Daily Exercise for Diabetes

What’s so important about exercise or
interesting about It. Well doctors tell us that we’re supposed to exercise three
times a week for 30 minutes and that exercise we normally are looking at
things like running or going to the gym. But that’s not the exercise that I’m
talking about. This exercise that we tend not to look at and we don’t recognize
this as exercise, is important to pay attention to. Many people don’t look at
these little teeny places we do exercise. Like looking for our keys, even taking a
shower. If we’re standing still in the same spot for an hour we burn off carbohydrates.
They’re usually carbohydrates we’re not considering or managing our blood sugar.
When we’re giving our insulin we’re not thinking about that we’re gonna be
rushing out the door, we’ve misplaced our keys, we look for 15 minutes and
we’ve just burned off maybe 10 carbs. Because we are rushing around all of
a sudden we have a low blood sugar. We started off at 80 mg/dL and now
we’re at 60 mg/dL and this is why it’s so important to pay attention. I live in New
York City so I take the subway and if I don’t pay attention to that I have to
walk a block or two then get on a subway train and walk a couple more blocks and if I
don’t pay attention to that then my blood sugar can go low before I
even get to work. I’ve calculated over time, it burns off about 15 carbs for me.
That’s a lot! So, if I leave my home at a hundred or 120 mg/dL, I could be down to 60 mg/dL or 50 mg/dL by time I get to work. If, I don’t eat something that’s 15 carbs before leaving.
So these are the little subtle things that it’s important for us to pay
attention to. What is exercise and What is exercise for you? And, think about how
you could adapt management to include the extra little tiny exercises that we
do every day. My name is Eliot LeBow. I hope you enjoyed my blog and you have a
good day!

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