55 thoughts on “Do Yoga For Weight Loss Videos Really Work?

  1. Thank you Lesley for that wonderful peptalk in these times where everything seems to focus on youth, slim, "happy" healthy people! We need to get back a perspective where we can embrace human diversity and everybodys worth as an individual.

  2. Is weight loss seriously the only reason to hop off our butts these days? Sigh.. if I were to list all the reasons in am still doing yoga after all these years, I don't think the fact that I'm not fat would make the top 10. Great video. I'm going to take the trash out, for weight loss!

  3. Lesley you are 1 million percent right. You're my absolute favorite yoga instructor. Your videos have really changed my life and I can't thank you enough for everything you do. You're a god send!!

  4. Yes, I agree yoga leads to this over-all happier state, which should ultimately lead to more responsible food choices. Fat-loss is mostly diet related, the most durable approach is like you said eat mostly whole plant foods, they're both the most nutritious and generally have the least calories per gram, so it's virtually impossible to over-eat on them. A while back I volunteered as a moderator for a live chat from a health coach here on youtube for a while and it's a very common question "Will doing yoga help me lose weight?" and the answer isn't always as black and white, I definitely enjoyed hearing your view on the matter.

  5. I always wondered about this…because yoga itself doesn’t seem oriented toward weight loss as an end goal.

  6. Actually im really skinny and dont want to lose weight xD i do yoga because make me feel happy and it s a challenge for me ^^

  7. It's certainly not for weight loss that I'm practicing yoga. If I want to push and strain, I go to the gym. I am loving these talking videos lately! Thank you!

  8. Thank you so much for making this video! I really needed it. On some days i think that i am good just the way i am. On other days all i can think about is that i am too fat. I know i am not. I know that i look the same i look the last 5 years. And i am eating fine, plant based, i do not eat junk food or at least not often.
    When i do yoga i feel so good about me and my body. I hope that i will find my way back to it. All i get recommed in youtube are videos on how to loose weight. This messes with my mind. I am so happy that i watched your video today. I will watch it again and again if i am feeling low about my body. And ofcourse do a lovely and peaceful yoga session <3 thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  9. I’ve wondered about the practices titled “yoga for weight loss” . As a rule of thumb, I skip them because moving too quickly through vinyasa in the past has tweaked my QL. I am getting better about holding my belly in according to all your helpful ques to that effect. That seems to be key to avoiding that problem. Thank you! If you were to rename your yoga for weight loss practices what would you say is their purpose? What would you call them?

  10. yoga will help you'er helth but will not help you lossweight it the caloriesand i am talk about people who are 50 to a hunderpoend over wight

  11. Clean eating and yoga helped me dtop body fat and strengthened my muscles but my weight on the scales gained!

  12. So happy to see you in Amsterdam this summer! Thank you for sharing your yoga class with us. How I feel is for me the new beauty measure. Yoga makes me feel strong and helps me being in the moment. Sometimes it allows me to let go of emotions and show my vulnerability. Everyday is a different adventure. I'm new to yoga and discovered it with you. Thank you. <3

  13. Thanks for sharing there are ways to be healthy and ways to lose weight and you are really talented at yoga like I said before hot yoga can be hard to do but you still are good at what you do I'm proud of you for doing yoga for years I always love listening to your stories and you do look really good I'm happy for you because you keep improving on the speech thanks for everything Lesley 🙏

  14. Thank you dear! I had been thinking of asking you this question so many times and then you answered me! Your videos changed my life and l don’t want to lie: l love your yoga weight loss video s but what l love the most is the new strength that l am feeling which covers my body and my mind! Thank you so much my darling! Love from Italy

  15. I think it depends on the user's motivation and mind set because any exercise or diet plan would be useless unless the person using it commits to it and puts in the effort and sticks to their goal. but i think yoga helps develop more self control.

  16. In my experience, when I was overweight I did other exersizes and yoga helped me with that, and most important of all It really really helped me with my posture that helped me look and feel a lot more confident in myself. Does yoga help? Yeah, and it shouldn't be focus solely as a weight loss mindset.

  17. Thank you for this video! Yoga is my go-to form of relaxation and exercise, but I’ve let it go for years and it shows in my body’s lack of strength and how I deal with stress. This reminds me that it’s time I nourish & nurture myself again with my yoga practice 🙏

  18. Loved this video especially the Ayurvedic references and the doshas. Looking forward to more references to Ayurvedic lifestyle in upcoming videos.

  19. I like that you don't offer simple solutions. Instead you encourage people to get to know themselves, to think about their inner setup . Good job 😊👍

  20. Awesome video – totally agree.

    I found yoga (the 30 day beginner series on your channel) when I felt my worst. I had recently experienced a traumatic brain injury that left me with lots of bizarre and painful neurological + muscular problems. Along with the problems I had tons of bad side effects from the constantly rotating list of medications I was given to treat the issues. It was unsafe for me to lift weights as I would lose muscle function and drop things. I couldn't do cardio (which was actually my favorite workout) as it triggered seizures. I found it hard to make nutritious meals because I was exhausted always. In the year after the injury I gained over 50lbs!!! Deciding to try yoga helped me regain my sense of self tremendously. It was my self care; even on my worst days I could commit to the Day 1 or 2 video and feel motivated again. Exactly as you say in the video, I became more mindful of how I treated my body and what I put in to it… I went from constantly eating to keep my body going to actually being able to sleep so my body could restore itself. Yoga in no way cured my issues. It did, however, make living with them easier. I didn't lose the 50lbs, but I did begin to feel well again.

    Thanks for making such great videos. 😁

  21. You are amazing! I have a friend who is a health and wellness coach who completely agrees with everything you are saying. How did you learn so much?!

  22. Weight loss is change of eating habit. Not 2-months diet, fasting, etc. Only complete change of habits works – avoiding plastic food (processed, fizzy drikns, etc) nad only healthy food. And of course if you are emotional – eater (if that word exist, sorry English is not my mother tounge), you must change it into something other – for me this is  hard kickboxing or super heavy weight training or cleaning.

  23. I love your videos when you share your toughts. I am pretty silent by not sharing my positive feedback I love and watch all of your videos though. Thanks for the quality make on YouTube.

  24. You are such an inspiration, after listening to you this morning I feel like I can stay connected to myself and make the necessary changes. Do you have a podcast? I follow you on twitter, but don't see any tweeting! Have a nice day. Paula 🙂

  25. I will still your HIIT yoga the most.
    I do twist and detox too when I'm thick or on period, but when I feel energized I still love a kick-ass something 😆. I will start with yoga and then go for a run or do kettlebells, depending on my childcare situation 😅

  26. I love these "interviews" that you do where you share your thoughts and experiences. I respect you a lot so I value your ideas. Thanks for sharing!
    Plus it's fun to get to know you a bit more. So many of the yoga instructors seem so young to me. As an over 50 year old, I value life experience, so I love hearing your thoughts and perspective since you seem to have a bit more life experience than some of the other instructors.

  27. Thank you! I've been following your channel for about a year and love your teaching style. We got rid of our scale over 15 years ago because I obsess over the number, and at my lowest point, I weighed 95 pounds. It wasn't healthy for me to have one in our home. Finding you and your channel has helped me on my journey to accept myself as I am. I feel stronger, more grounded and less stressed when I spend time with you every day!

  28. I finally have time to write my thoughts: I did the first 60 days of your 90 day challenge last summer and it was one of my first successful weight losses in a while (15 lbs!!). I am restarting the program again to develop a better relationship with my body, as after some injuries later this year and regaining the weight, I feel out of touch with what my body needs. I want to feel strong and full of life. Yoga has also taught me to find solstice in meditation.

  29. Hi Leslie, thanks dear. Spot on, can’t agree more as I have seen transformation in myself. Living mindfully brings so much on so many fronts 🙂🤗.

  30. I respect you for doing this and your honesty, do you know the work of Diane Bondy https://diannebondyyoga.com, Amber karnes https://bodypositiveyoga.com and Jessamyn Stanley http://jessamynstanley.com, they get it 🙂 I enjoy your videos and use them often.

  31. Thank you! I've struggled with an eating disorder since I was a little girl. Yoga has helped me to finally love and appreciate my body just as it is. You're an inspiring lady. Namaste.❤️

  32. I agree 100%. But I understand why creators put “Weight Loss” or “Burn Calories” in the titles because that’s what most people are after. I look at it this way; click for the title, watch to learn about all of the life changing benefits. 😊

  33. Wonderful thoughts Lesley! What is your opinion about doing only yoga for complete health care? Do you also do other forms of physical exercises/activities?

  34. Wow. You know so much about ayurveda and yoga !!! Where did you learn :)?? Would be great if you could share!!

  35. I love your yoga channel, have followed you for a long time. I am completely on board with the intuitive eating business, with reducing stress and with the idea that there is no such thing as a "one fits all" body type; but I have to disagree on some things. First, body types have been described in early medical texts in various cultures. Nowadays, we know that there is no such thing as strict body or personality types. I know you are trying to legitimise the existence of different body types, but I don't think putting people in three separate boxes does much, as many people don't fit the criteria perfectly. Second, I don't like the obsession with the idea of purity of the food that we eat. Organic food definitely does not mean better, both in terms of nutrition and "chemicals" on it. There is literally ZERO things wrong with eating frozen vegetables or vegetables in a package, I have no idea where this idea comes from. Frozen vegetables are a great option for students, people that don't have enough money to buy overpriced organic food, or people who don't have time to go to the shop every couple of days. To demonise these food is dangerous, since it promotes an idea of "organic or nothing" so people may aswell eat frozen pizza at every meal, and alienates less privileged people from healthy eating. Personally, frozen vegetables saved my life and are the only reason why I don't have scurvy. Just some food for thought.

  36. I am one of those people who searched yoga for weight loss. That’s mostly because I know yoga is good for other things (my back injury and my anxiety) and so it seemed like the smartest exercise to try to build into my life. Changing my diet is hard because I have a lot of dietary restrictions. My weight is a concern because it can affect my hormonal disorder. I don’t care about the scale, exactly. I just want to be healthy, and I know that I need to lose a little weight to be healthy. Since food is harder for me to control, I choose to control my exercise – and I picked yoga. But I’ve taken to just doing beginner yoga, instead of specifically the weight loss videos. In the end it’s all exercise, so it’s all good for me, and that’s what matters.

  37. Wow, love this video and I totally agree with your advise! I was always stressed throughout my twenties and only now that I have been doing yoga have I really been able to lose weight. Diets don't work and knowing your body does! And the major point I got out of this video is loving yourself in your own skin. I can finally say I am at that point in my life but it took me a longtime to get there. Thank you for sharing your mindful advise for others who are obsessed with the number on the scale.

  38. Thank you so much, Lesely🙏❤ You are such a lovely person. I really love your videos and your way to teach Yoga. Thanks for your BEING.
    With Love from Germany 💖 Verena

  39. Lesley, doing yoga, or any kind of sport, is a very ineficient way to lose weight; it is great for soooo many things in life, but NOT for weight loss.

    Losing weight is a dietary issue, nothing more, nothing less as, BTW, you pretty much say in your vid.

  40. Lesley, thank you for this video and for all your other videos as well, I wanted to say that your videos made me love yoga and enjoy myself while doing it almost every day (I hated yoga before). Second, your Weight Loss Yoga videos definitely work (for me), but not in a magic way, but in a stretching way. Your yoga for weight loss helps my body to stretch and warm up and relax as much as possible, reduces stress significantly, and also I feel as if my body has more oxigen in it's blood and cells, and that somehow makes me feel lighter and stronger. Once again, thanks a lot!!!

  41. Just fabulous! Thrilled I found you. I just finished with one of your chakra yoga videos. When I saw the sunflowers and the guitar, instant soul connect! I thoroughly enjoy experiencing your yoga regimen. I also am completely aligned with your thinking the more I listen, so thank you! Namaste

  42. I’m so glad to have discovered your channel this week! I can’t get enough of your beautifully done videos and I love these lifestyle videos as well. You have such a kind and joyful energy about you. It would be amazing if you did a podcast!

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