Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – On The Run Part 1 – Ep 613 – 21st September, 2017

Greetings! I welcome all of
you to Crime Patrol Dial 100. It is our constitutional right
to take our own decisions and to choose our way in life. But there still are certain
sections in our society who believe
that not everybody deserves this right equally. Our country is making
progress with time while at the same time,
thinking of some people are degrading day by day. Today’s story will be
narrated in two parts. And in this story, the culprits
played such a game with the police
that cops involving three areas were left fiddling. This case turned out
to be a challenge whose difficulty kept
increasing as the day passed. It was raising new questions
as well. “Hail Lord Jagdish..” “Hail Lord Jagdish,” “the dispeller of evil..” “You take away all
our troubles..” “You take away all the
troubles of your devotee..” “Hail Lord Jagdish..” You are the guardian
angle for me.. Hail Lord Ram Chandra.. Hail! Here you go.
Show the ‘Aarti’ platter around. Thank you. Greetings, Priest.
– Greetings. Take this offertory.
He is a cute child. What is his name?
– Rakesh.. – Ayush.. Well, the thing is..
We were thinking of naming him. We will name him after Lord Ram.
Kindly suggest some name. Yes, sure.
Here, take some offertory. Give me your blessings.
– Hey! Get back!
Move away! – What happened? Did you think by
feeding me offertory showing affection,
I would fall for your trickery! No, Mother-in-law.
– Get lost! Go! Mom,
doesn’t she always mistreat you? See, I have brought this bat.
I will break her head. Nobody controls her, that
is why, she has become so rude. No, dear.. – Are
you going to break my head? Look!
See how your son is behaving! Is this what you have
taught him? – Mother-in-law, I.. Dear, what are you saying?
She is your grandma. She is elder to you.
Learn how to respect her. Go inside.
Come on, go. What have you decided? What
name do you want to give him? Oh, my..
– Oh, my God.. Oh, my God..
– Get away. Where is the child?
– My child.. – Hey.. Where is my child?
– Get out of the way.. Where is the child?
– My child.. – Hey.. Oh, my God..
– Get away. Where is my child?
– Get out of the way.. Where did my child disappear?
Where did my child.. Hello..
Hello, police.. Hello..
Yes.. Yes, stay outside the house. I am coming over.
Yes, sure.. Step aside..
– Step aside.. Wagle, seal all the
entrances of the temple.. Nobody should get out of here. And find out how many people
were present inside the temple and how many are
missing as of now. – Sir. Come on, close the door.
– Priest.. I am Inspector Shinde. Can you
tell me how all this happened? Who fired the shots?
Who was that person? Everything happened so quickly,
I couldn’t understand a thing. But by God’s grace,
nothing happened to anybody. Hey, come here.
– Sir.. Where were you
when this happened? Sir, I was right here
during the ‘Aarti’. Do you see any anybody looking
suspicious at that time? No, sir. The doors remain
closed during ‘Aarti’. That means, the person who fired
was present inside the temple. Sir.. Sir, I have scanned the
entire temple properly. There are three bullet marks
and these bullets. The shots were fired
but nobody got hurt. People here claim that
the shots were fired from there. Wagle, did the assassin miss or was his purpose was
to only spread chaos? I don’t understand.
Anyway. Interrogate the people
inside the temple. Somebody might
have seen him. Check if there are CCTV
cameras installed here. Okay, sir. Hey, what is this?
You called me urgently and you guys are working here!
Come on, let’s go. This is also a job, right?
– Madhu, what are you saying? I have already taken an
appointment from the doctor. Once this task is carried out I would not fear
getting pregnant again. Do you understand? Anyway,
it’d take just three hours. I would be discharged and
we would be back here soon. Come on, let’s go.
Come on, hurry up. Let’s go.
– Hey.. – Yes? Listen, is it right
what I am about to do? Listen, Madhu. Our husbands
don’t care about us. They play carom the entire day. They thing we are machines
for giving birth. This is not good for
our health as well.. Right, Rani?
Tell her. Indeed.
And I trust you very much. She wouldn’t want bad for us. Besides, she helped Champa
in expanding her business. Rani, God may have not given
us so much physical strength but our brains are
sure sharper than men. If we use our brains
in the right direction we are in no way less than men. Do you understand
what I am saying? Shall we?
– Yes. The attacker fired
the shots from there. And none of you spotted him!
– Sir, it was ‘Aarti’ time.. Well, I don’t know
who those people were. We were performing ‘Aarti’
when this happened. Where is your child? There
was a child with you, right? Child? No. We were not
carrying any child. What are you saying?
You were carrying a child. The one whose name
you wanted to change. This is a cute child.
What is his name? Jatin..
– Ayush.. Well, Priest. We were
thinking of renaming him. Rename him after Lord Ram.
Suggest us some name. Priest, I told you that
there was no child with us. What is in this bag? Offertory..
It is offertory. Show it to me. Check it.
– Didn’t I tell you.. What is this.. – Didn’t I
tell you? Give it back.. Hey, stop.
– Sir.. – Give it back. What is this?
– What is this? Hey! Come on..
– Hey.. – Let’s get out of here. Hey..
– Hey.. Hey..
– Hey.. – Get away.. Run! Hey.. – Don’t worry about me..
– Run.. Catch hold of him..
– Run.. – Hey.. – Hey. Catch hold of him..
– Run.. – Hey.. – Hey. Catch her.
– Hey! Stop right there. Sir, I am innocent. Who is that woman? Where is the child?
– Sir, I don’t know. Sir, let me go.
– Sir, the child is here. Is it your child?
– Sir.. Sir, that woman escaped. Wagle,
that woman is carrying a gun. We need to arrest her
as soon as possible. It’s possible that this
man knows about her. Take him away.
– Sir, I am innocent. – Come on! Sir, I am innocent.
– Come on! Who fired those shots inside
the temple premises? My child.. – Run..
– Run.. – Run.. What was the motive
of the shooter? Who was that woman
whom that man helped in escaping before being
arrested by the police? And what was her motive? This was just the tip of
an ice-berg for the police. This case had so many layers
that to unravel all the layers the cops had to work extra hard. Hey! – What..
– Where is everybody? Hey! Who are you people? How can you barge in like this
in our house? – Mother-in-law.. Don’t make noise.
Where is Pranav? I really don’t know where he is.
– She is lying. I think we’ll have to try
the hard way. Tell us! We really don’t know
where Pranav is. Who are you people?
Answer me. You were carrying arms openly. Gun..
Where did you find that gun? Why did you fire those
shots at the temple? Answer me! Whom were you planning to kill? Who is this child? What relation do you
share with that woman? What was your mission? Sir..
– Will you tell me on your own or do you want me to
force it out of you? Tell me. Listen, that priest told us
that this child was with you. Whose child is this? What relation do you
share with that woman? Tell me. See.. Listen,
if you remain calm like this we will have to handover
this child to some NGO. Do you want us to hand him
over to some NGO or orphanage? Sir,
I don’t think it’s their child. If it was their child, they’d
not have been so stone-hearted. I think they might
have stolen the kid. Wagle, if they don’t care
about that child we should take care of him.
Do one thing. Contact some NGO.
Until we find his parents leave the child
with the NGO. Sir,
we have used all our means. Even after being thrashed so
much, he has not said a word. People also said that they
were talking in Haryanvi accent. Right.
You are indeed right. It’s possible that
they are from Haryana. Do one thing. Send his
photo to Haryana Police. And find out who they are.
– I don’t understand one thing. Why did they fire those
rounds at the temple? Their aim suggests
that they were handling a gun for
the first time. Wagle,
everything will be clear once we get the ballistic
report. If they fired the gun or is there another
angle in this case! Sir. Rajveer..
Rajveer! Sir! Sir.. Sir, come fast!
That man has committed suicide. He is dead, sir. Call for an ambulance
right away. – Okay, sir. Sir, he took with him
a lot of mystery and has left us with
a lot of questions. Wagle,
one commits suicide when he sees death as an easy
solution over life. That’s because life is
hard for them and not life. Now, we need to find out that
woman as soon as possible. Rajveer’s suicide had
left a lot of questions which has twisted this
case a little more. The cops were searching
for Kanu till now. Now that they had to investigate
Rajveer’s suicide too. What had Rajveer
and Kanu done? Where did they
get that gun from? And was it their child? While looking for the
answers to such questions many new questions popped
in front of the police! Mister, did you hear? The man
who fired shots at the temple has committed suicide
in the police station. Hey, old woman! Did you come to your senses
or do you want more treatment? I have no idea.
I really don’t know.. This old woman is very tough.
She is not revealing anything. But you..
You are very young. You would not say a word. You won’t feel any pain. But your child.
Tell me. See..
Don’t touch my child. No..
– What if I throw him away? See, we really can’t help you.
We don’t know anything. Please let me go.
– Hey.. Do anything you want with me,
but leave my child. What did you say?
We can do anything.. – No. Hey.. Do your job
by staying in limits! What is it..
– Hey! – Hey! Don’t try to dominate..
– Same goes for you. Where is Jalbaala? I haven’t
seen her since yesterday. Even I haven’t seen
her since yesterday. She hasn’t stepped out
of the house either. We should check on her.
Maybe she is not keeping well. Let’s go..
– Let’s go.. Here you go, dear. We haven’t been able to extract
any information from the child. I have cross checked in
every police station. But none of them have any
missing complaint in his name. I think this child was
stolen from a different city. I have added his details in National
Mission Person Database. We will hopefully
get some news. Wagle, it’s possible that
this is their child only. Do one thing. Match his DNA with
that of the dead person’s DNA. Everything will be clear. Till then,
send this child to some NGO. Staying here is
not safe for him. – Okay, sir. We need to find that woman who
fired the shots at the temple. She is armed and dangerous
and roaming freely. Until we find his parents,
he will stay with your NGO. Renu.. That’s what I am thinking..
Where did she go.. I don’t know..
– Somebody is there.. Go and check there..
– Yes.. – No.. I said, we can’t help you..
We don’t know anything. Suman, try and listen carefully.
There are some sounds coming from inside.
– I am telling you.. Let’s go.
Let’s check the back door. I am sure there is some problem. Jalbaala..
– Madhu. Thank God that you came.
Chander and Bangya are here. They have held us captive. They are pestering
mother-in-law very much. Go and check what
they are up to. What are you people doing? What is going on here?
– Hey, all of you! You people need
not get in between. Get out! See, Madhu..
See what they have done to me. Hey, old woman!
Don’t put up a drama! I will give you a tight slap
and you’ll end up in a hospital. Prakash,
take your wife from here. She is pestering me a lot.
If I lose my temper.. Hey, what’s up with you all..
All of you.. You need not use
your brains too much. If I lose my temper.. Remove the burqa! Who are you?
– I said remove the burqa! I’m taking it off, look.
Don’t shoot. Remove the burqa,
quickly! Quickly! Otherwise,
I’ll hang you here! Quick! Quickly! I’m giving it. If you try to tell
the cops, you’ll see! You’ll face my wrath! Hey, how long do
you take to get here? Go on, take your women. Are you a heroine, that
you came to rescue her? Jalbaala is our friend. I won’t leave
her in trouble. She has always helped me
in difficult times. Now that she is in problem,
you want us to leave her? You’ve nothing
to do with this. Come home! What are you standing here for?
Are you really a leader? Let’s go! Do you need
an invitation? Let’s go! I scared both of them,
all night long but they aren’t talking. This won’t do. I’ve to run some errands. In
the meantime, she should talk. And yes,
what I had asked you not to do it shouldn’t happen. Understood? Someone broke
the glass with stone. They did it on purpose. Hey! Who are you?
What are you doing with them? Leave! Have you gone mad?
– Don’t try to act smart! Look, put the gun down.
I’ll do what you say. But let the child go!
Leave him here! Move! – Yes..
– I said move! Go away!
– Yes.. – Go! – Move.. Hey, go inside!
Quick! Move! I said move! You won’t listen
like this, isn’t it? Hey! Don’t act so much! Let her go!
– What’s going on? Come on!
Drink it! Let her go! Move, lad.
Move. Hey, don’t act!
I asked you to drink! What have you done? Mother-in-law, he..
He is dead! Madhu, go inside!
Go to your brother. Go.. What did you do?
Chandra won’t spare us now. Mother-in-law,
we’ll get rid of this. And we’ll get rid
of his corpse too. And if Chandra comes here,
we’ll tell him that he is gone. He isn’t here at all.
He left us. Yes,
we can’t do anything else. On one hand, Kanu,
at the gunpoint stole a burqa from a lady
and stole a child from an NGO while on the other hand in her efforts to try and save
her children and mother-in-law Jalbaala murdered Bangya. Will she be able to keep
Bangya’s murder a secret from Chandra? Why did Chandra and Bangya
want to meet Jalbaala’s husband? And why were
they harassing her family? What did they want to know? What was going on
in Jalbaala and Kanu’s life? And what were the
circumstances, which made these two innocent looking
woman walk on the path of crime? Now, this case had
created a lot of complications for Powai and
Bhivpuri Police. Was it her?
– Yes, sir. It was her. Sir, if that lady has
indeed kidnapped the kid then why would she
risk her life to go to an NGO and steal the kid? No gang member ever
becomes emotionally attached to their targets.
Why did she do this? All right, you may go. Wagle, I think,
the child is this woman’s. Even if it isn’t so,
the woman has some sort of connection
to the child. Otherwise, no one
would put themselves in trouble and take such a huge risk. Do this. Send her photo
in all the police stations across the city.
Ask everywhere. Someone or the other
must have seen her. I think that this woman
will try to escape. We need to
arrest her, no matter what. Sir. Look, listen to me.
Don’t you worry. As long as your mother
is with you nothing will
happen to you. I made a promise
to your father. I need to fulfil
that promise. Police had doubled
their efforts to find Kanu. Based on her sketch,
efforts to find her were increased
and after a lot of difficulty they finally
found success. Listen. Have you
seen this woman anywhere? Yes, sir.
I have. I know her. Sir, this
rickshaw driver says that he has seen
the lady in the photo. Are you sure it was her? Yes, sir. She was
speaking in Haryanvi. That’s why I remember. Where did you drop her?
– Temple. Where did you find her?
– MG Road. Was anyone with her?
– Yes, sir. A man and a child. You are here. Where is Bangya? Actually.. How did you come here? You were inside, right? Yes. He has gone to meet you. He told us
that you have called him. You are lying.
– Yes, he left long back. He is not here. Bangya. But.. Bangya. I’m telling you..
– Where is he? Nobody is here. He has left. Why are you looking
for him here? Bangya. Come. Nobody is here. I have already told you. Keep quiet. Where do you want to go? I want to go
till the next stop. Do you want
to go near that signal? I stay in that village.
I want to go there. Okay, come. Why did you
turn off the AC? Are you feeling very hot? What nonsense is this? Where did you get
this gun from? Keep driving.
Hey, don’t act too smart. This car shouldn’t stop
till we reach Mumbai. You asked me to drop you
near the signal. If you stop the car
before we reach Mumbai.. Okay, don’t worry.
– I will not spare you then. Keep driving. Drive faster. Isn’t that your photo? Is police looking for you? You have a very good sight. I will shoot your eyes.
Come on. Hey, feed him properly. Hey, who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Lower you voice. I’ll be in trouble
if anybody hears us. Pranav? Idiot! Where were you? Where were you?
– What are you doing? Easy. Whether anybody else
harms you or not but I will not spare you. What are you saying? Do you even know
what has happened here in your absence? Chander and Bangya
had come here. They hit me a lot. Why have you dressed up
like this? Mom..
– Are you out of your mind? I’ll explain everything. Where were you
all these days? Everything has been ruined here. I don’t know
where you were. Chander has
kidnapped your wife. What?
– Nothing is left. Did Chander kidnap Jalbaala? This means he won’t spare me too. No, I will have
to hide somewhere. Where are you going now? Where are you going? Hello, sir.
– Yes, sir. I just dropped the woman
wearing a burqa to Mumbai. What? Are you sure that she was
the same woman in the poster? Yes, sir.
She was the same woman. Was anybody else with her? Yes, sir.
She had a child with her. Child? Do you think she has kidnapped
somebody else’s child? No, sir. She looked like
the mother of the child. SMS the address of the place
where you dropped this woman. Wagle.
– Sir. That woman had taken Akhilesh
at gunpoint to Mumbai. Why did Kanu use a burqa
to take the child from the NGO? We’ll have to catch her
if she’s roaming in a burqa. It seems this woman is out
on an important mission. What is she up to? Wagle, we have to leave
to Mumbai. Dear, I have to go out
for some important work. You eat this
if you feel hungry, okay? And have this milk. Okay? Let me complete the work that I have come here for. We will go home
after that. Is this the work
that you have done so far? Listen to me.
Look here. Come at 8 a.m. sharp and the work
should be completed in time. I don’t want to hear
any excuses. These guys don’t work and they demand money
when they get a chance. Who are you? What do you want? Keep this gun away from me. I am ready to give everything. W-What are you doing? Hello, police station. Sir, his name is
Harish Parekar. He is a local contractor, sir. He has been shot
from a point blank range. Did you see the attacker? Yes, sir.
I saw a woman in burqa, running. Tambe.
– Yes, sir? Get all the details
of this man. Question all the people
who stay close by. Somebody might have seen
that woman running. Sir. A chaos was created
in Powai, Mumbai after this murder. Who had killed
Contractor Harish Parekar and why? How was this murder
related to this story? This case was only
raising questions and it was not easy
for the police to find the answers
to them. Who is this man? Do you know him? No, sir.
I don’t know him. Glass pieces are found
on his head. I think, he was hit
on the head with a bottle and he was stabbed
with a sharp weapon. Sir, there is no ID proof
in his pocket with the help of which
he could be identified. Brijesh, he has been killed
somewhere else and his body
has been thrown here because the murderer
didn’t want the victim to be identified. That is why he has not
left any proof. Look at this, sir. There are bloodstains
here too. I think, the body
was brought from there. Sir, there’s a road
behind this field which is usually quiet. I think,
the body was brought from there. Question everyone
on that road. Somebody might have
seen something. Circulate the victim’s photo
to all the police stations. Okay, sir. Hey, Pranav. You’ve turned yourself a woman. It is for escaping
from me, isn’t it? You don’t have
to do this from now on. Our scores are settled now. W-Where is my w-wife? What have you done to her? What did you do? I did a lot of things.
It was a lot of fun. ‘Missing.’ Here you go..
– Give me 250 grams of grams. How much does
this packet of milk cost? Rs. 22. Here you go. – Give me another
packet of milk. Where’s milk?
Milk.. Hey! Stop! You dare steal milk!
– I didn’t steal it! Show me what
you have in the bag! – Let go! Show me what
you have in the bag.. – Let go! Get lost from here! I’m telling you!
Run from here! I’ll throw this rock at you! Don’t.. Run away from here! Hey.. Are you mad? Wait! No.. – I’m warning you..
– I’m leaving.. Take the milk.. Go. ‘Missing.’ Hello, Police. Come, sir.
It was I who called you. Sir, this woman..
She was wearing a burqa. She stole milk from my store.. Hey, stop.. Here, sir.
She ran in this alley. We already received
information on a woman roaming with a child. She must have bought
milk for her child. And she couldn’t have run
too far with the child. Do this. Search the
surrounding area thoroughly. She must be
somewhere around here. Okay. Where could Jalbaala be? Could it be that Chander
did something to her? Chander can do anything. He must have
either killed Jalbaala or sold her at a brothel. What is it? Do you want anything? W-What is this.. What is this? What’s this? Come, sir.. It was I who called you. Get back, everyone!
– Get back.. Look around. Sir, I’ve found this
wallet from his pocket. His name is Shankar Sinha. This murder is just
like the first murder, Tambe. Contractor Harish too was shot
at point blank range. It means the murderer
of both of them is the same. It could be that
they had enmity with someone. Sir, can this be
a matter of serial killing? Because the place
where Harish was killed is not far from here. And I think, the killer
lives somewhere around. What did you see? Sir, I was sleeping there. I heard a gunshot
all of a sudden. When I rushed over here
I saw that this man was dead. And a woman in burqa
was running away. Sir, could it be
that the killer is a woman? Where could
this woman have got a gun from? This woman must have some
enmity with these two. That’s why she killed them. We have to capture her
before she kills someone else. Send the corpse for postmortem. Sir! This case, that started
with a gun firing in a temple in an area named Bhivpuri,
had taken a dark turn. And many events of terrifying
murders had been associated with it. This story doesn’t end here. This is a start of a journey
where a shocking event was in wait at every turn. Who was that woman in burqa? And what was the mystery
of these two murders both of which were
committed the same way. Were Pranav or Kanu
behind these murders? We will answer these questions
tomorrow at 11:30 p.m. in the second and
the last part of this case. I, Anup Soni,
shall take my leave now. I will meet you
again tomorrow night. Take care of yourself
and your family. And keep watching
‘Crime Patrol Dial 100’. Punishment to one,
lesson to all of us. Jai India!

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