Couple Yoga Challenge Part 1| Pinoy Gay Couple | LGBT | Boyfriend Tag

1, 2, 3 GO. Hello guys Rik: We are back again in our house (what?) Rik: And now we are going to do a beautiful challenge Mik: What is it?
Rik: It’s called…. Rik: We copy…….. the….. Rik: Exercise………. Like that so Rik: In English, in Tagalog rather. Rik: We are going to mimic
Mik: Wow, rather! Rik: we have second voice. so we are going to mimic… Rik: Some exercises…….. Rik: so we just need to mimic those, in short (lol) Rik: We have already downloaded pictures Rik: so the, the position shown we need to mimic Rik: am I right? Tell, tell to them Mik:……… Alright, I’m right Rik: so here we go, we are going to start in…. Rik: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Rik: tengeneng Mik: Hello guys, so Eric has an idea again Rik: We are going to mimic the picture Rik: Exercise, we need to mimic it Mik: It’s in the laptop but I will show it in the screen Rik: He will just show it in the screen
Mik: Anywhere Rik: Anywhere in the screen, but the important is we need to
mimic the position Rik: and then we will count to 3 Mik: So we need….
Rik:1, 2, 3. we need to count to 3 Rik: If we accomplished that, then it means…
Mik: Success Mik: so if we could not complete that then. Rik: FAILED!…. and try another one Rik: We have 3 times…. Try..
Mik: Try? Rik: we need 3 times to try Rik: Kinds of position
Mik:…. kinds of position Rik: If we did not accomplished that in 3 times Rik: It means, Failed Rik: So are you ready now?
Mik: Ready Rik: Are you ready now?! I can’t hear you. Are you ready
now?!!! Mik: Ready (whisper)
Rik: OK let’s GO Rik: OK, first Rik: who will lay down? who will do that, bend Mik: hmmmmm
Rik: You? Ok, me Mik: Ok sit
Rik: I’ll sit, Mik: then hold my feet Mik: Maybe I will hurt your feet? Mik: I’m heavy
Rik: Thats why I… Rik: 1, 2, 3
Mik: ….2, 3 Rik: It’s sooo hot, OMG, very easy, success Rik: First try success Rik: Which means, next picture please Mik: OK, next picture. Let’s go Rik: It’s somewhat easy, very easy to me Mik: Very easy?
Rik: Yah very easy. Mik: your feet will be on my foot
Rik: OMG, can we do that? Rik: then my hands needs to be straight
Mik: (can’t hold any longer) Rik: I could get hurt! Mik: your heavy! Rik: you can handle it!
Mik: Yes Rik: I told you to handle it! Rik: Go, It’s still first attempt, 2 more to go
Mik: OK Rik: Ok exercise, exercise, exercise Rik: 2nd attempt, 2nd attempt
Mik: Round 2 Rik: we are in round 2, 2nd attempt Mik: I’ll try here so it will be balanced
Rik: No…. Rik: So are you ready?
Mik: NO!….. very heavy!! Mik: GO Mik: OK try, feet on feet Mik:1 ,2 GO Rik: You cannot do it! it’s so hot!! Mik: me, maybe you can handle? Rik: Slowly! Mik: Oh, see? Rik: No more, we failed already It’s very hard, you need to have balancing, everything Rik: and everything. Mik: and weight.
Rik: Yes, because we’re heavy Mik: Fail!
Rik: so 2nd picture fail! Rik: so next, how many picture are those? Rik: can we do that?
Mik: NO Mik: OK, maybe you will fall! Mik: you and your ideas, OK go Mik: My leg power is strong Rik: HOWW? Mik: make your feet go higher Rik: hold my hands first, so I can balance Mik: This excercise makes you fart! It smells!
Rik:(guilty) NO! hahaha Mik: Failed again
Rik: Failed,So hard you know my friends Rik: Next! Rik: That’s the 4th one
Mik: There it’s somewhat easy Rik: who will bend? Mik: back, back, back Mik: If you cannot do it, don’t try this at home Rik: Warning, don’t try alone Rik: especially if your solo (lol) Mik: then how will they do the exercise?
Rik: that’s why don’t try alone Rik: you’re tickling me! Mik: There?……. GO up
Rik: then? Mik:1, 2, 3
Rik:….2, 3 OK Rik: Ez, That’s the 4th right? Rik: 4th,…. success
Mik: success… Mik: I surrender… because we are fat
Rik: Do it.. Rik: Oh, that’s easy
Mik: That’s what you think, that’s stretching Mik: Very hard, hurts the foot Mik:OK, round 5
Rik: Next…. 5 Rik: so hold hands, (singing Hawak kamay by Yeng
constantino) Rik: (looks at picture) then?.. then raise the feet Rik: Oh very easy Mik: Up is the eas..hardest part
Rik: wait, your hands are slipping Mik: Wait! Rik: Your hands are slippery Rik: Try again, first attempt…
Mik: First attempt, fail, 2nd attempt Mik: go up
Rik: Cannot. Rik: cannot go up Mik: no chance, Failed Rik: OMG it’s failed
Mik: Failed Rik: So sorry my friends, failed, it’s very hard Coming soon!!

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