You didn’t bring your food..? Nah I couldn’t cook in the hotel. Let me tell you.. One of the biggest lessons I learned was proper preparation prevents poor performance. You as an athlete that’s aspiring to see your best realized and your dreams come true.. You can’t leave stuff to chance like that. When you travel, you gotta have your food with you. If you can’t have your food, then you can’t go. That’s one mistake that you’re making that as you go forward and you become better.. You’re NOT gonna be able to make. Your food is EVERYTHING, so. It’s your responsibility to come up with ways to find out how you can eat every 2 hours without incident. In order to be able to have your food with you, every day, all day.. So you are able to eat on time. It keeps you and allows you to stay in an anabolic state. The morning when you get up before you do your cardio, or maybe you do your cardio right away but.. After that before you leave the house and you have to go.. If it takes an hour, if it takes two hours.. It’s up to you to cook your meals, pack them in a tupperware, pack them in your ziplocked bags. And then you have it with you ALL DAY. Every two hours, every three hours, however you’re breaking it down. Without fail.. Proper Preperation Prevents Poor Performance. A lot of people know how to diet. But not everyone knows how to discipline themselves to get sh*t done So going forward from this.. The biggest lesson that I would like to give to you today is that proper preperation prevents poor performance. So going forward from this now. You know that it’s unacceptable to say to yourself I don’t have a way to cook my food. Because you can get a hot plate. I used to live in a room, and I lived in a room without a kitchen. But I still was a bodybuilder aspiring to see my dream happen. So I would get up and cook my food in my room on the hot plate. IT WORKS. Turn around and get a little better.. There are people that buy these things and they don’t use them, a lot of times they throw them away. I got a george foreman grill, they gave it to me. Somebody thought that was a joke.. I took that to my room, I plugged it in. I got a george foreman grill. You know what I was able to cook on that? My eggs on that, my chicken on that. There is no reason for you to go forward without having the things that you need. So going forward that is not an excuse.. That is not an excuse. Once you make the decision to get it done… You will get it done. There’s something to be said for doing the damn thing. You know, just.. DO IT. So it becomes more of a testament to How bad do you want it? What is your commitment? Where is your true desire?

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  1. ''Your food is everything.. It's your responsibility to come up with ways to find out how you can eat every 2 hours without incident. In order to be able to have your food with you, every day, all day.. So you are able to eat on time. It keeps you and allows you to stay in an anabolic state.'' -Kai Greene #StayDisciplined

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  3. 1:17
    What kind of gay ass gym is that?
    "Please don't drop weights"
    How am I supposed to deadlift heavy ass weight?

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  7. Todo muy guapo, pero y lo otro? Sí, lo que todos sabemos que se meten, qué lo publiquen también, no sólo el entreno y la comida. Pero claro eso no interesa decirlo. La mayoría de estos tíos están todos sin pelo en la cabeza y eso por qué, pues por lo que no sale en el vídeo.

  8. Bullshit! Genetics play more of a role than following a diet that works for someone else who has a different blood type and genetics than you.

  9. Looks like sh.t ! These things drive me away from this sport. So unnatural to consume this much food . Poor stomachs, poor appetites, poor casual life.. Without proper chemicals and proper workout all these food would make anyone obese in a matter of weeks…

  10. 10,000 calorie a day diet, add some anabolic steroids, some HGH, some test, tan once a day, carry 300lbs in the off season and die of a heart attack at 50 or get skin cancer. Not worth it to be a pro bodybuilder. Sure, diet is a big part, but not a lot of people get paid to work out or can afford to eat like that. Be natural, eat 5 small meals a day including a few protein shakes and some creatin, stay in the gym and live to a ripe old age.

  11. One of the problem with bringing food from home is embaressment, I mean I'm almost 20 but i still feel weird bringing food from home to school. I guess thats all about confidence, I have to keep working on that.

  12. I just don’t miss eating all those meals after 27 years training got to the point where wanted my life back

  13. It's good to nice and healthy and to be big like that plus the dedication that's needed and the time that goes with it, but I don't think it's worth it cause it take many years getting likeninto that shape and that means no real social life and you will miss out on many thing on life so mainly you live in a box but these pepole that do this kind of training i say more power to them I respect them for their dedication but I just rather be fit and in good shape and have a life to enjoy plus time goes by so fast these days that before they could realize it they are old and lost most their diesel body after so many years in the gym without some social life then it could sum up to a lost of time they could never get back, but I give them credit for what they do.

  14. Listening to this guy is like listening to some bodybuilding monk. His words are golden…love him. Kai ur the man 💪

  15. I just thought of something, if they were on the go and it was meal time and they were in the middle of nowhere, they'd have to eat their food cold?

  16. They say "you are what you eat" ie what you put in your body, since obviously this guy injects hormones from other males…
    So these guys are cum dumpsters .. Correct?

  17. Kai Greene is Right on but all that food Seriously, now dont get me wrong but over time it is really Bad for you – congestive heart failure – arteries blocking – acidity – etc, look the man knows what hes talking about, i actually think hes slightly better then Phill Heath no offence, i mean look at Ronnie Coleman hes had some health problems later on, still are you mass building or body building, i mean look at Arnold Schwarzenegger every things in porportion only bad thing is use of anabolic steroids instead of the over use now a days where you clearly see most body builders popping veins and sticking out, never the less like he says body building is like a art, you have to sculpt your figure how you want it to look rather then having every thing out of porportionate sizes like what you get to day with some body builders, my tip is eat well work your butt off make your body look normal or a bit big but main thing is look after your hearts

  18. This glorious moment filmed in some random gym shall record the creation of the 5 P's: Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Words of legend.

  19. I would love to eat like that and just wish I had someone to cook and prepare it because that's the part that gives me the shits. Also finding time to eat in a busy schedule of work and family commitments. No wonder I fucking drink instead!


  21. Over eating, even with clean food can be dangerous. Not everybody can turn food into muscle. Food that doesn't get digested and metabolized becomes a poison which the body must eliminate.

  22. I have it harder then even these guys when you have Crohn’s disease eating right is even more important and there is no cure only powerful medications or surgery I have been eating food plain every day for months sometimes years but I still lift weights even though somedays are bad and I wish could eat more food like these guys

  23. Magnificent video at the moment, already great video , outside of this moment . 👍

    I need to listen to this every morning, fix me up……………… , push me.

  24. I Watch this Video almost every Day While I eat my Meals I freaking love it!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍

  25. Kai Green speaks like a complete cunt if your staying in a hotel how the fuk can you cook your not going to cook on a George foreman grill in a hotel room it will set of the smoke alarm kai green talks like a complete & utter fuking cunt

  26. Unnatural to eat that much and that often. Humans for thousands of years ate 1 big meal before dark, and it was generally meat and vegetables.

  27. Los fármacos que usan le habré e apetito por ende los naturales experimentan y hacen caso lo que ellos hacen luego enferman y Boom adiós '' sueños ''

  28. Kai said he lived in a room without a kitchen cooked his food on a hot plate damn thats a different kind of dedication bruh

  29. Disgusting!
    They think that they are different people, they are less than normal, what did they give for humanity?
    Only consuming food and shitting alot
    Thats it , they are giving huge quantities of shit thats it
    So this kind of human are bullshit

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