100 thoughts on “Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running HD (Live)

  1. their songs soundcompletely different when played on non gibson guitars…im not even a fan of gibson…just saying it sounds completely different than the original (which sounded better imo )

  2. There's so much great stuff in this video, but you have to play it back one more time just to listen to that bass line and how perfectly in the pocket it is with the drummers.

  3. For someone who is more familiar with the band: How is the acoustic riff still playing while John McFee is playing harmonica? Is he using a looper? Or is there some sweetening in post (or backing track during the show) going on?

  4. Been listening to the Doobie Bros since I was a teen got all there LPs but this absolutely blows me away!!tight as… and that sax!!

  5. The Doobie Brothers at their finest! Then Michael McDonald came along and screwed their sound up. That is when I bailed out as a fan.

  6. One of muy favourites band of american rock, alone with Grandes Funk Railroad, Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears etc . i'm from managua, Nicaragua.

  7. Just one of the very best band's EVER … and those were the " Good Times " … those years of the BEST MUSIC EVER PRODUCED… EVER!! Thank goodness for YouTube… and thank you YouTube for keeping the best music ever produced coming for our enjoyment! 👍👍😎

  8. The most powerful version from one of the best rockbands I'ver ever heard. It's always the same….the elder they are, the better they play. You can't compare it with todays stuff….this will always be one of the best songs ever!

  9. ……..hows about the little bit of steve miller near the end , at 03:30….

    …..aahhh, that sound of that HARP, give me more of ittttttt!!!!!

  10. About FECKING time that idiot Jann Wenner put THESE GUYS on the ballot for the RR Hall of Fame. What an amazing performance. YES!!!!

  11. Best band ever, also in the Netherlands. No one seems to agree with me, but I think things went down when Michael Mc Donald entered…

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