CorePower Yoga x REI: Yoga for Your Ride

(chill music) – Yoga is a great way to balance out your outdoor activities. Here’s how I incorporate
yoga into cycling. Try warming up with a short flow. Standing Cactus Arm Backbend. Inhale, send your arms overhead, reach for the sky. Exhale, cactus your arms, open your heart up. Inhale, return through center send your arms up. Exhale, release your
arms down by your side. Cat Cow Stretch. First, place your hands shoulder width distance on your bike. Inhale, cow, drop your belly, open your chest up to the front, send your gaze slightly up. Exhale, cat, bring your
belly button to your spine, round your back, send your
gaze toward your thighs. Inhale cow, (inhaling) exhale cat. Repeat this four or five more
times, breath to movement. Dancer’s Pose. First, ground down using
your left hand on your bike. Root down through your feet, then kick the sole of your
right foot into your right hand. Reach for the inside edge of your foot. Inhale, lengthen through
the crown of your head, then exhale. As you kick into your hand, begin to hinge your torso forward. Take a few breaths here. Then, inhale, return back through center. Exhale, place both feet on the earth. Repeat on the other side. Hands Free Dancer. Inhale, root down through your left foot. Exhale, kick your right
heel toward your glutes. Take an inhale here. Exhale, press your right foot back. Repeat this movement 10 more times. Wide Legged Squats. Bring your feet out wide,
your heels in your toes out. Take your hands to heart center, then inhale, bend your
knees, sink your hips. Exhale, press up. Inhale, lower. Exhale, lift. Repeat this movement 12 more times. (soothing guitar chords) As you bike, come back to your breath. Inhale for four counts, (inhaling) Exhale for four counts. (exhaling) Let’s cool down with a few poses. Standing Half Pigeon Quad Stretch. First, root down through your left foot. Inhale, lift your right leg. Exhale, cross your right ankle overtop of your left thigh, flex your right toes. Bring your hands to heart center. Inhale, lengthen your spine. Exhale, sink your hips back. Then, return through center. Repeat this on the other side. Standing Wide Legged Forward
Fold With Chest Expansion. First, bring your feet out wide so that your feet are parallel. Interlace your hands behind your low back. Inhale, squeeze your
shoulder blades together showing your heart open to the sky. Exhale, hinge at your hips, bring your torso towards the earth. Take a full inhale here. (inhaling) Exhale, release your hands down. Side Lunge. Inhale, lengthen your spine. Exhale, bend into your left knee, flex your right toes toward your face. Inhale, return back through center. Exhale, bend into your right knee, flex your left toes toward your face. Repeat four times each side. (soothing guitar chords)

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