like a relief pitcher. – Okay. Let’s do it.
– Okay. But this relief pitcher
is not good enough! I’m at level 1. Level 1? [Can Jin do well for hope?]
Starting from level 1. [Jung Kook cheers him up]
Jin, show off your skills! – Jin should’ve done this!
– Jin! He’s showing off his
hidden talent! No. I’m not so good at this. [Hidden skills]
Now everyone knows it! – Jung Kook.
– No, no. – Okay, done! [SUGA seems crying]
– Just pick one. – Please finish it. Please. – Hurry up.
– Let’s finish this. I’m in level 4. – Or…
– Did you want to finish it? If you finish it, it’s going to be legendary. [Will Jung Kook be able to do it?]
– Here… – It’s going to be legendary. – I’m going to finish.
– Okay. – I hope you finish this. Go ahead. – I’m going to throw it up anyways.
– Throw and catch. There you go! – Catch.
– There you go. [Making a fuss] [Catching with the chest]
All right. It was funny. [RM did a flip and finished the game]
– Let’s go! – It’s over. [Jimin got 5 coins, and RM got 3]
You can see the list of snacks here. [RM comes up]
It’s been a while. – What’s this?
– When I was young… [Lucky draw machine in their memories]
I did this a lot when I was young. – When you turn it around,
it feels so nice. – Right? I like the sound. [The youngest one wants to try]
– May I? – Go ahead. [Reminiscence of their childhood]
Doesn’t it feel so nice? [SUGA finally came up]
I want to record this sound as a sample. [Jimin’s background music]
I loved to get 500 won coins when I was young. [We’re so glad since you like it!]
– Hear the sound. – So nice. [Jin tries it] – Thrilled!
– I’ll try. – It’s so nice. [j-hope tries, too] Really… [Cutie pie] [Random snacks are assigned to numbers]
My numbers are 27, 35 and 80. [RM’s snacks]
Popping in your mouth. [No way]
– Is it a popping candy? – Yes! [Opening his eyes wide]
– That’s so delicious. – Right! [MC’s warning]
You can eat yours only. [Jimin’s snack]
– Mine is here! – Jjondigi. [Members getting eyes on others’ snacks]
My Apollo. [This!]
– It’s so delicious. – It’s been a while. [Everyone loves snacks of their childhood]
– This. – I used to have it from time to time. [This is my favorite!]
– Jaya. Jaya. – It’s Kkoidori from the game. – Jaya.
– Right. [Reminding of childhood memories]
Right, it cost 500 won. I want to have Apollo. Do you want it? [If you want]
Make an acrostic poem with Apollo. Go! “A”. Ah. – Pol.
– Pol. Pollo, please. Lo. Here. [Hope’s cute poem didn’t work to Jimin]
Let’s move on to the next game. Shall we start the next game? – Go, go, go to the next game!
– Here. [Cute j-hope]
– Here. – Here. – He’s so good. – Great job.
– So cute. The next game is the territory game! [Everyone is sharing snacks]
Do you know it? [Of course]
I do. If you don’t know, that’s… Right, let’s read the rules
of the territory game! [2nd game – Territory] [1:1 tournament] [Player marks his home on the 4 sides]
[Each player flicks his stone 3 times]
Mark a dot there. – Then, is it be my territory?
– Yes. [The stone needs to go
back to his territory] [Otherwise, the territory he gained
from the round will be invalid]
Hang on. [Each player take turns to flick the stone]
– What happens now? – But… [Each player has four chances]
– There you go. – Okay. – Good. [Players at the 1st and 2nd places
will get 5 points and 3 points] [and coins to get snacks] Fight! Here we go. [Suga vs j-hope]
Mark a dot there. [Surprised]
Mark a dot there. [If this stone comes back to his own
area, he will gain the territory]
– So, that will be his territory. – Right. [Not far] [Nervous]
– What will you do? – What happens, then? Do you know this?
If you take this entire territory, that’s not big. [Not large]
It’s going to be narrow and long. It’s going to be legendary
if your stone goes back. [But j-hope failed to make a legend]
It’s hard. – j-hope lost one chance.
– Okay. [Confident]
– It’s not easy. – Let me start. – Okay, go ahead! Bro!
– Mark a dot. [Flicking] His butt is in front of my face. Just push it to the center. [SUGA succeeded!] Awesome! [Excited]
Okay! [SUGA is leading]
– His territory has a unique shape.
– Awesome. I’ll start. I should do it well. [Bold]
– Let’s go. – Okay! [Did j-hope get the hang of it?]
Okay. – Okay.
– You need to use this line well. [Importance of using the topography]
Don’t touch. [Ambiguous]
It’s risky. It’s hard. – No.
– You have to flick it hard. It will be stuck. It will be. [Interpretation of what hope said]
[Crease of the paper] It will be stuck. [The stone will be stuck]
It will fly away. – What language are you saying?
– It will be stuck. Please. Please. [Cheers as if he made a winning goal] [Great job, my friend]
j-hope did it! [Not so confident]
Once. How far can he go
to expand his territory? [Not bad]
– It draws attention. – Not bad. That’s quite stable. I bet he will succeed. [Oh?]
What? [Oh… His stone has gone away] [Excited]
The lid tried a side flip! Side flip? It did. [j-hope expands his territory]
– It’s big. – Great. Not bad.
It’s okay, right? [Jung Kook/ 24 YO] [j-hope’s coach]
– Send it to this side. – Okay. It needs to go far.
It will make it easier to return. To a proper…
Oh, no. – Not bad.
– Too much is as bad as too little. [Succeeded again!]
– Toss it softly… – j-hope! – Okay! [Worried]
– SUGA, sorry. – Oh, SUGA. I’m going to draw a rocket. There’s no place for me to run away. – Got it?
– Let’s do it. [Hypnotizing]
There’s no place to run away. [But his stone ran away] [Ah… His stone ran away again] – It ran again.
– It keeps doing the side flip. – Come back. It keeps doing the side flip. [Relaxed]
I’ll be easy on you. Push it hard. – You should do it passionately.
– It’ll be stopped by this. [Worried]
– j-hope. – Passionately. [hope’s sound effect] [Found his new talent after 27 years]
j-hope found his hidden talent. [Succeeded!] [SUGA’s last chance]
– My last chance to try. – It’s his last chance. – Try to get all of this area.
– Right. SUGA, try to turn it around! Talk with your stone
before your start. Let me introduce my course.
Go straight, [This way, and that way] [SUGA’s wish]
– There… – Hey. [Here…]
– I’ll go like this. – If you succeed, I’ll respect. – I’ll respect.
– Put the paper down for him. – Press it. [hope helps SUGA]
I’ll respect you. I’ll respect you
if you pull it off. [SUGA’s wish comes true]
Wow, respect. Will he do this? – Will he?
– If he does, it’s going to be a legend. [Surprised]
– Hang on.
– All he needs to do is to bring it home. It’s possible! Possible. [If it returns to home, SUGA will win]
If it comes home, I’ll win. – j-hope, move your foot.
– Will he be able to do it? Press it down. [Asking others to press the paper down]
Press it down. I’m doing it. [Stopped]
You need to be under the same circumstance. [Then…]
You have to play under the same condition. [Look at him]
If it goes home, SUGA… If it does, it’s going to be legendary… [But SUGA’s lid got stuck] [hope seems excited]
Why didn’t you press the paper down? – It’s over.
– Okay. [After trying to create a legendary episode…]
SUGA is out! [j-hope advances to the next round]
j-hope won! – If it had returned, it’d have been awesome.
– The lid can be stopped. [Jimin vs Jung Kook]
– Rock paper scissors!
– Go first. It’s favorable for you. – It’s better to go first.
– Rock paper scissors. – Okay.
– He says it’s better to go first. – Will you go first?
– Hurry up. [So smooth] [Jimin will advance to the final round]
– If it returns to home… – Game over. Will he? [Will he go to the final round?]
Will he win? [Disappointed]
What should I do, then? [Strict and firm]
– Then… – You’ll lose. You need to go home. [Bummer]
Oh, my. Close. – It was close.
– Someone up there loves me. Jung Kook, will you
try the same strategy? [The crease gives a lot of fun] It reminds me of
what happened in Canada! [Jung Kook makes others laugh out loud]
It reminds me of that. [hope comforts Jung Kook]
It must have gone over the paper. – Good.
– You can do it. [I, Jung Kook am still alive!]
Look. It’s okay. [Jung Kook’s tip]
Toss it softly. You know it, Jung Kook. [Too powerful]
[Went out of the paper] Goal! Too bold. [Jimin gained confidence]
As I saw how he did, I guess I may try this again. [Rolling] It’s not a good place. – How will you do this?
– Like this. There’s no other way. [Elder one’s opinions?]
– Okay. – Take all the territory. [Got it!]
Okay. [Jimin tries a safer way]
– Let’s do it safely.
– You need to gain the territory. It’s… There you go! – Okay.
– Good. I should take the area
next to his. [Hello] Hang on. [Will you be neighbors?]
– Hang on. – This… – Very bold.
– The other way around? [Surprised by Jung Kook’s bold move]
He never stops. Good, good. [Amazed]
– Cool. – Great move. Will it go home? [But it lacked power]
– No! – Better to focus on the last flick.
– Right. [Jimin’s turn]
Here we go. I’ll do quickly. [Enjoying snacks]
I think Jimin used the topography. [Jimin chose a safer way]
– He’s not ambitious.
– He chose a safer way. – Safely.
– It’s satisfactory, though. [Everyone is sports casting]
But he took half of the whole area. Bring it home. [Succeeded]
This is… [Jung Kook’s coach, Jin]
Jung Kook, the only way to win is… – 1, 2, 3.
– You should take this whole area. [Jung Kook’s bold move]
Take this hole area. A triangle shape, like this? [SUGA stood up]
– Triangle like this? – Can he do that? Like that? [Surprised] [Only if he can bring it home]
It’s not small. Make sure to bring it home. – Right.
– Even if he succeeds, Jimin’s territory [Worried]
is too big. [Embarrassed] [Jimin takes up the half of paper]
– Okay. – Jimin, let’s do this quickly. [I’m the youngest]
– Okay. – Give me a chance to try again. It’s not fun, right? – No.
– It’s so much fun. [Foreseeable]
– If Jimin finishes it, this round will be over.
– Right. This… If Jimin succeeds,
Jimin will be the winner. Let’s make one more shape… [Jimin is the winner]
Okay, it’s over. [As if Jimin plays alone] – Jimin won!
– So… [Jimin advances to the final round!]
– Jimin won! – Next round. [RM vs V]
– Rock.. – Rock paper scissors! Scissors! [V knows everything]
Because he asks angels in the heaven… – he knows everything.
– He’s an angel. – Do angles do such things?
– I’m not an angel. I don’t know. [V flicked his stone first]
I don’t know. [Angels can’t fix the crease]
Angles didn’t help that. There’s a traffic jam in the road. [SUGA, 28 YO/ V’s coach]
Send it there, and bring it home there. [Your suggestion denied] No, not there. He used the topography well. [Growing well on his own] [Amazed by V’s skill]
Amazing! You won’t give me a chance? RM, [It’s not fair to say that]
there’s a lot of territory you can get. [There’s a lot of space to take] [Smiling]
– You look so excited. – Okay. – He seems so happy.
– Here we go. [Disappointed RM]
Here we go. – It’s not bad. Similar.
– Not bad. – Not bad. – You have to do it. – On this side.
– Right. [Oh]
Mark the place! Mark it. [Without a piece of chalk] – All you need to do is
to bring it home. – Easy. [But it wasn’t easy to RM] [Taetae seems so happy]
It’s over. This game is over. [Members saw the future already]
I guess it’s over. This is an amazing environment. [Jung Kook wants to give hope]
But I want to encourage RM. [So proud]
V got off to a good start. Okay. – I lost.
– It’s a good environment. – Will it be over so quickly?
– I guess I will lose. [Toss] That’s too far, I guess. [Audience is more excited]
– That’s too risky. – Very aggressive! He wants to finish this game! He just entered the turf of RM! – Will he do that?
– V wants to drive RM out. [Audience started shouting]
I want to play… [Succeeded!] [RM threw his chalk]
That’s humiliating. – V took up almost the hole area.
– Hey. – RM threw his chalk. GG. [Teasing RM] [Final round of three players]
Who will go first? Rock paper scissors! [Won]
Rock paper scissors! [Order: V, j-hope, Jimin]
V will start first. – V.
– It’s the final round. [Coach SUGA gives advice]
V, you need to take up a big territory. Good! Good move, V. Are you kidding me?
How can I play? [V doesn’t care] – This is…
– I guess he tries to hold Jimin in check. [Elder members’ interpretation]
– To kill Jimin. – Jimin… Let’s kill Jimin first. [hope chose a safe way]
I’ll do this in a safe way. – Let me start.
– I think you need to take up a big territory. – Isn’t it too humble?
– Too short. [Just a bit] [Not so bold]
It’s like interest rates these days. This is… [Arrived at home]
It almost went over the paper. [Humble] [Not so bad]
Right, Jimin. You need to take up a lot. – Don’t blame yourself.
– Not bad. [Giving tips]
Okay, if you do this… – After taking up big space.
– If Jimin can do this… Hush. Hush. [Like their childhood memories]
When kids played games, others gave advice. [Feeling the same way]
Right, it feels like that. – Some kids give advice.
– Some people kibitz when
watching World Cup games. [Jimin’s stone moved too far away]
– Good. – Good. [SUGA, 28 YO/ coach of all members]
Jimin, bring it home. This is a chance. [To himself]
– Are you ready? – If he does this… My thumb is trembling. [Thumb, calm down]
– It’s trembling. – For this? [Oh…] [Everyone gasps] Then, V will take the
advantageous position. Rock paper scissors result
matters a lot. If he fails, it’s going to be interesting. [V chose a safe way]
He doesn’t go aggressively. [Too stable]
Very stable. – This…
– That’s not good moves. If he does, we should throw chalk. [Disappointed]
– He doesn’t want to lose.
– Let’s throw chalk. He wants to ring a doorbell
and say hi. [Ding dong]
– Ding dong. – Hello. [j-hope’s stone visited Jimin’s home]
– It says hi. – Three times. [Very close] Without this,
your stone would have gone away. [Right?]
Agree? I’ve taken that into consideration, brother. Why do you want him to agree? Jimin always does well
until the second move. [Succeeded to go to the farthest possible]
He’s so amazing. [Jimin is not so good at bringing it home]
But he always fails to bring it home. He needs to have endurance. [Succeeded against others’ worries] Why do you do this to me? – This is a bad thing about having
a member of the same age.
– They have a history of… [V never stops]
– It’s not… – They have a long history. [Getting all praises from elder ones]
An amazing drift! It’s easy to bring it home. [New talent that he found in 26 years]
V is so talented! It goes home directly. [V’s performance was so stable]
– Very stable, V. – It went home. [hope starts boldly]
– Who knows… – It’s not bad. – It’s not bad. – Nobody knows.
– Not bad. You have to go to the cam.
To the cam. [Come here]
Don’t let others win second place. [Your bottle lid can come back]
Nobody knows. – Nobody knows.
– Nobody knows what will happen. [A bug comes up in front of sensitive hope]
What’s this? A bug! He flicked a lucky bug. He just… [j-hope’s guardian angel?]
– He just… – He flicked his guardian angel! – Be quiet.
– He will pay for this. Nobody knows. [hope can’t concentrate]
– Who knows… – He will pay for it. [Consequence of flicking a bug]
He did it. [By flicking a bug of luck]
Flicking a bug brought a serious consequence! If Jimin fails to take up this space, [Jimin and hope’s fate is on Jimin’s stone]
If he fails, j-hope may have another chance. [Jimin’s stone didn’t go over
thanks to the crease] – Wow. – Who knows? – This is…
– Nobody knows. [Nobody can predict the result]
This is… What’s this? The crease? Okay! [Jimin took up more territory]
[j-hope is at 3rd place] Okay! [V starts doing the lucky draw]
V, pick a salty one. [The youngest wants to have
salty snacks after eating a lot of sweet stuff] Who scored 0? [SUGA and j-hope]
– Me. – Me. [RM scored some from Jackstone]
– RM? – Jackstones. – Jackstones. – Oh, you did. Hang on. What’s my score? Did you gain?
You won first or second place? [SUGA, j-hope, Jung Kook]
[Three leading candidates!]
– No. – Jung Kook didn’t make it. – Three of us.
– Three. – Three-sided battle. [Disappointed]
I should’ve scored some. [Snacks to members]
– Thank you. – Jjondigi! – V neck.
– V corns! [Not a T-shirt]
V neck? – What’s this?
– Kkoidori. [Everyone got excited for snacks]
– Chakani. – Chakani. – Chakani. – Chakani.
– Chakani! [Rare items for V]
I got a lot of rare ones. – Awesome.
– Chakani! [Members are excited for snacks
from their childhood] – Cha… – Choco Jjang! This puppy. This one. – Everyone, let’s enjoy your snacks.
– Shall we move on? – Then, move on to the next game.
– For the next game! Go, go, go! – Let’s go! [Next episode]
I had this fantasy when I was a kid! Go, shoot! [Members enjoy games
that they played in their childhood] Will you exchange yours
with mine? [Nope]
I deny it. [Tossing]
How can it flip that way? [Turning]
It’s so funny. [Games to remind them of old memories]
It reminds me of my childhood. Right, it does. [Let’s go to meet their childhood memories]
Start the engine! Go! [RUN BTS] [RM] [SUGA] [JIN] [J-HOPE] [JIMIN] [V] [JUNG KOOK] [RUN BTS]
[EP.95 Let’s play with BTS 1]

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  10. Ру арми, где вы? Я одна пересматриваю момент с матерящимся Чимином в сотый раз?

  11. Aku kangen banget sma senyum nya mphi😭knp sekarang mphi jadi dingin,jarang senyum sih???😭sedih tau liat dia yg dulunya aktif dan ceria sekarang malah kebalikan nya😭

  12. ของไทยมีอยู่ด้วย

  13. Banyak yg bilang Tae sekarang berubah jadi diem2 bae kyk gk semangat.
    Tapi jujur klo aku lebih suka tae yg sekarang.. KARENA :
    1. Jadi lebih dewasa(kelihatannya.. pdhl mah dalemnya masih bayi bagiku😋)
    2. Gak banyak tingkah, tapi sekalinya bertingkah jd sangat Uwuuu💜🤓😋
    3. Gayanya yg kalem2 dingin, jadi bikin tambah ganteng dan cool😍
    4. Alasan terakhir.. Apapun yang dia lakuin selalu menarik dimataku,karena aku suka dia apa adanya. Eeaa😋💜
    >Kumpulan ke Uwuu💜😋 an dia
    7:27 10:36 12:15 16:11 18:31 21:52 29:39

  14. Taehyung sekarang nggak banyak omong, lah sekarang kok beda kenapa nggak kayak dulu padahal dia dulu yang paling gengsrek🤣

  15. Oh no. I'm watching Taehyung doing his stone magic while using a mask. I laughed so hard and I ruined my mask-_-

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