Discussion with Suzin Green, a Kali Worshipper & Yoga-based Life Coach

[Music] namaste and welcome Susan I have a very important guest Susan green and I’ll give you a little introduction to her we have been friends for what since the 90s a long time yes yes yes she lives in Princeton is very deep into the worship and welcome Devi particularly Kali written a lot about Kali has a Yoga Center so she’s into yoga she’s into Hylton sanskrit kali devi worship and all many things like that and so i’ve known her for a long time i attended many of your events and at one time infinity foundation decided that the best way to get indian students at rutgers university interested is to have somebody go and do kitten there and teach yoga there because this is back in the 90s when there weren’t these things available very commonly so one of the projects we did was with susan to go and teach all that you had some interesting yes yes because many of the indian students are very alienated alienated from their culture so somebody had to actually bring them out and we tried this experiment offering snacks versus not when you offer snacks more of them come but anyway the reason the reason I invited Susan is because I’m doing this series on yoga and how many different people see different kinds of ways of looking at yoga in the United States some don’t like it some like it in a certain way in a very secular way only for health don’t want spirituality and so on so I want different voices and susan has been very authentic in my opinion very authentic to the tradition and I want to hear more about that so tell me what are your current activities and then we talk will I’ll ask some questions my current activities in terms of teaching yes so my main teaching right now continues to be my Monday night class okay and that’s a class that’s devoted to meditation and chanting in a yogic tradition that’s been going on in Princeton for 20 years I think it’s the longest-running meditation and chanting class in the Princeton area so do you still worship Devi like used for me it’s more my own personal practice okay my Monday night class tends to focus on whatever is inspiring me currently and because now I’m so concerned about the political situation it seemed like the bhagavad-gita would be a very good text to read in class so for 12 weeks now we’ve been reading half a chapter a week of the Bhagavad Gita and contemplating the verses of the Gita and really reading them in the context of what’s happening in the world right now excellent yeah now I want to discuss my tradition has some key elements which are non-negotiable mm-hmm and I think I based on knowing you and also reading what you’re doing you share those key non-negotiables and I will listen you may not give that package then Wilko system the term Hinduism but I do but the name is not important so to me what’s important is what what does it consist of what are the what’s the content rather than how you name it and people get into this name controversy and I’m not interested in that I give it a name for convenience it’s like you’ve made a recipe and the recipe has a lot of integrity certain ingredients how they have to be done and as long as people are really loyal to their recipe it’s not less important what they call it but if they if they violate the key ingredients that bothers you so I’m more interesting the ingredients so one other let’s go through them one of them is I’ve seen you have a lot of respect for Sanskrit sounds and you’ve mentioned that the evil whether you know the meaning or not the sound itself the vibration itself has a lot of effect and you carry it out in your mantra practice so tell us a little bit about that how why that’s important to you how you relate to Sanskrit particularly well I think for me I’m I was trained as a pianist in western music just from the time I was six years old some music and sound has always been very important to me and I knew there was some kind of a connection between music and spirituality but I didn’t know what it was until I stumbled onto the yogi path in 1977 and discovered mantra and when I discovered Sanskrit and mantra it was like my blasted open inside of me and I realized I found what I’ve been searching for all those years before so for me yes that’s what really is the mother of my understanding and I think because I’m a musician I’m very sensitive to son and the effect that sound has on us and so from the very beginning I understood intuitively that Sanskrit was working on me and other people at a very very deep level that was way deeper than the intellect yes and um that’s so the sound of a particular a particular vibration produces a certain effect in you and so that’s the root of mantra yes and and again because we we we experience ourselves as these physical beings but were actually made of vibration and what I began to understand about the mantras is they actually retune us from the inside out and I have always been I mean I am in awe of the Hindu tradition because in my opinion it’s the most elegant and sophisticated psychology that we have on the planet and I think the deities as articulated in the Hindu system are the most accurate blueprints of our innate divine possibilities and the mantras of the deities therefore when we chant the deity mantras were actually imbibing developing deepening feeding those divine potentials inside of ourselves those mantras are retuning our innate vibrational field to vibrate at the same intensity and depth as the actual day it is so like in the in the theory of sound in sanskrit there’s four levels of so there is the Vaccari which is the external sound like we’re talking and then in the mind I’m thinking of the sound so that is mudiyum so I’m kind of I’m thinking of our conversation I’m thinking of a word but then there is a pre conceptual question T which is which is deeper than a sound that I am conscious of inside that’s sort of a very subtle vibration it doesn’t quite manifest it as a sound even in my mind and then there’s para which is a transcendent so the idea of a mantra is to take you from this external to very deep transcendent mode yes you agree with that absolutely and you felt that absolutely and that that teaching on the four levels of sound is just one of the many I think really brilliant contributions that the Hindu system has given to us so this leads us to an interesting point the Sanskrit tradition asserts that these primordial sounds are non translatable it is not a concept so it is not like I can say that oh I can replace it with some conceptual idea you agree with the X because it’s the sound itself that is important well yes it’s that my understanding of Sanskrit is it’s not a meaning based language it’s an energy based language yes which is what makes it so alive and so powerful right so so this leads me to the to the concept I’ve called non translatable Sanskrit non-trust means that certain words we shouldn’t translate we should just use that yes sound itself absolutely and make it part of the English language so we should enrich the English language with some Sanskrit sounds in linguistics it’s called loanwords which means you take the word from another language like English have many French words right and stuff like that so there’s no reason not to introduce and enrich English with Sanskrit sounds rather than translating them right right right yes yes do you agree with it absolutely I love that yeah so the next area where I think there is resonance is you you from your readings you feel you teach that Devi is supreme being the reality the idea of Shakti and then the manifestation of these this intelligence inside us and the access to this intelligence who form yes so tell us about your your worship and your use of form particularly colleague mm-hmm well again for me it’s such a long journey it started when I came onto the yoga path in 1977 when I met Bob Hamilton andhe and when I met Muktananda it was like I’d come home and Baba was a great worshipper of Devi but he was a shaivite and the the the main mantra of our practice was on the mush of ayah which was fine I could love that much to this day but my in those days my focus was more on Shiva and the Guru and it was only I was a student very very serious committed student of that tradition for 17 years and then I had a very profound internal explosion into the goddess and at that point the presence of colleague came very alive inside of me and I could no longer be in a guru yoga tradition so have you written about that moment of that explosion when you had that Kali moment I have not written about it I am only now even feeling it’s okay to talk about it publicly okay it’s it’s one of the it’s one of the very private personal things that happened to me in my journey that I’ve never felt right to share with the world but now it seems like it’s time so now so is it something that just happened or kept happening or was it for several hours or how what was it like well it was the final moment in a nine-year process after I had a very profound visionary experience actually several years before this happened that took me on an inner journey that is very hard to talk about but I am starting to write a book and I will tell the story in the book and but it ultimately was a nine-year process and at the end of that process which we’re in required a lot of meditation chanting writing in my journal art making and music and at the end of that journey again there was a very very profound experience of a presence that I recognized immediately as collie saying it’s time go out into the windows as long as I’ve known Susan which is sister 19 yeah you’ve been a colleague worshipper yes and and it’s very remarkable that has your that is the one constant yes that is very consistent in your life the worship of Kali yeah because to make Kali embodies truth absolute truth and to make Kali embodies that which destroys that which dares to harm innocence and truth and to me that’s a very profound and important dating and the reason it’s very impressive is that Kali is the most misunderstood the most controversial right right and when you say Carly there’s people who say well okay now this person is really very kind of off the top which is why I don’t talk about it so much so this is very interesting that you privately publicly been very Kali worshipper for a very long time and that’s that’s very interesting because people usually at some point they become politically correct they compromise and whatnot so that’s that’s quite interesting now you also teach Shastras like the text gita so on and so forth that’s very interesting part of the ecosystem and you you believe in reincarnation karma and you believe in karma and reincarnation well I certainly believe in karma I think karma is indisputable reincarnation I’m I’m confused about reincarnation it’s hard for me when I think about consciousness and I think about the state of most people’s consciousness I don’t understand how it can stay together when it leaves the body and enter into another body completely intact so my sense of reincarnation is more like maybe globs of our consciousness stay together and that’s what enters into another body and becomes memory and karma for the next life but but if you guys if you you see that what information what happens to you when you die yeah I don’t know it’s open its open it’s an open question for me okay all right all right so maybe in your journey with Carly that will be also on yes yes what do you think of the idea of sacred geography which means a particular place where the divine is entangled it could be a river it could be a mountain could some form some tangible matter now all matter of course is sacred non timidly manifestation of the divine but certain places have a special entangle yes so what do you think of that I agree definitely and you can feel those absolutely absolutely absolutely yeah now these are so I’ve listed a few ingredients of this ecosystem have it listed the idea of Sanskrit vibrations as non translatable the divine presence everywhere and as everything manifested manifestation of Devi the poor form as a wonderful means of accessing them the use of form the idea of sacred geography the idea of using texts some special Texas karma and reincarnation is on hold for you but for me it is there now this bundle of ideas are unified you cannot pick choose and say okay you know so this bundle of ideas as an ecosystem is given the name Hinduism today in the past it was given some other name and some people belong to a tradition where they give it some other name oh that’s fine but this is the package now tell me how does this how do you deal with public perception which may not be friendly to this package may even be hostile like we mentioned Kali so how do you deal and things have changed or in the last 25 years since you started mm-hmm in some ways things have become closed some ways they become more open what do you say about the trend in American culture these are we these ideas well I mean that’s a great question Rajiv in some ways I like what I see going on in American culture because I think there is more of an opening to these ideas which maybe we could simply call spirituality but it seems to me for instance what we see now in the in the Western yoga it’s been so corrupted by American capitalism that and commercialism that I think it moves very far away from the ideas that we’re talking about and I personally I have a problem with the commercialization of yoga in the West and the East by now for that matter I have a problem with the emphasis on appearance I have a problem with the emphasis on it becoming a kind of an in club and the hip cool people do it it seems to me this is the antithesis of what yoga is really bad and I also have a problem with so many people who go and they take a hot yoga class and they see the benefits of the physical practice but they you know aggressively reject the spiritual adapted and heritage and I have a problem with that too I know some people think well it’s better it’s being introduced it’s better that at least it’s being introduced to the masses jury’s out for me on that I’m not convinced that it’s right to take such a small part of this extraordinary tradition and and negate the rest so I’m someone who reasons I can’t quite understand Buddhism seems to be more palatable to people in the West than Hinduism and I when I go into a yoga center and I see there’s Buddhist everywhere but there’s no Hindu mortise I have a kind of a reaction to that it offends me fills me yeah but Buddhism I come to that the core ingredients we talked about are exactly the things that traditional judeo-christianity rejects so let’s go through one one by one there and I’ve termed I’ve coined the term poison pill what’s a poison pill is something which is poisonous to the body to the system that’s going to ingest it but you can put it inside a nice sweet kind of a nice delicious thing so it’s attractive and if you’re not aware if you’re not couch if you’re not careful and you kind of sniff it out you take it as it goes through your digestive system the body is unable to break it down and make it small enough and turn it into components that can be assimilated right so then it has to be excreted right and sometimes if you can’t even do that it’s too late then it’s going to sit there it’s toxic it’s dangerous and it’s poison right so Sanskrit vibrations the Western linguistic claim since the beginning of their encounter with Sun spirit is that it’s a beautiful language everything is great blah blah blah as claim however there is no such thing as a non translatable sound it’s all an arbitrary to human convention so you could replace it with another sound so you could take home and you could call it right against right so you could take any any mantra right and replace it with something else it’s a convention right so your and my idea that that is not so this particular primordial sound has its own effect Libre is a poison pill yes for that system yes second one the idea that the baby that the divine is is the reality and is everywhere and pervades everything and is accessible as deities with form also violates these injunctions against idolatry so you must be facing that all the time that you are idolatrous and one of the Ten Commandments says this and that and Islam is supposed to really write physical harm to you right so that is ID this is idolatry yes so then this idea of sacred geography because Judaism doesn’t believe that the divine has ever entered the world is always outside similarly in Islam the holy sites but they’re not sacred sites and this difference I’ve explained in one of my books in France they’re the difference between a holy site and a sacred site because current divine presence in tangle is not that sacred and that is not allowed it can be holy because historically something may have happened only Christianity believes that God is entered the world but that only through Jesus Christ and not to any other dating right right so this these ideas and especially when you add karma and reincarnation they become like poison pills so what I’m saying is that whether you call it Hindu or not your practice and your your ideas comprise an integral unity an ecosystem which you don’t want to compromise any part of it I wonder whatever name and each of these ingredients the pot is a powerful poison pill against the Abrahamic system yes definitely okay so the reason you’re interesting to me is that you persisted in this for thirty years more yeah okay maybe more what I’ve known you for that long right so I want to understand your experience because it’s different than my experience I can always say you know I mean during this baby right that’s what it is right right but for you it’s not ancestor faith if I it’s something that you’ve subscribed to yes and therefore it must have been a very powerful experience in fact that allows you to consistently maintain this in spite of it being a poison pill yeah so if you were to if you were to really explain like we are now explain uh-huh 99% of regular American mainstream would say wasn’t biggley’s a poison pill it’s true I mean she’s walking around carrying all these poison pills it’s true and she’s feeding this pill and then she’s reading that good yes is that true yes yes okay so now now we’re talking about the real point of my discussion how is that experience how do you feel what do people say and how do you respond to it well I think people don’t attack me personally I tend to travel in circles where people may not understand me and they may not agree with me but they’re not going to attack me although I must say every time I have produced a new album I’m always waiting for the what is that expression you know the thing to fall and start getting all kinds of horrible email or text or whatever from people who are accusing me of all kinds of terrible things but you mix with your with the group yeah that group is protecting you basically yeah I would say because I’m not touring but now I’m really not touring at all but when I was I would be touring to festivals or yoga Center so I don’t encounter the kind of people who would attack me but I’m always keenly aware that I am in the eyes of most people a very strange and igner that they want and honestly you know I sold my house two years ago and there were more teas in every room and when the stager came to tell me what I needed to do simply you need to take all those statues down and I insisted that we should do Monaco yes and I insisted that we leave the statues at least in my studio so she said okay that’s fine in your studio it’s okay we can make a case for it well wouldn’t you know the people who bought the house said as soon as they came in and saw the Morty’s they knew that was their house cool so it was a wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful story about that worked out but the stager was very very critical of all my mortis what price did you pay in your career in other words in other words I one of the things I’ve studied for a long time is I’m writing the books on it is a u-turn theory mm-hmm so u-turn theory applies to people who in your situation would say okay out with this III don’t want this collie and these Maltese and all this stuff because I’m paying a big price my career could go much further my book agent and my record agents and all these people are saying your fees will be 10x if you get rid of all that right most 90% of the people who entered this path like you did took the u-turns so tell me what are the pressures you face and what is the price you’re paying and how do you resist it it’s a great question let me let me backtrack a little bit let me start by saying yeah I was born into the Jewish tradition although my parents were atheists so I didn’t have any kind of formal religious religious training growing up but I certainly identified culturally as a Jew and um but I never there was never anything in Judaism that pulled me and even when I was in college I was always interested in Eastern religion Eastern religion really spoke to me remember in my college introduction to philosophy reading Nietzsche and reading thus spake Zarathustra and there was something in the simplicity of that language that I realized years later was very reminiscent of the kind of language of saying bhagavad-gita so I think even then before I had a clue about the the world’s religions something in me if we want to talk about reincarnation yes something in me came in knowing knowing something that it couldn’t yet articulate at that point in my life but that was really the beginning of my seeking and and I had again as I said I’m trained as a pianist I had a very profound experience at the piano when I was in my early 20s and that was what really propelled me onto the spiritual path because I had to understand what happened and this was 1972 or 73 so there was very little information in those days but that was the beginning of my seeking and that’s what ultimately led me onto the spiritual path and ultimately led me to MOOC to Nanda and City Yoga where all my questions that the answer to why you have you’re able to resist lies in the grounding you got from the beginning well I think was deep it goes very broadly and it lasted and I think as I was saying before for me at my understanding the hours if we speak of this goddess called Kali what is that it’s the embodiment of truth and this has been a guiding force for me and much as I sometimes would like to throw the whole thing off and just go the commercial route and make a lot of money and be a big celebrity I can’t seem to do that everything in me pushes against that I’ve been told so many times you need to rebrand yourself you need to speak in language that everybody can understand you need to get rid of all the dating so I can’t do it it’s just not it’s not you it’s not me now I want to talk about this Hinduism which is all these ideas and practices with a identity name and it as to the package okay then there is something else called spiritual but not religious espionage you know there’s a huge movement yes you just searched SB an hour you get millions of hits these are people who have so many Hindu like ideas like the one we talked about but they don’t want to call themselves anyway right you see we are spiritual but I’m not right religious right now I want to discuss the distinction between the two you are grounded in personal experience so you’re not at risk without a scaffolding without a fortress identity without an institution some kind of a name without that you are still protected because you’re your inner journey is so deep you are protected by Kali yes so you have Carly inside yes so you have Carly inside and therefore you don’t need to call yourself anything because you’re just fine exactly okay however your students might not be the same way grounded mm-hmm so a lot of gurus I talked to a lot of Indian Hindu gurus who are themselves grounded go about teaching that you do not you can all religions are the same it’s all spirituality it doesn’t matter so they are into that space now while for them it’s okay because you’re grounded and therefore they’re not vulnerable mm-hmm some of the students are lost and the students do need a scaffolding the students do need a sense of parameters boundaries to kind of incubate they have to bake this idea for a long time so what do you think of that of the vulnerability of people who are new to this path not as grounding and going into spiritual but not religious gives them a kind of an opportunity to say anything goes and they fall this way there but you know that maybe you know a lot of people go into all kinds of things and then then they justify by saying it’s spiritual but not religious and this happens with my spirituality but what do you think of that right well again you know these are very complicated questions and again I think that’s a great question I think it’s very important to have one practice and stick with it for at least a decade and I think in the early years it’s fine to search around and try different paths try different teachers try different traditions but at a certain point you’ve got to settle on one and stick with it for a list at least a decade we’re like two decades and only then it seems to me is your understanding going to be baked enough to be able to have the kind of discernment one needs to navigate the complexities of the inner path so what I what I study as you turn is people who are not long-term drowning so they start in a Hindu type context they have a guru they started economics then they drift into D contextualizing so that part is gone the the deity is gone they won’t have colleagues and the real estate person comes and says remove all these Maltese they would remove it they’ll they’ll remove all this symbolism they will not refer to the sacred texts and so then they float in this kind of spiritual but not religious you know flea market it’s sort of a flea market or kind of thing and then they begin to experiment without the expect without the background without the rigor without the guidance without the culture so they are into freewheeling experimentation and some of them get in trouble awesome it would go off the deep end Turtles and so then they some of them will go commercial then the anchor that holds them is not Carly inside but the dollar inside yes and this idea of grid I can make a million dollar dollars so now they are driven by the agent and the commercial offers so that becomes the deity the dollar becomes a day to me so then they some of them go off into recontextualizing into Judea Christianity or some other religion because they feel that the pull of the ego MACT historical you go back into that and the pressure from peers the pressure from parents and family and where various peers is very strong and the price they are paying not being part of this established religious identity is too much so then they go back and they go back some of them go back into Judaism or into Christianity some of them go back into sort of science I’m into science I don’t believe in any spirituality I’m into you know health that sort of thing so this is what I call the u-turn so what do you think of my my my suggestion to people who are sincere they’re not sincere I have not no suggestion but it’s just sincere my suggestion is that you need to incorporate some of those poison pills into your practice so because then you’re walking around you are less vulnerable because if somebody wants you or pull you you go with that package yes so somebody wants you to have a million dollar tour you’ll say yes but I will have my Sanskrit I would have my multi I will have my colleague I I that I cannot get rid of those because that’s why so now you are safe because if they want you they want you as your true self yes so what do you think of this idea that that to to invest yourself with these poison pills and I use this term because it’s a it’s a term that works and it gets the point across that it’s poison for for ideologies they don’t want to accept all this so they have to either accept it as is or not accept it but they can’t tamper with it so what do you think of this oh no I agree with that I think we have to remain authentic if we’re if we are going to put ourselves out there as a spiritual teacher or some kind of representative of a spiritual tradition it seems to me that has to start with tremendous integrity and authenticity and if we start hiding parts of ourselves that don’t happen to fit with what the larger culture is perception comfortable perceptions are then I think we’re at risk of dissociating from what we truly are and that creates that’s why we see so many problems with somebody fallen teacher or so many teachers who are preaching celibacy but behind closed doors they’re engaging a little kinds of inappropriate sexual activity and that’s just one tiny example there’s so much think we see so much abuse of power because people aren’t being authentic and true to what they really are and are creating a facade that they offer to the world and then people it’s very dangerous and then people who are very vulnerable need a teacher who’s very charismatic and they think this person must be enlightened and they become a student of this person and then it turns out the person is not the person is on a power trip we’ve seen this over and over and over again so right I’m very critical of that so the another way of characterized this u-turn is the hijacking by the ego yeah the ego oh yeah so this spiritual but not religious is a temporary unstable equilibrium for many people it’s it’s vulnerable because you’re sort of improvising you are trying to please everybody one day you are here you like them one other day you are there with somebody like somebody else and you’re playing this game it’s a lot of duplicity right so it’s a kind of a itself epoch is hypocrisy in a sense Hedren and the ego as you know the ego loves to masquerade as god yes right the ego loves to trick us into thinking that it’s the true voice right so the egos in which has never been properly dealt with the person hasn’t really gone deep enough to deal with it it looks for an opportunity yes and it was sad always either with greed or some temptation or something and it hijacks all right so that’s when the u-turn happens yes definitely so that’s my study area study when I was looking at cross cultures and what’s happening to the whole Hindu kind of thing in the United States I’m looking at this syndrome to me this is a u-turn is a syndrome yeah when a whole lot of people u-turn they go into a foreign alien exotic space understand interesting things bring it back and then they have some goodies to sell to their home right market right right that hey I got this you know it’s like Indiana Jones kind of you know right cause back in Chisholm look where I’ve been yeah I’ve been into this frontier why the way it’s very dangerous you shouldn’t go there but I know how I don’t know yes I know how to do all these things I understand these guys and I have dropped brought back some fascinating things I can teach you so he kind of becomes intermediary and then eventually becomes kind of a guru himself this kind of fun that’s the egos journey now the result of recontextualizing all this knowledge into the home culture so into back into Judea Christianity or back into Western thought is helping him market it more because he’s making it more palatable yes right so you seen must have seen hundreds of people like that oh yes you must have you must you are a goldmine of information for my research because you know those guys okay so what happens is what I call digestion over a period of time that alien culture gets digested it look it’s it’s gone because it what was useful was part of the powerful culture yes yes so this is what happened to pagans yes yes yes right yeah so the whole worship of God is yes the whole this Christmas tree Easter symbolism so what was what would fit the judeo-christianity Nicene Creed the Christian I seen good I should say and what would fit the key tenets of Judaism those things that would fit were brought in and digested and made a part of the Christianity and Judaism making them more powerful yes and what wouldn’t fit is just crap and allowed to waste and out dude atrophy so the pagans were you know kind of abused and pagans are finished off but a lot of their good things are brought into Western civilization s so now when we say Western civilization we praise Plato yes Socrates yeah but they were payments yes so what happened with their religion yeah we don’t talk about it right we want to talk about their rationality and there are taken out of the context of their spiritual their religious ideology yes so if digestion continues with Hinduism one day we have Diwali as some kind of Christian festival of lights that Jesus always talked about light right over darkness the actual meaning and story and is gone yes so similarly now they are Christianizing the Hindu dance the merit Natyam dancer right these are stories of various kinds yes so the Christianizing yoga into Christian yoga yes so I call that digestion yes and I related I I think the analogy is like you know a predator tiger eats a deer or a goat and that predator is gone right what the tiger could use is part of the tiger right what he couldn’t use a pirate part of waist right side of the pile of waste material right so that’s what happens to a digested culture right so there is something wrong about it because you know we believe in diversity of flowers and trees and fruits and all of that and we believe in either the ecosystem having diversity of animals what about cultures and what about faiths what about deities right what about languages why why do we want to digest them and produce a monoculture right so don’t you feel that some of the trend I mean you resisted it but you are in the midst of you watching this all the time left to itself over in a long-term basis the whole what I’m calling Hindu culture would get digested so only what fits into Christianity or Judaism would survive right and what doesn’t fit the poison pills have to be taken out and thrown away right do you see what I put I see exactly we’re saying I’m thinking about because we live in a Dominator culture we live in a culture where the dominating culture has to devour everything so assimilation should not be homogenous ation assimilation should be distinct cultural religious etc groups living in harmony with each other exactly interest and mutual respect tolerance bright music tolerance is sort of like a very patronizing yeah it’s rich yes what an insult right I mean I don’t want to be tolerated yeah even more than mutual respect mutual embrace meter association yeah and but instead that’s not what assimilation is assimilation becomes a devouring is digestion yeah right right what the Corning is simulation is actually digest right and you know one of the forces of digestion is what I call domestication mm-hmm domestication means that now you’re not going to be dangerous right because your domesticated right you can live in my house right so you’re now educated right thing right like your domesticated horse right I’m doing that right so is collie being domesticated and you should avoid that right well maybe that’s why the iconography of Kali is so helpful because everyone is a very pilot yeah yeah it’s big it’s very protective yes yeah protects yeah you cannot domesticate yeah yeah yeah and that’s why the hit yeah yeah because she’s not domesticated mm-hmm and that’s why I love her do you do you see the point yes no totally yeah so now now now I want to talk about Mother Mary okay mother Mary is an attempt by a lot of in the 60s out of western women Christian women they discovered that okay in Christianity there is no feminine so they’re meant to discover goddess and so on hmm while you have stayed the course many felt that the pressure of returning back was too strong so whole lot of books were written by academic people that Mary is really goddess and Mary can substitute for Kali Durga and all of that and of course it started a big combat with the male-dominated Church doctrine okay so if they said that you’re bringing back this paganism in the name marry that’s exactly what about the pagans we rejected right I mean you’re bringing back all this deity stuff and all this Idol idolatry stuff and the feminine stuff that’s exactly what we kicked out that’s why we didn’t we digested the pagans and domesticated what we could and killed off what we could so this business of Mary as goddess has not really worked and so but it has misled a lot of people who were following Kali into thinking that we don’t need to follow her anymore right so what do you think of that what do you think of the whole Mary as daily syndrome which has been used as a way to digest yeah I can’t say much about it because I don’t really know much about it um but what you’re describing sounds to me very problematic I think and it goes back to what you’re saying before about the the digestion it’s like Mary as Mary Mary is not calling and Mary is a very important figure in Christianity but what Mary embodies is not what I am by yes she has a particular fruit defined role in the history yeah and a particular relationship and that that would yeah so so you know people lot of Christian women have made a big deal of using Marian sort of a safe haven to bring back a lot of Hindu ideas and yet put it in the facade of Christianity right I don’t even know about this but yeah yeah it says so so it seems that while you’re not a Hindu okay but from a Hindu point of view and I want to talk to my Hindu viewers now a lot of people ask me what’s wrong if some people adopt Hindu ideas without calling it Hindu and I’ve always said that there’s nothing wrong for a very advanced person who’s anchored and rooted in the principles and the ingredients of Dharma without calling it that provided they withstand all attempts to digest all attempts to distort all a 10 to domesticate provided they’re very strong and consistent about it which is very rare and therefore for a beginner it’s not a good idea for four to teach it to the masses it’s not a good idea because it will result in in dilutions distortions digestions and it will result in our civilization getting digested eventually so it’s not as a marketing strategy I do not accept it however if there is a person through whatever life journey they’ve had who is very very solidly anchored in Kali for instance or a particular deity and and says I don’t have a religious name for this this is my practice I think that’s wonderful I would go a step further and say someone like Susan can be a Trojan horse for us in fact you are so if you know somebody who is that solid for that wrong yes we can utilize them people often say why can’t we utilize the Christian attempt to make everything same and appropriate our symbols why can’t we utilize and infiltrate them to do that you need very extraordinary people you need people who really know the whole game and who are not going to give up and that happens only if inside you are rooted in your own own practice of Kali as in her case or some other dating that that has to be very strongly rooted and you have you are conscious that you are that this is a poison pill and you are be careful you’re conscious that it’s not like this is just some generic energy I can replace with somebody else it’s particularly calling that Kali specificity is strong in you yeah so when that specificity is very strong for a particular deity you are a walking talking poison pill mm-hmm in a sense definitely and and the more people are tracked towards you the more people embrace read your you know books and your listen to your videos and your tapes the more are attracted towards this whole idea this whole worldview so in a sense they are being digested in a sense in a sense the Kali can be so strong that Christians could be digested into this stop increased but then they cannot be Christian anymore do you see the point sure so you can you really cannot be in a halfway house right in this right you agree with that yes yes yes yeah so you see why in this you know spectrum of interviews I’m doing you occupy a specific place mm-hmm definitely yeah yeah you occupy a specific place as somebody who is not Indian and Hindu by birth who is exceedingly not there’s non-negotiable practice of Kali particularly and it’s very public you’re it’s not like in front of people you’re embarrassed you’re talking about it on your blog everywhere and you face whatever it comes that comes with it but this is not going to change and so this kind of a person is only a very small percent of the Westerners who went into the New Age and into the yoga and meditation and Hindu spirituality very tiny percent survived all that all the backlash and remained this course that’s my yes my experience yes yes yes yes definitely my experience too yeah yeah so I wanted to now discuss you are politically active on your website you are lobbying on the health care reform and the matters about Donald Trump and so on so you are not a spiritual person who has disconnected and disengaged from outer life you bring that spirituality to your outer life so tell us about it how does Kali work in that context well again I think because to me Kali is truth and because we’re in such a time of not truth it’s very important to be a strong voice for truth and Saturday and wisdom in the world right now after the election before the election of Donald Trump I was set to be on tour in California in the spring and I was also set to be touring in upstate New York when I returned from California and after the election I realized I can’t do this anymore I have got to withdraw from touring on the yoga circuit and I need to reclaim all the time that that that takes to devote myself to political work and to writing and so that’s what I’m doing now and it’s what can I say I just think it’s essential at the planet so here’s my the point I’m leading to in India there is a large-scale global attack on things I call Hindu then you call Carly worship and your album I still call it Hindu yeah yeah so there’s a huge attack there is what I call Hindu phobia in the media Indian in India India Indian media it’s back it’s exported from the West so this this tendency all these attacks against what we will be talking about have now been exported to India and so a lot of Indian kind of maladjusted people confuse people but up for grabs opportunistic people have been employed and they are now the dominant voice in the media so Indian media is Indu phobic the mainstream old media social media is different but the old mainstream media is actually anti Hindu it’s very strange cow slaughter India is the second largest exporter of beef in the world really yes and there is a whole cow slaughter movement where they just go buy cows and slaughter them just a short while ago in Kerala they this group these kind of people and they’re politically very powerful they are economically funded from the West a lot of Christian missionaries behind it so a lot of human rights groups prepare championing cow slaughter in the name of providing nutrition when the West itself is saying red meat is not good for you so we in the West it’s red meat is not good for you people are being asked to become vegetarian and vegan and so on but all the bad habits are being exported to destroy those cultures so there is also part of his whole digestion is destroying the source so the cow slaughter has reached such a shameful you know climax that just a few days ago in Kerala there was a public procession carrying the head of a calf holding it and carrying it to sort of to sort of instigate problems right just make people Hindu people feel bad and then in IIT Madras one of the prestigious institutions they had a beef eating fest beef eating you know binge eating beef publicly to just sort of they went to a Jain cafeteria where they serve really sattvic vegetarian food and they wanted to go and eat this stuff there to provoke and then claim that these guys have been attacking us and we were exercising our right by eating beef now this to me requires your attention you are you are and this your active politically in this country there is no geographical borders nowadays the there is a Dharma versus our Dharma happening globally there is a Kurukshetra it is not just in the bhagavad-gita one particular territory Kurukshetra is the word globalization is the Kurukshetra so we have all these forces fighting so people like you need to join us you need to join us because the people who are Hindu phobic and who are who are into this cattle disk out giling and murdering business and many other things like that are a global Nexus it’s not just some local people the it’s global powers that are united in bringing about this sort of a shift because India is a large space where these things are still available these things are happening the deities are there the sacred geography is there the mantra is there and they would like to finish it off because then they’ve really finished off the whole threat they’ve domesticated the all the potentials and they need out of the yoga they’ll have domesticated them digested then and removed all the threats so what I am saying is that it cause for you and many others like you would be to internationalize your engagement and to mobilize Westerners who really care about the Dharma and who really are interested in the true authentic yoga and so on to go and get involved in that and you can play an important role because firstly it in people in India should not know that all Westerners are against their culture they shouldn’t know that they should know that some people are against their cultures but some people are for that you and they should see the other side secondly you can counter some of the Western people by by having a credibility a voice that says it’s not like that what this guy is saying what this guy is preaching you to go and kill all the cattle and eat beef because it’s good for your health is not true because in the United States we know it’s not true so what he is telling you is not even practiced in the United States so I think this the hypocrisy of the Western Nexus in their attack assault and Indian civilization is so deep with the new regime I’m afraid it may get worse yeah some of these evangelist types will get a boost yes it go back to the faith-based initiative of the robe the reagan-bush era where the government is actually finding these people yes and they’re working hand in done with the CIA and doing all kinds of things so this is a new frontier for dharmic activists what do you think of that no I think it’s great I think you know what you’re describing the the cow slaughter it reminds me of the Nazis burning the books for of the Jews during World War two it’s horrible and I’m stunned to hear this I had no idea this was going on I think for me as a person of Jewish heritage the whole situation here with Trump and refugees and immigrants has been very disturbing to me I always was a kid growing up I wondered what would it have been for me if I if I was living in Europe during the Holocaust what would have happened to me and my family would anyone have been there to help me and I’ve actually locally I’m now involved with a group that’s working to help undocumented people here in the Princeton area because I believe so strongly in our system but yeah you’re saying bring it into a global and I think it well I’m seeing that particularly since you are practicing a certain lifestyle and there are there is a sacredness associated with things that are being abused Hindu deities are being abused in India Hanuman Ganesh there are so many movements in India with NGOs backing that and these NGOs up for the most part funded from foreign places in the name of progress science Human Rights all these BS they are actually destroying the Indian civilization so my plea to you is this you are harvesting the fruits of the civilization you should nurture the roots do you knew that yes definitely so we need to talk and you need to bring people together that I can have a discussion with and tell them what’s going on and why we need their help we don’t need their money we can I mean that money can be organized later but we need their intellect and we need their heart we need their voice they need to be part of this they need to go and counter this kind of a propaganda which is hitting India in a very terrible mm-hmm yes definitely yeah yeah yeah so you agree with that yes okay so with that I I and say this is what how I would say to my hindu followers when you meet somebody who says I’m respectful I’m not abusing I’m actually liking your tradition and I am good for your tradition look what I am doing you should move them through these stages first talk about you know the non translate ability of the mantra talk about the Devi the Shakti talk about the deities talk about all these things talk about the sacred geography one by one and see if they come on board when they come on board then you make the point that okay whether you call yourself a Hindu or not in practice in terms of the essence of what you are doing you are and then you can say okay then you discuss how this is a poison pill for you let Christianity which it is and you have to reason very systematically once you know once the person sure and this will happen with very few people like Susan green who have been in it for decades it will rattle and shake up most people most people when if they were to go through this kind of a conversation with me somewhere partway through it just want to jump off the bank and then say I know going anywhere you do that lot people will do that if they go all the way then you should say okay now we need your help why now we need you as part of our home team to counter all the stuff all the hindu phobia that’s going on so that’s the sequence I have followed to illustrate with the help of a person that I have known for a long time but I think there’s many more many more people like you that we have to identify I mean what you’re describing now sounds similar to what happened when the Chinese invaded Tibet and they destroyed all the Tibetan monasteries right right and there is a huge movement I was young but I remember there was a huge movement to help get the people out and get all the artifacts out and get all the art out and preserve it right it sounds like that’s similar to it yeah but in India we don’t want that that we abandon India and get all the art Oh No obviously what’s this I do is research you want to enter it there I mean the deities and the sacred geography and the mantras and the sacred books and texts and all that need to be protected and preserved so what we need to do is take the battle head on in the Kurukshetra itself so this sounds like the same dark money that’s doing all kinds of very devious things yes all over the planet is also doing this in India yes so the amount of its billions of dollars of foreign funded money that comes through various pretexts like you know when you see an ad that says feed a child do some church don’t just take it at face value it’s got all kinds of they’re very good at appealing to your heart and just guilt to get your money for a cause but I’ve tracked this I wrote a book called breaking India many years ago where I tracked a whole lot of money trades from the US and they don’t end up doing good things in India and so some of the organizations are Christian right organizations some of them claim to be human rights but they’re really not doing human rights and violating the human some of them claim to be animal rights but then what are animal rights doing about cow slaughter right you see so the this is a very dangerous thing going on right and the Trump administration is filled with these people well this is the the sad part is before the Trump administration the Democrats were not helping our case no the Germany was they were not helping our case they they they at best you could say they stopped the government funding of Christian evangelism in India but they did nothing to stop them they continued they continued this sort of thing under the garb of human rights they did not do it explicitly as evangelism but they did in the garb of human rights but really when you think about it the Western idea of human rights often is devastating to a local culture because let’s say the know definitely yeah and you know it’s a shame that the West is are adopting vegetarianism and these sort of things and yet accused yet going there and preaching just the opposite so one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing the people who are sucking in this knowledge and assimilating this digesting it are disconnected like you are not aware that there are other parts of the United States there are very hostile and involved in this way so my purpose in interviewing you is also to make you more aware that this is going on and we need your help so you’re going to help us yes so so Susan one more thing I want to do before we close I want to give you some of my books okay and these books will explain some of the things I’m working on the battle for Sanskrit is important to you because a horde this criticizes people in Columbia University and Ivy League’s whose idea of Sanskrit is to completely strip it of the mantra and the vibrations and the sound quality and to see it as a political language really a political language that is exploiting people because it’s all superstition is bad for people so that’s one of my books then there is this academic Hindu phobia this is academics were in the phobic in the United States and many of them originally start route in the 60s or 70s doing you know similar things to you but the u-turn right the u-turn they become very viciously against really they become because you know maybe they reclaim their old culture their own heritage their old identity and this is scary to them maybe they’ve gotten some different ideologies a Marxist ideology and religion is no good so this is the problem so I study some of the some of the these leaders in this book and then here is a book called being different being different is a book in which I I’ll take a Hindu Indian dharmic lens to look at Western culture mm-hmm so I’m actually talking about these very things so I’m talking about the history obsession today Christianity okay and then I’m using the deity the Dharma the the Shakti has counters to that and I’m talking about the non translate ability so also all sorts of things which the Western system would consider a poison pill but we would consider them to be non-negotiable right I’m showing the contrast right between the two well so that’s this book okay and then here is a book called indras net mmm-hmm because a lot of people say that hinduism is just a mishmash so you got bhagwad gita here and you’ve got kali there and you’ve got something there and there’s no connection and it’s just a malcolm so and also over time there’s discontinuity well this book shows not only historical continuity of these key principles but how they’re interrelated and inseparable and that’s wonderful so that’s a philosophical Union syntax of the tradition that’s close these are for you thank you yeah thank you so much and let me give you some CDs okay so these are the first two volumes of a larger musical project that I call the Mancha project the mantra project yes volume water Volume one daughter of the mountain yeah okay yeah these are both mine and volume two is all matches of the Sun so the first album has this is Surya Surya Namaskar yeah Surya Namaskar matches mantras okay good and this has Muhammad and Jaya and has Gayatri um it has devi mantras it has a beautiful ganesha mantra and so it’s all magic inspired music thank you yes you’re wonderful yes enjoy well thank you very much and with that I’ll say namaste and I will say to you and we continue this conversation so you organize something where I can come and have a little discussion with other like-minded people sounds good thank you so much yes thank you thank you thank you to help me you can do two things you can go to the subscribe button on my YouTube and subscribe we need more subscribers there secondly I get lots of emails on people saying how do we donate how can we help you you go to Rajiv Malhotra com or you go to infinity foundation calm and you can hit the donate button you can donate in dollars there are different ways mentioned if you want to donate in rupees there is a column called infinity foundation India and you click that and there are instructions on how you can donate in India [Music] you [Music]

62 thoughts on “Discussion with Suzin Green, a Kali Worshipper & Yoga-based Life Coach

  1. Great interview! Good to know there are Western Sanatani folks like Suzin who truly embrace Dharma for the essence of it and not ashamed of it. Great talk by Rajivji. Rajiv never fails! Points of disagreement = Yes, the current Trump admin, has been pushing its Christian agenda, renewing colonization efforts through the NGOs, sepoys & secularists in Bharat. But any alternative would have made no difference (think of Hillary being the POTUS!) America is a country with a selfish ideology. They only care about themselves & pretend they're helping the world. I don't really blame them though for being that self-centered. As far as Bharat is concerned, it does not matter who comes to power, Republican or Democrat. The American policy towards Bharat would not change much any time soon (unless Bharat becomes stronger, rooted in its true itihaas). Even if there are changes, it would be superficially cosmetic, something akin to Indian techies getting loads of H1-B visas. As with Suzin's disapproval of Trump & what's happening in the U. S. political arena, I must say, she is either deeply ignorant of the political scenario, the corrupt Clinton/Obama cabal, the lies they have been propagating to undermine the security of their own country in favor of personal/financial gain, the deep state involving the likes of billionaires such as George Soros who want to run America from the shadows or she has buried her head in the sand & is happy being naive.

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  9. Lord McCauley in his speech of Feb 2, 1835, British
    Parliament have said:- "I have travelled across the length and breadth of
    India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such
    wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such
    calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we
    break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural
    heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient
    education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is
    foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their
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    Indians are not slave of these whites anymore .It is over NOW!

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  11. Instead of wasting time arguing with people like John Matthews, we can invest time to understand our tradition with facts, history and correct information. This way, we don't get emotional but actually engage in debate with facts and reason. For my part, this is what I've learned in the recent times about caste discrimination in India.

    The original Indian tradition had jaati and varna. Jaati was a community of people engaged in certain professions like the Smiths of the western world. For example, the steel making people were a jaati and there were several thousand jaatis like this. There was competition among them but no Conflict or Hierarchy. When steel- making flourished, the corresponding jaatis
    flourished and when the steel industry went down, the associated jaatis went down. The varna system consisted of the Shudra, Vaishya, Kshatriya and the Brahmana. There was inter- mobility within the varnas and no one was stuck in one because of birth. For example, Sage Valmiki was born a Shudra but gained knowledge and became a Brahmana and of course, wrote the epic Ramayana. Ravana was born a Brahmana but chose to be a Kshatriya and thus the powerful ruler of Lanka. There are several examples of powerful Shudra kings in ancient India. Also, for Yagnas to be conducted in accordance with the Vedas, all 4 varnas were involved in terms of providing support/labor (Shudra), protection (Kshatriya), money/materials (Vaishya) and knowledge/implementation (Brahmana) and therefore, there was no question of untouchability. Throughout the 5th to 15th CE, all four varnas fought shoulder-to-shoulder protecting the country and its civilization from the Muslim invaders (there’s inscriptional evidence for all of this). Caste comes from the Portuguese word Casta (meaning race) and does not even have a Hindu/Indian origin. Nor is the discriminatory caste system described anywhere in the Hindu scriptures including the Purusha Sukhtam. Like in every other society, discrimination is a social human-centric evil. This happened with Hindus and in India as well when our original varnashrama degenerated and rigidity creeped in (well aided along by the British census machines). It is similar to the caste system of Europe where people involved in blue collar jobs and in menial jobs lived in terrible conditions with strong discrimination until even the 20th century, so even Christians enlightened by Jesus resorted to this social evil and what more, racial discrimination is still very much a part of the Western society which is majority Christian). Read these stories below:

    Contrary to what is told to us in history, the 1800s (when the British were just beginning their activities in India) India was very
    different from what we’ve been led to believe. Please read Dharampal’s works one of which is this book titled Beautiful Tree (link below) which sources information from the Britishers’ own records of India’s decentralized education system. For example, there was no caste discrimination in schools and in fact, Shudra children outnumbered Brahman children in the Madras Presidency. There are many more facts and statistics in this book that are an eye-opener and totally shocking! https://archive.org/stream/TheBeautifulTree-Dharampal/beautifultree#page/n5/mode/2up

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  13. Though Rajiv Malhotra is holding fort of Hinduism firmly and admirably in US, this interview is totally a wasted opportunity. Suzan Green is a Jewish lady practicing Bhakthi Yoga and Kali worship and found her own Moksha in that particular spiritual facet of Hinduism. But Rajivji talked more and Suzan was not allowed to explain her beginings of spiritual journey and experiences. The interview was totally one-sided with Rajiv Malhotra expressing his own unwarranted fears on Hindu Phobia. The interview did more injustice to our Hinduism as Rajivji was asking questions of Christian Hindu Phobia to a Jewish lady and was seeking her support to neutralize the Hindu Phobia of West. This was asking too much from the lady. Rajivji need not be so aggressive and concerned about Hindu Phobia from West or Other Religions as Hinduism, as a culture and tradition, would continue to flourish in spite of such imaginary threats as it did throughout 1000 years of invasion by foreigners. As long as the core principles of Hinduism – Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha- are practiced through four Ashramas-Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa-, the Sanatana Dharma, as Hinduism is now called, would continue to flourish in India irrespective of Western onslaughts or their misunderstood propaganda. World, particularly West, has come to a stage where they cannot ignore any longer these spiritual traditions, practices and strengths of India and Sanatan Dharma and would source and assimilate this spiritual knowledge of India for betterment of world. It would happen certainly in future sooner than later. So Rajivji, please continue your great work in US, but not in panic-stricken and reactionary way. Sanatana Dharma or Vedic Civilization survived on the strengths of its own Truths for thousands of years and it doesn't require crutches from any one, here in India or outside.

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  23. I Understand… From Which Phase Sir Rajiv is going through. But The Lady Suzin.. jee is very humble. And Understands Feelings of Bharatiya Music and Dhwani quite a bit. Rajiv Sir… Is in a mode of Arjuna who is Standing in a deep Khashatriya… And Can See Very Clearly…. With Large And Wide Vision… In which Our Country Bharat and Hindu .. is going through. Yes…. It is Absolutely True. We Bhaartiya are Suffering from a Deep" Identity Crisis".

  24. Aur Rajiv Ji kee Chinta Gehan Chinta.. ekdum jaayaz hai. You can see in most of his talks and interesting others. Sir Rajiv is Transmitting Verryyyyyy Muchhh Significant… To all of Us Youths. Aur Unka transmission of light kae karm Ko samajhkar hum sab yuvaa Ko vaisa hee Naya Bharat Nirman mein bahutttt karnae mein Sahayak hai. To Understand Rajiv Sir.. One has to Understands himself as a. ArJUN.who is prepared . Already. Now We Youths have To become Arjun.

  25. Mainae Mahasant Osho hee SAE Sunaa hai.. his jagh jiskae His Desh kae Chitt mind mein. Arjun paida honae lagta hai… Vahan kae Chitth mind or being mein… Krishna bhee Apnae aao Prasfutitt ho jaate hain. So . . Yes. . A Gehan Dhanyavaadam VA Pranaam Karti huun aisae Sir Rajiv!!. Actually And Truly Rajiv ji Sir Crossed and played the part of Arjun already. I feel and SEE Sir Rajiv is in mid of Krishna Arjun. Dhanyavaadam. Pranaam.

  26. She doesn't understand Dharma if she doesn't believe in reincarnation. Karma, reincarnation and Dharma are linked.

  27. Suzin does not believe in reincarnation, how is she a Hindu then. Is she one of those westerner where they cherry pick some concepts of Hinduism so that their Biblical touches are not endangered.

  28. A perfect conversation, one keeps on talking and the other uninterruptedly goes hmm, hmm 😂
    Jokes apart, I am a big fan of Rajivji and watch all his videos without fail. Proud to be a follower of sanatan dharma

  29. India is the spiritual centre of the world – Parama Purusha / the Supreme Being will not allow dharma to be destroyed in India. On the contrary – dharma will grow and will spread to the rest of the world. No conqueror has ever been able to destroy the great Indian civilisation – because it has the spirit of tantra behind it. Capitalism is what will be destroyed – and that day will be a day of liberation for the whole world from the stranglehold of greed and power. All the matter-centred philosophies and those that are based on dogma will fall and only truly god-centred philosophy will remain on this earth. So India has nothing to fear from the desperate and feeble attempts of the capitalists and the religious missionaries. Dharma is great and indestructible and those who try to destroy it will themselves be destroyed. I am born in the west but think in terms of dharma. There are many others who are the same. Indians need to wake up to their great cultural heritage and to uphold dharma, not to ape the west in its mad rush to materialism, which is ultimately empty and which is destroying the planet. The western capitalist interests have infused inferiority complex in Indians by design – this needs to be shaken off. Pseudo-culture is spread through degenerate films and media from the west and overtakes local Indian culture. Indians now speak and dress and act like westerners and aspire to materialism. This is not western culture either – this is capitalist pseduo-culture that has overtaken genuine culture in the west and is designed to turn the whole world into a uniform market for its products. Read the works of Shri Shri Anandamurtiji, guru of Ananda Marga, particularly his Progressive Utilisation Theory – PROUT – a new socio-ecomonic system based on dharma. Know your own glorious culture and don't blindly follow the west!

  30. He, Mr. Rajiv Malhotra is doing what adi Shankar acharya has done in India, is doing globally, perticulatrly in USA. Great job, arise awake utisha jagrat pryapya varan nibodhitah, surasya dhara dugam path tat kaviyoh vadanti.

  31. Westenise Indian are doing great harm to india, perticulatrly marxists& communists. They infiltrated our universities, this communists controls them, adultrate the young intelligent young minds, then use them to attack our ancient traditions& culture. So unite hindus, perticulatrly highly educated Indians. Chinmaya groups, swaminarayan groups, vivekananda& ram Krishna missions have such young swami who have profound knowledge of vedas, true meanings, so they can destroy these greedy Christian judisem supported by chuchurs, even a list, foundations, even fbi& Greenpeace like many ngos who are continuously systematically destroying roots of our knowledge &'converting them, another group is Muslim wahabi middle eastern groups. Our Indian leaders&!some big business houses also supports them knowingly or unknowingly. They must tell them the reality.

  32. I auto-like all of the Rajiv's vids and did this one as well – but once she started her anti-Trump rant, I HAD TO unlike – my first ever!

  33. The day I saw this video I translated the essence in kannada and shared it in comments box…. I still look forward to the joint effort of indo-american dharmik society in stopping go-hatya and promotion of vegetarianism in bharat.

    Here in link for my translated pdf…..

  34. felling kali ( energy / mother of living and non living ) in chanting ……. supreme felling by any human. by any non living

  35. Rajiv Malhotra is great and he deserves great respect for protecting Hinduism from leftist, cultural marxists and evangelicals.

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