Damn This 5700XT Runs Hot Holy Heat Wave Batman!

what’s up Tech fans how’s it going out there so check this out we all know that there are a lot of different aftermarket Navi cards on the market we’ve taken a look at a few hopefully we’re gonna be taking a look at a few more but Before we jump in today’s video let’s take a look at today’s sponsor surf shark VPN is your online privacy important to you I know it is to me and surf shark guarantees your privacy surf shark encrypts all of your internet traffic sent to and from your device they also hide your IP address so you can have full autonomy when you’re online and on top of that surf shark can block ads trackers malware and phishing attempts so you know you’ll have full protection and that peace of mind of being safe when you’re surfing online plus Surf Shack has over 800 servers in over 50 countries so you can find surf shark wherever you need it around the world you can even try out surf shark for free on any iOS Mac OS or Android device and what’s even better right now use the code T ot deal and you’ll get an extra eighty three percent discount as well as an extra month for free make sure you guys check out the link down below so don’t get bit use the surf shark VPN today alright Tech fans so for now this particular card rounds up our aftermarket xt card toefl have some more coming in from people like asrock and other companies but for now this is the last one of the lineup and this is the raw 2 by XFX and it does seem like these names lee they’ve been kind of fun the kind of morning breakfast kind of now we got the raw to pretty much all these cards are geared overclocked right out-of-the-box and all that good stuff I’m sure by night you guys have already know about our DNA stuff all about all the free sing to all the great stuff they have you know for making all of your visuals looking great basically what they’ve done is they’ve taken all of the technology anti-lag and all that stuff that that nvidia has on their side incorporated into our DNA and made it so that all your graphics looked really great especially if you’re using a free sync or free sync to monitor that’s where the you know the really key points gonna come in as those two technologies shaking hand and making it happen so with that said though let’s take a look at this particular card I’m going to just get it out of the box I mean you guys have said it a billion times you don’t really care too much about the box I’m not gonna do too much but I will at least show you the front of the box and then show you the back of the box that way at least you know you can say that you have seen it in this particular video now let’s go ahead and just shake the card on out of here what do you do now one thing I am gonna gonna say that the difference between any of the xt cards or any of the 5700 standard cards that not much of a difference between really any of them I’m just gonna say that there’s a little bit of difference in cooling and how loud they are but as far as performance goes that was a marginal difference okay so its first time I’ve seen that I’m completely it’s devoid it’s a nice little cardboard piece that is used to try to eliminate the cameraman damnit he ducked that’s cheating brother no more cheating when I throw stuff you stand still alright so I’ve got a little XFX installation guide Ellen once again no driver disk included I you wouldn’t happen to like that though we mentioned that in other videos that’s a good thing who needs all that stuff in there then you’ve got the card itself and this is a big giant heavy super-duper card so let’s see what okay good thing is though if you’ve got an old-school power supply you do get the two molex – let’s see it’s probably a single six pin – single 8 pin that’s exactly what it is just like all the rest of the cards like I said a very marginal difference big difference however this particular card is it has a giant super huge heavy weight cooling component on I can tell you that right now this card is just huge now take a look at the top of this card you guys can see there’s a couple fans right on top this particular card is even more basic in its design but there are some really cool accents that you can see around the side of the card now underneath the hood what you can’t see is that this card has a game clock of seventeen hundred and fifty-five megahertz and it also has a boost clock of nineteen hundred and five megahertz now down below the cooling shroud is a really nice cooling apparatus this thing is actually pretty big which is gonna make this card actually almost be three slots design so it is a pretty thick card it’s pretty funny because the other card is called the thick – but it looks like the raw – is actually the thicker of the two cards which is just kind of crazy now on the side right here you can see there’s a single six pin single eight pin power connector 650 watts is what they recommend as far as the power supplies for power in these things once again we see a really nice backplate it seems like this is pretty much gotten to be the norm now if you’re gonna have a pretty good card at least you’re gonna have a nice backplate only really the lower end cards these days don’t have back plates also you guys can see all of the heat fins and heat pipes they’re all permeating on the card I’ve said this a million times I’m gonna waste my time I’m pretty sure by now you guys know how the technology works to do all of the cooling not taking a look at the rear i/o port most of the cards out there have the identical layout it’s three display ports a single HDMI port this one happens to have the XFX name on the end of it now one thing to take note of though is this card will support 8k monitors it’ll only do it at 60 Hertz so at 1080p you get 240 Hertz at 1440p you get 240 Hertz at 1440p ultra wide you get 190 Hertz 4k 120 Hertz and like I said 8k is at 60 Hertz and if you’re someone out there and you just happen to have one of the latest 8k TVs well guess what you know your card will support it I know that the Samsung monitor that’s out there the original 8k monitor it has free sync to support so if you want to use that particular TV with this card it would absolutely look great um really I think that all of the aftermarket cards look really nice whether they have two fans or they have three fans they’ve all been really nice some of the nice things about this particular card are the accents that around the side I think that these just look really neat I mean they’re really small things about that and then obviously you know on the top here you have XFX this is gonna light up for you and everything so inside your system you can have it lighting up and all that good stuff with that said though this is pretty much the card like I said it’s a big heavy card it’s supposed to have really great cooling I would think that maybe some of the cards that have three fans are probably gonna you know be a little bit cooler but we’ll have to see how this one does with that said though let’s real quick let’s check out our test system we use an open air testbed this is a really nice system from inland we’ve got a really nice asus motherboard we’ve got an i7 8700 k we’ve got 32 gigabytes of memory for our boot drive we have a nice SSD and for all of our games and storage we have a really nice Seagate Barracuda 2 terabyte drive we’re using all the latest drivers that are available at the time this video and windows is fully updated to the latest edition with that said though let’s see how this card compares to all of the aftermarket cards and as well as a few of those bad boys from Nvidia as well [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] now as far as the temperatures go I think you guys are going to be a little surprised because the edge temperature of this card is at 72 Celsius and the junction temperature is at 94 Celsius and this is about 10 degrees hotter than any of the other cards that we’ve tested all right Tech fans so here is the breakdown of this particular card right off the bat I’m gonna say that as far as Noby cards go this card runs really really hot it does run cooler than the super cards from Nvidia but as far as the Navi cards this one is definitely running hotter than the rest of the bunch now it’s gonna come to market at about four hundred and nineteen dollars the thick to card is about thirty dollars more that card is a little bit more overclocked and it does stay cooler I don’t care what anybody says if you go look at the reviews around the world there are more people that actually said that card ran good than the one or two people who might have said that it didn’t run good so I’m gonna go buy more people versus a couple people might have just had bad luck with the card but this particular card is running hot I mean let’s just face it I mean when you’re running like about 10 degrees hotter than the other Navi cars that’s a little bit on the hot spectrum so if you’re looking to get a card to get the absolute best boost that you’re wanting to get for your money maybe you want to look somewhere else now the fans do have over shut off you’re playing RPG games or anything like that that doesn’t stress the card out the fan just completely shut down so there’s no noise whatsoever never playing the latest first-person shooters playing DirectX 12 games and really stressing out you know everything that’s out there as far as features yeah the card will probably be running a little bit hotter and the fans will be spinning even at full blast though it’s not like a lawn more anything like the old days it’s still bearable you know it’s not like in the old days some of those cards were seriously seriously cringe-worthy as far as the fans go that’s what they had you know names like you know lawn blowers and all kinds of crazy names just for the fans because they blew so crazy that’s just nuts but these are okay the two o’clock speeds that you get this card are pretty good they’re not the fast on the market they’re not the slowest in the market I mean the card beyond the fact that it does I think hotter than their cart is a nice card I’m not going to give a knitters choice or anything because the fact that it does just run hotter than the other cards and that to me just kind of takes away you know from certain things although for looks it looks great you know has really nice aesthetics to the car that’s kind of really simple I think there’s nothing to like Oh glaring about it there’s no you know crazy RGB lights flashing all the place you know what I mean so and last but not least before I bounce out of here if you guys happen to like would you see today make sure you hit the subscribe button also if you want to check out surf shark VPN we’ll have that link down below make sure to protect your privacy if you’re online and it means something to you also web links to all of our different social media our music and all that other good stuff plus links to other cards if you want to check out reviews or maybe buy one for yourself I’m our cue been watching teka tomorrow peace

45 thoughts on “Damn This 5700XT Runs Hot Holy Heat Wave Batman!

  1. This card performs very well, but it is thee hottest aftermarket card we have tested yet of the RX 5700 XT Variety. What do you guys think?

  2. Keep up the great work! I wanna be like you when and if my channel starts to make a difference. True inspiration.

  3. Here we go again AMD !! Thank you to bring back the solar volcano heat of your 3870X2 and 4870X2 i loved so much when those things almost melted down my dvi cables back of my case.

  4. Any chance of a test of the asrock 5700xt? I bought one and would like to see how it stacks up against the other partner cards. Did I make a wise choice or screw myself with my impatience?

  5. I just had to leave this here because you said all the cards are pretty.. no, no they are not bro. That card is ugly. Have a nice day! 🙂

  6. Could you do a test of the Asus TUF X3 RX 5700XT it is the one I am considering since it is only 20 dollars more and it looks like it has some serious cooling and a decent design but I can't find a review of it.

  7. XFX seems to just suck all around. First their cards just disappoint compared to every other aftermarket card. Then they lash out at Gamers Nexus when XFX is in the wrong. Damn they really need to turn things around.

  8. That's not the kind of hotness I want but at least it's on the cheaper side among the other versions. Have a good week Elric.

  9. It has a larger heatsink than the pulse, wanna know why it runs hot?

    Because XFX uses shit thermal paste!.

    I had the same issue with my XFX RX 480 GTR Black Edition. Stock settings and it was reaching 78 degrees. Changed the thermal paste and dropped temps by 10 degrees.

  10. Amazing to see you making more great videos after all the tough times at the hospital. Thank you Elric! Been subsribed since the motherboards.org days. Most memorable video was your BF3 beta video 🙂

  11. not a hater or anything but you go out of context alot and talk wayyyy to many things that dont have to do with the main plot
    love yur channel and this is the first time ive seen you do this butr my 2 cents much love

  12. That’s really toasty for a card on an open air test bench. Can you tell us what that fan speed was during testing? These new “smart” cards auto clock up and only spin the fans as needed to maintain max speeds…. some of that software is questionable… ie it lets itself decide what temp is too hot. Is there fan rpm headroom to maintain lower temps without the lawnmower sound effects?

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