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  1. I don't understand why they didn't use him like Arnold.  He looks meaner and would have made a great movie bad ass.

  2. 8-10 % is still great.
    im at that level at 6"1 240.
    I aim to keep trimming down ,and not to gain size.

  3. Lots of people take steroids…Lots of people hate on steroids….Anyone can have access to steroids and gym! And I don't see great physiques walking around everywhere. Dorian is/was one of the best, if not the best. It takes blood, sweat, and tears. And steroids just "just lubricate" your "engine", just like oil in the car.Make your training life smoother, but you still gotta bust your butt. Stop hating. 

  4. In two month from now on, you certainly can gain 10 lbs in muscle mass & lose 5 To 10 lbs in fats. All you need is a verified workout program, right nutrition plan & begin immediately.

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  6. Broken sleep…waking up in a panick….mind playin tricks on you….sounds like a steady diet of trenbolone to me…. ; )  All kidding aside I fucking love Dorian. : )

  7. I need a good lean meal plan. I lost 136pound of fat in 6 months. Im 215lbs at 5,11". I wanna bodybuild

  8. Love this guy Mr. Yates…he is one of the nicest body builders I've seen that has actually come out and talk about body building so casual…Great champion…come do some movies  with Arnold…it would be cool and get a great steak…loL

  9. It's not worth it for one to treat their body like that…….you can be healthy and strong without all that diet restrictions and steroid use, which should be the reason for getting in shape. Bodybuilding as it has come is a sad state of affair. They do all of what they do, but they don't use their muscles to do physically demanding work……it's just for looks for the sake of appearance.

  10. Hmm….Have that problem with my feet and hands too lately, but I'm not dieting. Had some problems with my liver lately, having used N.O. Explode for way too long. It's shown to cause liver enzyme imbalance after 55 days of use. I used it for a good 2 years off/on: on for months at a time, and off for no more than 4 weeks though using a different mix. Bad stuff. Off it now, feeling better, but slow return. Part of all this is continuous body fat loss to the point I can now see striation in all muscle groups, even my abs and glutes. Not good. Veins are showing up in my legs, on my stomach muscles, but strength is still moderately solid.

  11. What he's saying regarding the dieting and the fantasising is so true, I'm prepping and all I want is cereal and noodles loaded with sodium

  12. I hate it when people say it's the steroids alone. They act like all you need to do is put a needle in your ass and then you get huge.

  13. Dbol, Anadrol, test, yogurt, clenbuterol, hgh, Anavar, Winstrol -V, eggs, deca, milk…..
    that's all there is to dieting

  14. I used to train in Temple gym, Birmingham for while and bumped into Dorian a few times while he was there, …. always got time to talk and give advise, …. top man – down to earth.

  15. i want more of this he is the real deal 6 time mr Olympia telling it like it is this is awesome i went to one of his seminars and guest posing spots in the early 90s me and 20 or so mates drove up to see his and he did not dissapoint.

  16. alright, I'm 14 names jesi and I decided to start bodybuilding this year because I just seem to be naturally attracted to the sport (this may be due to my natural ecto/mesomorph build idk)I've got great genetics over all but I was searching through youtube and noticed most people regard lee preist as a legend in the sport. best arms ever apparently, and some also
    say paul dillet had the best arms. I realize they both had some of the best arms ever for totally different reasons-Pauls were large and thick with long insertions and VERY full muscle bellies,while Lee's just had the great shape and vascularity that is essential for spectacular arms.
    MY arms I've noticed have bicep that are very similar to the insertion point and vascularity of Lee's and have the potential for the wide thickness of pauls. my triceps are basically just like pauls maybe like 3 millimeters higher and a little more cut but overall the same. my arms aren't long, but they definitely aren't as short as Lee's and my joints are a little on the larger side. my forearms are shaped a lot like pauls but have Lee's thickness and vascularity but my wrists are on the smaller side, and finally my delts are basically identical to that of kevin levrone. obviously these are great genetics but I was wondering if there are any body builders out there with arms like this and if they were successful. if you can give me any tips on training arms they would be much appreciated.

  17. Interesting. Some observations. Dorian's heel pain was likely plantar fasciitis caused by stress to the foot that athletes often experience during intense training, especially when performing aerobics as Dorian probably did as part of his workout to lower body fat. The reason why so few athletes maintain a low body fat level is because of the unsustainable diet they follow that is unbalanced in macronutrients, micronutrients, and calories. If you get your calorie intake properly balanced with your calorie expenditures, you can eat practically anything and achieve and maintain low body fat. Also, most people don't know that the lower limit of fat mass on an adult male is around 2 kilos, or about 5.5 pounds. Therefore, your body fat percentage at that level will depend on your bodyweight. Finally, if you are dreaming about food, Dude, you are not eating enough to sustain your lean body mass, and that only makes you more likely to blow your diet.

  18. For all the success he's had, Dorian comes across as the type of guy you can have a beer with. A great champion, and a great bloke.

  19. Love Dorian. What a life. Dreams about eating food then freaking out over the fact he may have eaten sausage.

  20. Seeing videos saying that he fell into depression after his BB days. I'm thinking, well that must have been before he met his wife…..look her up and see if a man would ever be depressed around her, LOL!

  21. I love Dorian Yates! He’s so candid about competing. He’s not one of those guys who will deny using steroids or BS his way through interviews. If he’s thinking it he’s saying it and it’s the whole truth. Great interview!

  22. DORIAN! I once seen Dorian do 100 pound concentration curls and blood started squirting out of his Biceps Dorian! Run for president!

  23. That may have been fine for Dorian. But that wasn’t my experience. I took it in the early 90s for a couple of years and it still causes me serious problems today. I’m 57. If I could do it over again I wouldn’t touch the stuff.


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