Downstairs EP1 – First Time Yoga

Okay, let’s move into the Balasana, otherwise known as the child pose. I can’t do it. Kopi Soh, are you okay? Does this look okay to you? Just ease into it. It’s a simple child pose. Child pose, my foot! I’d like them to come and try this pose
after they’ve popped out three children. Why is this place so hot? Is the air con faulty?
Is that why the first lesson is free? It’s hot yoga,
it’s supposed to be this hot. Can I help you? Oh, sorry. I’m here to pick up my wife. Don’t worry, I’ll come back later. Would you like to join us? Me? Anyone can do yoga. Even you. No, no thanks. I’m not a… On second thought, okay! You can’t join us in this attire I’m ready! Great! Let’s go into the cat pose, shall we? That’s it! Feel the stretch. Do you feel it? Oh, I’m definitely feeling something. Are you okay? The weather… It’s very heaty. What do you mean heaty? It’s been raining
for the last three days! Heaty, my foot! Okay, class.
Let’s go into the downward dog. Next pose. Downward doggie style, doggie style. Hey! This is the third time
you’ve been here in two weeks. I’ve been trying to get this Xiao Hong, but she’s always not around. Mummy. Is she here today? She’s still on MC (medical leave). MC again? Why is she always on MC
whenever I come? She’s not used to the weather here. Then how about these two? MC too? Flu? Headache? Miki has half the day off. Sumiko went to renew her work permit. Again? Are you sure these girls are real? You have excuses every time I come! Apply new passport, apply work permit, mother’s sick,
father’s sick, hamster’s sick… Are you lying to me? What? You think only pretty girls
can provide massages? Are you calling me a liar? I’m telling you, you better be careful. Don’t think I’m scared of you
because of your big size! I’m going to tweet the hashtag MeToo now! Where’s my phone? I’ll tweet it now. Hashtag MeToo. Okay… Relax. Then, who do you have today? Rose! Gina! Ah Ying! Bro, I want to go home. Excellent work, class! Excellent! Namaste. What happened? Teacher! Come and help! I don’t know what happened to him.
Why did he become like this? What did you do? Oh, my. This must be
a very advanced technique. I’ve never seen it before. My butt. My leg. My butt! Captions: CaptionCube

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