CRAZY! 1,000s of London’s old Lamp posts found dumped! Plus old bottles found Mudlarking!

Alright Mudlovers it’s me and Matt
today and we’re mudlarking in a different location we’re gonna
explore some victorian shipwrecks and there’s one just over there
but we don’t want that one we want some other ones so we’re gonna go out further
further out and see what we can find let’s get some luck in the muck a very foggy morning this morning well the first wreck we found isn’t
particularly old still quite interesting though this
little line here i believe it’s like part of a prehistoric wood if you look closely
all these roots are embedded and i’ve seen similar things like this
up in london up in town let’s see what’s more over here just go watch your step around here
because the next step could be uh down to your knee there’s actually a number on the side of
this that let me get out of the way ssr62660 yo’ll be able find out
what this ship was – probably like 70s or something isn’t it
1970s who knows all right let’s get something
a bit older well that’s a slightly older
anomaly i don’t know if it’s a boat or a fish trap
or a wharf or something but it’s got a bit more age to it there’s something over there as well yeah little pile of rocks oh it’s like you can’t left a bit and
you’re alright oh strange little pile of rocks i mean
uh sometimes uh if the boat has been here
and it’s had ballast on and then the boat was
broken up sometimes just the ballast remains
could be that maybe there’s one over there as well but i
think it might be too far for us to go there’s a channel there yeah
no it’s a bit too risky we’ll stick to the ones near the shore i
think looks like a bottle it’s a broken Codd
yippee ready for the suck yeah um pretty plain one but um w h miller Rainham Kent
it’s not too bad actually i think i’ll take that one
unless something better comes along but that’s really cool obviously there would have been a marble
in the top there that was smashed so that the kids could get the
marble out it was just a glass stopper that’s why a lot of these Codd bottles are
broken the best bit for me is the um the
embossing on the front and then once this is cleaned out there
will be lovely load of air bubbles and streak marks and stuff so
yeah and i’ll cut it down it can be up cycled into something
useful oh i just found another bottle oh man i’m at that sort of do i carry on
moment really oh my sandwiches yeah?
oh man there’s loads of bottles here that’s a broken wine bottle bone oh my god that’s deep a little sheer top one oh it’s got something written on it something paris benzene collas A Paris, yeah cool little bottle not sure what that was
i think benzene is like a cough medicine isn’t it no way well we just found uh an old
wharf that has been torn down and they’ve got some amazing architecture do you reckon that’s stone? there’s a stone right oh matt’s just
making a meal of it yeah you can see they’re stone because
they’ve got um obviously a stone in them but there’s
loads of them over here probably that
and made quite a glorious pier one day lampposts oh cause there’s electric
running for him ah how cool is that oh you can see some of the um just there
are some of the old headlamps oh look yeah look i could’ve played with these when your
kid had a little thingy on it those are street lights
aren’t they if your electric cable comes in through
there it goes up to there look if you follow it along we’ve got this
street vent yeah this would be the inspection box where you put the timer
in and everything like that and used to play with him when you were
as a kid back in the day to take him off and try and reset the
side with the timers these little street lamps
cool aren’t they yeah made a little fine did you get to see that
you can see there look let’s see the electric small cables coming through it
so uh maybe when electricity was first invented
these guys went up there’s just loads and loads of them very heavy wow well look we just found a plaque
on one of them right stuck underneath and i can actually
rub it off and there’s some writing on so uh
stick around while do that permit something about parking permit
one would imagine well what is a permit doing that out here
you can’t drive out here public permit is that must no
it’s not going to be boring is it i want it to be exciting dogs dogs must oh must not
oh yeah it’s all about dogs on leashes must not oh it goes around the corner i can’t
quite see what’s going on around the corner too
the public well this must have come from london or
somewhere then or wherever oh matt this is lambeth you see that guys there lambeth cool it’s unusual find
oh he says it says metropolitan borough i think huh that’s what it says dogs on must not be permitted on the public
footpath dogs going out on the public footpath
something like that a victorian street out in the thames
okay the parish of lambeth became a metropolitan borough in 1900
and it was replaced in 1965 it was abolished – it became london borough of
Lambeth so between 1900 and 1965 yeah well the thing is again that
that that label was put there at some point it doesn’t necessarily
mean when the lamp post went up but then obviously your period is 1901
did you say so yeah there’s just uh
hundreds obviously just been dumped here from
Lambeth a london street imagine the things this
has seen in the past walk up and down and just over here i think is one of the
actual lamps let’s take a closer look looks like a lamp to me oh it was,
cor heavy buggers yeah look it’s quite nice actually mad it’s really heavy can only
hold it for a little bit but it’s actually been quite smashed up it’s a bit of cast iron nice little rosette on there
a little finial finishing top and little curvy bit there trying to work out what this is made from i think it’s like a cast yeah cast iron bolt parts in there so yeah i think
we’re definitely talking um 30s and 40s mad oh let’s go and check out what matt’s
oh found found a few oh he’s been off finding bottles while i’ve been uh
purring over these lampposts oddly there’s just loads of them pretty cool place oh look at this
big old buoy obviously landed here in the high tide
broken off look number 40. would’ve held an anchor, Cornwall maybe it’s just the traders uh makers
mark for this uh particular bouy, if you’re watching you’ve
lost your boy and it’s number forty i know where he is
Matt’s just handed me this let’s have a look again i’m no expert don’t know on that
one you’re looking for percussion marks
really it doesn’t seem there’s got a little couple there but it might
not it might be natural and you get touch-up marks along the edge sometimes
and i don’t think there’s any there but then maybe clean it up and um i’ll
investigate further okay all right spot the bottle in the
distance i don’t know if it’s broken yet in fact
there’s two things there hopefully i won’t sink before i get
there i’d love it to be an old inkwell oh yeah okay cool yeah give me a second oh it’s broken
let’s see it’s nearly nearly all there but that was a big old ink well
at one point and you’ve got this one next to it
and it’s just a plain greeny never mind put that way around so it doesn’t hurt
the birds well that’s just got a little find for
the bottle variety flipping neck – looks a bit saucy there matt screw top so not that old all right brown sauces and even more lamp posts here’s another lamp oh it’s absolutely
stuck fast almost not there we go now that is in
better condition than the last one oh you’re thinking everyone take it home
and upcycle it Si, yeah it’s tempting i don’t know though
it might be a bit too far gone it’s been smashed over it’s all there
oh it’s got them done in it where is it i need the other bit with it really
hmm i’ll think about that there’s another top oh this is a lovely
piece look at this one
oh it’s broken literally crumbling apart as i picked it up look at that i just don’t think they’re going to
survive Take it all the way home and it just breaks so sad that might work i don’t think this will
though it’s got a cable running for it as well
i’ve haven’t got anything to cut that with nice bit of iron work though smashed to buggery hmm just been out here too long it’s a scrap yard for mudlarkers the old sewage pipes probably fallen apart and been dumped here so i’ve got a theory about um saving
barrier reefs tell me if it makes any sense to you at all
when i went to uh caribbean there was um one or two places that had wrecks just
modern wrecks that were sunk either deliberately or not i don’t
think it was deliberate however there was an amazing amount of
fish and coral that stuck to these boats and shipwrecks
so i was thinking why don’t they just sink a few more
not full with oil or anything but just blank
concrete structures in the sand and the coral reefs so that
things can cling to them because when you look at whale carcasses and things
like that the whale carcasses are used as a little
home until they deteriorate so why don’t we put a few more sort of
pretend environments down there for them to
latch onto i don’t know maybe think of that right now but um
it’s probably because there’s lots of uh creatures and stuff using
rocks and bottles as their as their home um
don’t know is that interfering with nature too much maybe it is my thought for the day so this is this is my case in point okay
so this um pipe has been put down
by accident or dumped and it’s um stoneware so it’s not going to be
polluting by when it breaks down but already you’ve got lots of seaweed
that’s clung to it and you can imagine that would be quite
a good home for a crab or something so on a larger scale why don’t we put some
of these in the uh near the coral reef so things can uh
match onto them i’m sure they’ve already thought about it
but that’s just uh maybe i’ve already seen it what do you think am i talking
nonsense it’s already been done so inside this
big lump of ceramic is a load of little snails
or cockles or whatever they are sea snails again an accidental
environmental haven that was never designed to be here but nature is using
it as a way to survive quite nicely too i’m coming to have a look Matt’s found a dump of
toiletry ceramics i could be wrong but… how strange it could be a dump mat not that sort of dump so all around here there’s um oysters
it feels heavy as in something in there there’s other ones
that are dead but there’s some of them which are full
there’s quite a few of them around here though look
that was dead see look what’s happened here right is this one
this little one has latched on to the bigger one
and i imagine that one’s probably alive and this is why
there are holes in oysters because when they string up
imagine a piece of string going through there where my fingers are
they’d uh cultivate and uh feed the rest of london theory proved
another little cluster here of oysters all clinging on to each other
the amount of oysters out here is just crazy oh well done mate he’s just had a green poison bottle lovely jubbly – well done
oh look it’s got a bit of embossing on that one what else has got it IDRIS that way london something else on the other side oh yeah
nicely just along that side that’s a lovely one yeah i think i’ll
definitely upcycle that let’s cut it there be a pen holder
kitchen utensil holder even put a candle in it
they look good later on well there seems to be
more broken loos (toilets) cisterns, so strange part of a toilet seat how random Matt how random is this even more uh it’s coming out of the bank factory or something like that hmm well
these really are crap fines someone said to me Matt i’d find a hoard
of toilet cisterns and street lamps i won’t believe them
but here we are uh sometimes i’ve got my um sometimes
there’s a bit writing on but this is just plain
little marmalade jar a bit squeaky out here in it
oh that’s nice oh that’s lovely nice blue poison bottle
you reckon yeah beautiful oh taken
yeah nice not to be taken but
we will take it i think could be really not too wouldn’t it
you right there boy that’s gonna say you’re right yeah it’s a bit deep around
here that’s a bit of roman there are pottery
there cool nice rim this time he has actually found a pipe
oh well yeah that could be terracotta
it’s just heavily stained that’s gonna say i reckon this is the staining
yeah maybe might be terracotta the terracotta ones are rare
yeah perhaps i’ll clean it up when we get home
could find so literally come across toilet beach one of a bit of praise
you can’t even find a bit of mud anymore it’s just pure
pottery in the way of old toilets wow it’s really fun oh yeah take your hands off
e6 i may have found a maker’s luck who is responsible for this
darwin still still red dalton probably from lambeth in i suppose he’s doing no real harm
environmentally because the end of the day it’s just clay it’s
been fired to a higher future i reckon these all must be like seconds
or something out of um those lampposts matt were from lambert
and what would lamb of also make uh doing the lamborghini
lampar potteries well this is sam dalton on the beach i’ve seen
dalton yes at all sorry lamb with had a big old clear out
literally two more ways in one brush i would say these are all seconds
that’d be right well should they be here i’ve actually found a ship
well hey finally we’ve got shipwreck i thought we were never going to come i’m not sure
oh that is a beauty oh wow look at that it’s like a wooden
hole instead of float as well yeah you should say that matt i think i might
take that home take it take it home and play it in a bath
somebody’s found a piece of ceramic with the date on
so i i’m gonna guess 19 38 no horror lower
it’s 15th of august 1990 really yeah oh yeah how strange
one day before my birthday i’ll spot the find or spot the bottle
so look oh it’s breaking saying that
maybe it ain’t what it was the mysterious bog still continued
that’s still used loads of it so random so we’ve actually uh spent a long time
trying to get to this spot not because it is just because
we’ve never been here before and it’s a new area to explore so this isn’t an
area where you get dog walkers or any walkers for that matter because it’s
quite quite a walk out here so you have to be
quite um determined to try and find this space
there’s not a lot here and which is why um you know it’s not very well well
drawn path some cool birds and stuff and wildlife
so they’re all right but this is all a
ceramic which is made up of clay essentially
sand and a bit of glaze on top so it’s not
going to be an environmental impact in fact it could harbor some sea
creatures seaweed is gonna start taking over this anyway at some
point as you can see just down there so don’t worry about the environmental
impacts of this it’s all good these are mats uh fine so far
i think you’ll be taking all of them i don’t know but um unless nice little pork pie eating well
bothered that yeah daddy’s sauce yeah
shit pastor never said lovely little boys well you don’t want this one though almost it was very slippery there’s a message on there saying not to
be taken back oh yeah subliminally nice one what i’m at so i’ve decided to
take this lampshade home uh it was a of a street light originally
see what i can do with it i’m thinking about a big
a big bulb in there maybe big you know one was a big filament
led probably if it survives the cleaning process it may fall apart
um but you never know you’ve got to try these things i love it let’s find a skill bowl skill so it’s
broken but it looks like it says strove
comp limited hooper hooper struve uh-huh and you’ve got
brighton nice and i’m assuming that’s london
london yeah london that’s a real good one yeah
thank you we got this one is that like that’s
applied lip in it yeah yeah if not and then
got the lovely at the bottom doesn’t look like there’s anything on it
that’s probably whiskey mate oh really yeah it’s got two it’s got
that sort of um two-part mold isn’t it the next one
gives it away because it all comes out for some reason
like that it’s all clubs yeah one bottle and i think two more of
the same okay someone’s had a good drink around
here aren’t they whiskey and wine and stuff like that hold on yeah this is a rig done just a rigged
and i’ll return favisham i might leave that one because it’s huge
and i’ve got the room today traveling light yeah 1910 yeah one bottle that’s got some sort of light
sauce that’s an unusual one oh yeah oh there you go
well he’s off your uh light in here is it yeah you reckon yeah i’m interested
put your spot in your bag right now do you think it is
yeah i genuinely don’t think so as it would be wouldn’t it oh god i’ve got to carry this home now
well matt said a lovely ginger beer oh you’re doing really well today mate
sweet oh well we’ll look at that later well again a bottle for me
oh it’s plain i thought it was going to be a
a little flask puff flask then but it’s not
interesting little cluster of rocks over there i think you might make way over
there oh it’s knackering lots of sauces in this area good men’s chop sauce local one and here’s a more complete one of the
big poveral i can’t quite see it there but it’s got
boverial limited 16 ounce well there’s a bottle sticking out the
mud there oh that’s an early one oh
is it there oh free pot mold 1920s something like that
little marmalade jar there can’t pick out me as a full
try again do do

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