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On this episode of “Throttle Out,” we’ll be
taking this Jeep from lightly modded to fully capable. So in the shop today, we have a lightly armored
JLU. Now, right now this is totally able to tackle
some lighter trails while also turning some heads with this custom dip. But I’ve chosen some very functional, stylish,
and convenient mods that are gonna take that to a whole new level. Now, in this build, we’ll be incorporating
some high quality as well as some high performing parts ready to tackle any trail while still
remaining roadworthy and having some more aggressive styling than it already has. So with that being said, let’s jump into the
build. So adding a lift kit to your Wrangler is gonna
offer you a number of different advantages and benefits. And the lift kit that I chose is the Teraflex
2.5-inch Sport S/T2 Suspension Lift Kit with 3.1 Falcon Piggyback Shocks. So this is gonna come with everything that
we need to create a very comfortable street driving experience, while also being able
to dish out a lot of that performance while on the trail. Now, this is going to have S/T in the name,
which stands for street and trail. And this lift kit is perfectly tuned for a
really good blend of street and trail driving, which is exactly what I wanted to see out
of this build. So this is gonna do a really good job at opening
up some room in the wheel well for some better articulation and up travel off-road, while
also gaining a lot of room for some larger wheels and tires, which is something that
we’ll get into in just a minute. Now, not only is this going to do a lot for
performance, but like, I said earlier, we wanna create a more aggressive look out of
our Wrangler. And this lift kit is gonna help us do that,
leveling out the rake in the hood, creating a more aggressive stance. So one thing that I really like about this
lift kit is that it comes with a bunch of components that will accommodate for that
extra 2.5 inches of height that we’ve put on our Wrangler. Now, one of the big things that is going to
be responsible for some of that adjustment is the front lower control arms. This is going to wreck that caster angle. And this is also going to eliminate any weird
driving characteristics that we would get after lifting our Wrangler. So speaking of ride quality, one of the components
that is most responsible for that is gonna be your shocks. And these 3.1 Piggyback Shocks are not only
gonna give you some street comfort, but they’re also gonna be ready to dish out that performance
when we hit the trail. So these are gonna be a little bit stiffer
than your factory shocks because these are gas-charged as well as a reservoir shock. So this is going to reduce body roll when
going around corners, and they’re also going to be able to handle some bumps at higher
speeds. With the reservoir directly mounted to the
back of the shock body, this is gonna increase our flow which is something that we really
need when we’re working the shock really hard and it’s also going to be very durable, made
of a tough aluminum construction. So I personally really like this lift kit
and it’s a high quality and a high performing lift kit. I’m gonna go ahead and finish this up and
then we can jump into our next mod. So our next mod is gonna go out to this wheel
and tire setup, which is the Pro Comp 17×9 Wheels wrapped in a 35-inch Falken Wildpeak
All-Terrain Tire. And it’s really gonna complement that 2.5-inch
lift that we just put on our Wrangler. Now, this is gonna be very functional with
the tire size as well as the construction. And starting off with that tire size, this
is gonna give us a lot of room in the wheel well to work with when we’re off-road. So we’re gonna have a lot of room for up travel
and articulation, but it’s also going to really fill out the wheel well very nicely giving
us an aggressive-looking Jeep and an aggressive stance overall. Now, this is an all-terrain tire which is
going to give us that perfect split between street and trail performance. This is gonna have a pretty aggressive lug
for an all-terrain tire, providing us a lot of traction for those trails when we go off-road. This is going to also have some mud-terrain
characteristics, including that self-cleaning aspect, which is something that is pretty
important with off-road performance. So essentially what self-cleaning is when
you give your Jeep a little gas, is flip all of that extra mud that’s stuck in the lugs
out, which is really important as far as traction goes. And because we didn’t go really big with the
wheel, we went right in the middle with a 17×9, we’re gonna get a decent amount of sidewall
here to air these down. These lugs on the side are really gonna help
us out so we can wrap around obstacles while we’re out on the trail. So not only are the tires going to be very
functional and help us out with our aesthetic, but the wheels are too. These are actually gonna be a perfect size. These aren’t gonna be too big and flashy,
but they’re not gonna be too small. These are gonna give us a decent amount of
sidewall while the matte black finish is gonna go very well with our color scheme and the
riveted accenting on the side is going to give us that very aggressive styling, which
is exactly what we want for this build. Let’s go ahead and jump into our next mod. So our next mod is gonna give us a lot of
accessibility, style and a lot of heavy-duty protection and that’s gonna go onto the Rock-Slide
Engineering Gen II Step Sliders. So now that we’ve added 2.5 inches of lift
to our Wrangler can be pretty difficult to get in and out very easily. But thanks to these, this is gonna give us
instant accessibility as soon as we open up our door. So now that the door is open, a step is going
to come out immediately and this is going to give us a good stepping surface to make
sure getting in and out of our cab is as easy as possible, especially on our day to day. Now, as soon as we’re finished with our step
slider, we can close our door and they tuck right back up into themselves, making sure
that this is gonna give us the clearance that we need to take this thing out on the trail. So this is going to be incredibly durable,
making sure that it’s gonna stand up to any obstacle, made of an 11 gauge CNC cut steel. So this is going to give us some underbody
protection and some outward protection. So if we were to go out to the trail and drag
over any obstacle our underbody will be okay. Or if we take our Jeep to the store and somebody
opens up their door in the parking lot, our body is gonna be protected because this is
gonna come out a little bit. Now, what I really like is the fact that this
tucks very high and tight to the rocker. It’s gonna give it a very sleek look. The black powder coat is really going to complement
the other black accents that we have on our Wrangler. So now that we’re finished up with these,
let’s jump into our next mod. So our next mod is right up front and it may
be a smaller mod compared to our other ones, but it’s definitely gonna make the difference. So this is the RedRock 4×4 trail 13-inch short
antenna and it’s not only gonna help us out with our styling, but it’s also gonna be very
functional as well. So this is gonna be a lot shorter than our
factory antenna and this is also gonna give us a very sporty look to our Wrangler. If we go out on the trail and this does take
a hit, this is gonna be flexible and it’s also gonna have a black weather resistant
rubber coating on the outside, which is gonna hold up and last a very long time. This is also still gonna give us some pretty
good reception even though this is a shorter antenna. So now that we’ve wrapped up with the antenna,
let’s head upfront and check out our last mod. So our last mod is mounted right upfront on
our bumper here, and this is gonna be the Smittybilt 9500-pound XRC winch with the recovery
pack. And I’ve also added this Smittybilt aluminum
shackle too to make sure that this is the complete package. Now, we could add all the mods in the world
but when you’re stuck, you’re stuck, and you need some extra insurance out on the trail
and this is exactly what this Smittybilt winch is gonna do. So this has a 9500-pound pulling capacity,
which is actually gonna be perfect for our setup. We don’t have a lot of heavy armor going on
and we’re not carrying a bunch of extra stuff up on top or inside of our Wrangler. This is going to be a lower pulling capacity,
but serve our build very well. Now, this is also gonna have a steel line
which takes out all the extra maintenance that a synthetic line would and it’s also
gonna be a little bit more cost-effective. This is gonna be a very well built winch. This is gonna be IP67 rated, meaning that
it’s waterproof as well as dustproof. This has a three-stage planetary gear system,
a 6.6 horsepower motor, and a 161 to 20 to 1 gear ratio. This is also going to have a very sleek matte
black body which is gonna match with any other of our matte black accessories really going
with our black and white theme. Now, speaking of that black and white theme,
our shackle is going to fit into that very nicely. With the winch kit, you also are getting a
tow hook and I wanted to take it a step further. I wanted to make this thing more functional
and higher quality and that’s where the shackle steps in. This is gonna be a little bit safer because
this is a closed unit. So when you’re in a recovery situation and
you have your tow hook, that’s gonna have a little clasp on it that you clasp onto a
D-ring. Now, that little clasp can end up failing
because that is an open unit. With this, you’re hooking the D-ring through
this, and this is not going to fail as easy as a tow hook would. Now, tow hooks still are incredibly durable. But like I said, I wanted to take this a step
further. This is going to have a 17,000 proud pulling
capacity. This is definitely gonna get the job done. And that’s why I want it paired with this
build. It’s gonna look good mounted up completing
the look of our front bumper, but if we need it, it’s there. So that’s gonna wrap it up for this episode
of “Throttle Out.” Make sure you guys comment down below and
tell me what you guys think of this build, what would you add to this JLU or what would
you do differently. Also, make sure that you like and subscribe
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  2. Very nice build! Not wild about the white front bumper but it’s different and not terrible. Love the suspension lift kit! You should add the Rugged Ridge low profile version of their new snorkel, it would go well with the Street/Trail theme. Also maybe the Rhino Rack Backbone system & Pioneer Rack would be a nice black accent on top. Keep up the great work!

  3. Great lift but Falcon shocks are overkill for daily driving and moderate trails. The VSS 9550's work just as well for daily use and a bit easier on the pocket book.

  4. Jeep claims the Rubicon JLU can accommodate 35's without lift, most people recommend 2" of lift anyway if you want 35's but my question is how would 35's fit & function with just a spacer/leveling kit? I'm saving for a JLU Rubicon but I dont really want to go hog wild in the aftermarket. It would be my daily that isn't going to be abused hard & constantly flexed out all the time. I'd rather just do the leveling kit than a whole lift kit for 35's 😊

  5. Hello I love the black and white theme! what is your opinion on 37’s on this Sahara with factory axels if you are not off roading ?

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