Do This Visualization Exercise To Change Your Life

hi this is Eyvette from my world of
metaphysics bringing you another law of attraction metaphysical lesson today I
want to give you guys a little something special today I want to give you a
visualization exercise to change your life yes you guys asked for it
you’re getting it for the new year coming in a visualization exercise to
change your life I’m about to give you guys a quick lesson on visualization to
help you prepare for the new year now you can use this going into the new year
in the new year and all the way through the new year and too many years to come
afterwards okay the reason we visualize and the reason we are gifted by God with
an imagination is so that we can create okay there is no creation if there is no
vision you guys got to understand that so I
tell people from day one through all my videos please watch what it is that you
are thinking about because when you’re thinking about something not only are
you thinking about it but you’re visualizing it you’re feeling it so if
it’s bad you’re gonna feel bad if it’s good you’re gonna feel good feelings and
belief is what gets it to manifest in your life so you have to be very careful
about what it is you’re putting in your mind your feeling and believing
internally because that is what your life is going to be I tell a lot of
people if you want to know how a man is thinking or a woman is thinking look at
their surroundings look at their life and then you tell me what it is
they’re thinking and most of the time is dead-on okay so let’s get to the
visualization exercise that you guys came here for okay now first I would
like to tell you there’s many different ways of visualization
some people believe in watching it as a mind movie meaning sitting and imagining
yourself just watching it as if you was at a movie theater and watching the
story of your life or your imagination or your visualization
some other people believe in actually living the visualization as if you were
actually in it and you are looking through your eyes now what I tell people
to do which makes it a little easier I tell people hey look startled at first
as watching a movie startled first as seeing yourself in that movie let me
just bring this to your attention when you are dealing with visualizations and
being a deliberate creator and trying to manifest things in your life the one
thing I want you to know to make it possible to manifest is to keep it in
the present tense okay what I mean by that is do not
imagine something coming because it could be coming for the next 10 years
the only thing that matters in life when it comes to manifesting is now so when
you visualize and you do your mind movies keep it as if it has already been
accomplished so I don’t want you visualizing yourself applying for a job
I want you to visualize yourself being congratulated that you got that job okay
that is given the subconscious and you’re super conscious the idea that
this is already created and then this is what the feelings it is giving you and
it basically is going to give you more so you are actually manifesting and
pushing your vibration out to bring that to you now going back to the
visualization exercise I want you to start your mind movie off in the present
tense of what it is you actually want I want you to see yourself getting
whatever it is that you want I want I want you to look at that mind movie and
know that it is everything that you desire as you watching that mind movie
as you’re watching yourself having everything that it is you’re trying to
create in this mind movie I then want you to jump in it
I want you once you feel and so happy about watching yourself accomplish
whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish
I want you then to jump in it and I want you to become that person now this is
the difference when you are watching something yes those feelings or
vibrations are there because you’re so happy that you’re watching yourself
having something that you desire but once you jump in it you are actually
living it you are actually feeling the handshaking of congratulations you are
actually smelling the bakery as you cook and open your new bakery shop you are
actually feeling the pen in your hand as you are signing autographs for your new
novel that you just put out by you sensing putting all your five senses
into what it is that you’re trying to create you are actually bringing it in
bringing it into the reality and you are actually living it on a subconscious
level okay now your subconscious has nothing to do but bring to you what it
is you just brought to it you are actually bringing something to your
subconscious and you’re saying this is what I have this is what makes me feel
good this is what I want right now now your subconscious which is like the
genie in the lamp can do nothing but grant your wish now one thing I can say
about your visualizations make sure that you know exactly what you want before
you start don’t just half heartedly I want this I’m I visualize this I’m going
to visualize this and then next week i’m i visualize that that is not the way to
be know what it is that you want so that you don’t confuse the Universe you’re
throwing out this you’re throwing out that before you know it you
wanna get back mix messed up manifestations because you confused the
Universe I want that car I need money you get in an accident and
that’s how you get the money okay be careful what it is you’re throwing out
because the Universe the God that’s in us never makes mistakes and give you
what you put out so if something comes to you that you did not want you know
for yourself that you created it I’ve created things that I didn’t want but
the thing is I acknowledge and I understand how it came about and I say
to myself I would never do that again so it’s ok to make mistakes just know you
got a ride out the consequences going back to visualization let’s explain this
again you are going to watch your mind movie you can even imagine yourself
being in a movie theater where you are the only one in there and you’re
watching the big screen of your life you’re seeing in the present tense what
it is you are desiring right now you’re looking at the end results once you see
the end results and you’re happy about what it is you’re seeing I then want you
to take yourself and jump in that movie and become that person
now as you become that person I want you to put all your senses in it you see
when you’re watching a movie you cannot feel the steering wheel you cannot walk
up the stairs because you are watching a movie even though it’s making you feel
good and those vibrations are still going out you cannot sense all the
things if you are watching so what I do once I have my mind movie and once I’m
seeing me getting and having what it is I’m desiring I then jump into my mind
movie and I feel taste smell everything that I would
if it was actually true at this moment in physical form
I feel the man shaking my hand I feel the sensation of happiness when I’m
being congratulated I feel myself running up and down the hallway as I am
so happy that I just got fifty thousand dollars that is the difference okay now
once you visualize yourself getting these things please don’t forget the
most important part is to feel whatever it is you’re visualizing the second
thing which may be even more important is the belief that you are deserving of
it and believe that it is here at this moment it is here it’s just a matter of
time before you actually see it just imagine that something is here for you
it’s just that you don’t see it yet but it’s already here and just walk through
life knowing that you have been blessed and that this is already yours and soon
you will have it in your hand okay listen
visualization is one of the best ways you’re going to manifest something in
your life I’m telling you to go back into that child’s mind play and be happy
visualize yourself to success if you want more friends if you want to travel
if you want to retire early visualize it have fun and watch your dreams come true
for the new year this is Eyvette from my world of metaphysics one thing I have to
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  1. GOOD morning Coach.. Thank u for reminding me…..Blessing to u And see u in the new Year ..๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐ŸŽŠ

  2. Namaste Eyvette! I LOVE listening to you!!! You are sooo WONDERFUL!!! Thank you x 10000000 Many Blessings! Happy new Year!

  3. Thank you for your dedication. I started listening to the kleem mantra for a few days and I can not Express how differently I feel internally–in a good way. Do you listen to any mantras or subliminals?

  4. Atma Namaste ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป. It's so easy manifesting something's this season. What I vowed to do is stop been under pressure with what is not okay around me.

    Thank you for this video.

  5. Thank you so much mam..
    This is very useful ..
    I love to watch your all videos..
    So much blessings…mam..๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Good Morning Eyvette, thank you for the step by step instructions! I'm so grateful to have you guiding me into this new year. Blessings my sweetiepie๐Ÿ‘‹ I look forward to infinite , magnificent increase.

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  9. Thank you Eyvette! Either your videos always come out at the right time or I am always at a wrong time ๐Ÿ˜‚ and you're the friendly slap on the wrist that pulls me back into the light ๐Ÿ’–

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