COMM: Lena Fokina runs seminars teaching her extreme brand of baby yoga, on the beaches of Dahab, Egypt. 01:39:
COMM: Dr. Igor Charkovsky is widely accredited as being the creator of
Baby Yoga. He also promotes a number of other
holistic techniques including water re-birthing which sees young children repeatedly submerged
in water. 01:55
COMM: When footage of Lena’s baby yoga was first posted online is caused outcry across
the world. So extreme were the moves she was using on very young children, some websites
banned the videos, while other’s declared it a hoax. 00:23
COMM: Despite criticism that baby yoga can cause potentially fatal injuries to young
children, Lena insists her techniques are safe. In future she hopes her teachings will
become widely adopted by parents around the world.

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