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  1. I am with you! Love how you lured us in with the promise of lots of twisting and then slipped in some challenging side planks. Keep the surprises coming!

  2. I came home from work a ball of stress, and feel much more calm now- twisted that stress right out- great practice today! Thanks Tim 😌

  3. Still here on day 3! It's been a few years since I've done yoga and I'm carrying about 15lbs that I'm not used to! I had Vertigo back in May so my brain is having to relearn what and where balance is. I'm doing what I can and modifying when I need to but I've actually surprised myself on being able to hold some poses. I have to do my class after work so it's great seeing posts on Facebook and Instagram that makes me want to get home and get the class started. Thanks Tim and Ollie!

  4. Still with you. You nailed it again today Tim. Really hot and a little bit frightening here is South East Australia with our country burning but your video today really helped calm my mind as well as challenge my body. Thank you.

  5. I loved this practice ! I feel that my body get stronger but I have some problems with flexibility , I think it is going to be better with more practice right?

  6. Day 3 done! I know you've encouraged us in past sessions to use blocks when going into a lunge and I often forget. It really helps me get my foot up to my hand smoothly. Thanks!

  7. Loved the guidance into the twists with a soft belly. What a difference! The Savasana and mindfulness was lovely at the end. Heading to Huatulco Mexico, can't wait to continue on there, thanks Tim!

  8. I always watch the videos through the day before to make sure it is one I can do. Looking forward to this one. I was sure when Ollie got up he was going to go over and lift his leg on one of the bushes behind you.

  9. Day 3 and still with ya! Love the way you ended this session. Really helped me get through today! Any suggestions for tight neck and shoulder exercise? Thanks so much!

  10. Still hanging in there! Finished today's challenge despite major hay fever. And what should I say. You helped me to catch my breath 🙂

  11. Thanks for a challenging day 3, Tim. I felt as though my spine was gently ‘wrung out’ like a piece of clothing after the session! Loidee

  12. Still in with rug burn on elbows and all!😂I must pull out the mat. Thank you for sharing the light and energy. Very empowering. A little sore in the ribs which tells I’m out of shape ..😅but not for long. I’m committed 🙏🏼✨

  13. I totally don't get how you bring the knee up so high and lightly plant your foot by your hand. I've got long arms and thought that might help get me space but maaaaate I'm like unco as with this action. So either my down dog is too long…or…my hands are too close together…or I'm doing the wrong 30 day Challenge and need the like for the beginners lessons maybe?

  14. Hi Tim, still with you. Day 3 was tough but I learned quite a few things going through the practice. Twisting while maintaining a mountain back … putting a block in position 3 while stepping foot between hands from Adho mukha svanasana…priceless. Thanks to your explanations and guidance, I'm at the beginning stage where downward dog feels like a resting pose. Namaste

  15. Still with you.Although I suffer from palidromic rheumatoid I'm able to keep up till now.See you on the mat tomorrow.

  16. Felt good! I’m one day behind now because the videos aren‘t up in time for my 6am CET morning practice 😉. But that’s ok. I‘ll keep going!

  17. Thanks so much for Day 3! Since I have my exams in January and I sit all day studying, this challenge helps me a lot with posture and stress relief. Thanks Tim! 🙂

  18. Still with you! I love you sessions and always follow you. Really enjoying the challenge and I loved 5e extended mindfulness moment at the end. 🙏🏻

  19. Day 3 certainly brought the 'challenge' element! Loved the beautiful setting for this practice and the addition of a few moments of meditation, namaste.

  20. I had not been practicing for a while and started with my third year challenge now and it feels sooo good🙏 thanks for getting me started with your enthousiasm and great tips during the sessions👍

  21. Loved the slightly longer shavasana and reflection/intention setting in seated pose before finishing. Namaste Tim.

  22. Day 3! Struggling a bit during the transitioning from chair to lunge. Love the twist session. My spine feels awesome! Thanks Tim, can't wait for Day 4!

  23. Another great class, Tim. Thank you. Namaste from the beautiful City of Bath in the UK. I miss California at this time of year, though…

  24. Great challenge! Today was day 488 in a row of yoga for me! Unfortunately I had a fall on my right wrist (unrelated to yoga) so I can't put pressure directly on my right wrist to do things like plank or downward dog. I have been doing two different modifications and I would appreciate any input about which is better or what to watch out for as I do these modifications. Sometimes I stack two blocks and place my right elbow on them (they match the height so I can outstretch my left arm and have my right arm on my elbow and do plank or downward dog). Sometimes I just do plank or dog on my forearms. Any concerns or recommendations about either of these modifications? Thanks for being a great resource. I can always count on finding a video that fits what I need!

  25. still in with my 1 day delay! i enjoyed this 3rd day, but was not sure how to modify for some of the poses that put strain on the knees (i have bad knees with limited bending abilities), so if there's any modification tips you could give, i'd very much appreciate them! thanks and have a great day!

  26. Still here Tim. Appreciate the good quality yoga and positive energy you transmit. I hope to catch a live class with you later this year when I’m back in CA.

  27. Another great practice (I slipped a day). Great start for a rainy day in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Thank you Tim!

  28. Started one day later so I am one day behind, but am loving the 30 day challenge. Have done two other 30 day challenges with you and they have all been terrific. Today I especially liked the longer quieter savasana and meditation. Thanks a million for being so generous with your knowledge. Also love the view and especially Ollie, the little four legged furry buddha. Namaste!

  29. Hi Tim, still with you; did days 2&3 in a row – got a bit behind.. was tough but persevered.. 🧘🏾‍♀️

  30. Still here – running a day behind. Those planks with twists were tough but already feeling stronger. Thanks Tim 😀

  31. Hi Tim.

    My apology for eventually asking a question, you’ve already answered among all comments below:

    What do you mean with saying:
    ‘as you soften your belly back’?

    Is it the same meaning as ‘drawing the navel back towards the spine’ or?

    Thank you for the lovely, meditative and challenging slow speed in todays practice. And for the silence surrounding the practice.

    Of course I’m still here – this is great!

  32. Thanks Tim. Grateful for this challenge. So smokey here from the Australian bush fires that exercise inside is the only option

  33. Catching up here and feeling really good!
    I'm very grateful for your teaching Tim, as it such a mindful practices.
    I have a question though, I don't know what happen with my wrists. I don't find it stiff but sometimes it hurt a little bit. What can I do to make it go away? Thanks a lot Tim!

  34. I’m a little bit behind but still going. I found day 3 challenging but I stuck with it and feel great afterwards. That’s again, Tim!

  35. hi Tim, I loved day 3, but I broke a number of bones in my left wrist years ago so I cant stay as long in plank as it will bring pain, however I felt such release in my chest area from the twists, love the view my great aunts lived in Laguna beach and I can still remember my first experience as a child coming over to them from Ireland and seeing the view and my first taste of an apricot from their tree, thank you for bringing that memory back to me

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