Computer Maintenance Tips : How to Keep Your Computer Running Fast & Smooth

When you have a new computer you want to keep
it running as efficiently as possible. Hi I’m Charles Stewart Jr. and I am going to
tell you how to keep your computer running fast and smooth. The main thing with your
computer that starts to make it slow down over time is a couple things. Some of it is
applications becoming more memory and hardware intensive and your hard drive just filling
up with stuff that you don’t need. That’s usually a big thing. If you have a small hard
drive over time stuff will just start to accumulate and the fuller your hard drive gets the slower
it is going to become because your computer is now taking longer to go through all that
data to find what you are looking for. Because a lot of times it doesn’t get put on the hard
drive in a nice clean order it is kind of spread out so it has to find everything. So
the less data on there the quicker it can search things and one of the quick and easy
ways to do that is to first obviously everyone is on the internet all the time, that is one
of the main uses for a computer. You are going to want to clean out your cookies because
that will just start to accumulate like if you have gone over a year or two without cleaning
it you’ll be surprised at how much memory or how much hard drive that is taking up.
The easiest thing to do is open up Internet Explorer or whatever browser you use, if you
are using Firefox it is pretty much the same. You will go to tools and then Internet Options
and then there is a button right there you click and you click on that to delete cookies
and hit o’kay and it will go ahead and delete all the cookies out and you should be able
to tell what a difference that has made. A good thing to do is if you go to My Computer
and then just look up your hard drive it will tell you sometimes how much space is on it.
Like this shows me that I have a total of 37 gigs, I’ve got 15 gigs free on there so
my hard drive is now starting to run a little slower because I am starting to fill it up.
Granted that is a small hard drive so it is even more important that I keep as much stuff
off of it as possible. Another good thing to do is to run a cleaning program which comes
with windows. You just go down to Start and then go to All Programs and Accessories and
then you go down to System Tools and then you do Disk Cleanup. Again depending on how
big your hard drive is and how much stuff is on there it can take anywhere from a minute
to 15 minutes to scan your hard drive which mine since I don’t have a lot of stuff on
there, it is a fairly small drive, it will list everything that can be deleted. You just
check the boxes of the stuff that you want it to clean out, most all of these things,
it is designated by Windows that you can lose this information because it is not critical
and it won’t destroy the computer or the operating system. Once you have chosen that you can
hit o’kay after you have clicked the files that you authorize it to delete and it will
delete them and another good thing is to go through your hard drive and just look for
stuff that you are not using any more and then it will delete it because again the more
hard drive space you can free up the faster your computer is going to run. Also if you
are not using programs that you might have installed and are not using, go through and
uninstall those programs because that will start to free up some space and you should
notice a bit of a difference in your computer as far as speed goes. That’s it for keeping
your computer running clean and smooth.

81 thoughts on “Computer Maintenance Tips : How to Keep Your Computer Running Fast & Smooth

  1. my tips are chrome for browser, and reginout for registry cleaner and no unwanted installations … clean system rocks ….gives peace of mind …

  2. how to make computer run fast: weld a huge rocket to it and fire it up!
    i did and my computer runs so fast that i can even timetravel! OMG!!

  3. heres what u do- disk defragment, ccleaner, disk cleanup and download games anywhere except C, install in D if u need to

  4. @mrbob82 expertvillage has videos about all sorts of things. it's not one guy who's doing it, anyone can submit videos to their channel

  5. @jeffens1991
    CCleaner (I assume that's what you are asking about) is a windows based program that clears registry errors, deletes cookies, etc…
    Go to Cnet's website, and search for CCleaner (It was produced by piriform) to download it.
    It does make a computer much faster.

  6. @mastersqueaks on firefox: go to tools>options>Privacy>use custom settings-adjust to your liking.
    Internet Explorer: Toos>Internet Options>General Tab> adjust; although i may be wrong, im not too familiar with IE.

  7. @mastersqueaks Doing this only prevents some useless files to pile up. you still need to clean up and defragment disk drive, although not as often.

  8. if u delete ur cookies, so would ur pc be more risky for virus and stuff like that…
    so, I don't think that is a good idea.

  9. @MrDevilJosh11 Well u know that whatever cookie u delete from a webbrowser, that is a kind of a spyware tracker. Cookies can also "block" your pc for virus, it's used for security!
    Browser cookie is also used for an origin website to send state information to a user's browser and for the browser to return the state information to the origin site! So that's the risk to delete the cookie, u know.

  10. I have these programs for maintenance my PC:

    Batch Defrag
    Window Washer
    Eset Nod32 Antivirus 5
    Malware bytes
    Registry winner

    are these programs okay for boosting up my computer? or can you recommend me some softwares that can speed up my PC 🙂

  11. When I did that mine said
    "Delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords, and web form information. So I tried something different, I clicked on tools then on " Delete Browsing History…" and it checked off all the boxes except for "From Data" and "Passwords"… and I really need help with this… SO IF THERE IS ANY OUT THERE WHO IS GOOD WITH COMPUTERS PLEASE ANSWER… b/c I just got this computer and its already starting to act all slow… What do i do??

  12. The answer is no, lol. 1TB is approx 1000gb, and 16g of RAM is double what some high end computers come pre-packaged with. However, all you've given is the amount of hard disk space and RAM space on your comp. Both are good, but it's not necessarily just those two factors that can bring a computer down.
    Check out my tech tumblr (in DESPERATE NEED of questions/followers, btw)

  13. just go to hidden files and folders and than uncheck hide empty windows files then click yes

    than just go to c drive :
    than recyler and delet all files of it and like this folders also delete it(46gerg gersofhaofhofh2542374874)and go to system information than deleted all rp ..files than restart it by applying restore defaults

  14. Seriously dude, you cant give tips on how to maintain a speedy pc when you have a toolbar on your browser. Rookie mistake

  15. I have a question, my hard drive is losing too much space although im not doing anything it used to be 260 then i downloaded stuff which made it to 230 and then for some reason it keeps on getting low like wth!? I checked it earlier and its 170 something…and then i checked it again and now its fkin 163….

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  17. HP 6200 PRO SMALL FORM Desktopcomputer

    PROCESSOR lnte R core TM I 5-2500 CPU @ 3.30 GHZ 3.30GHZ

    lnstalled RAM 16.0 GB 159 GB usable

    512 Gigabytes manual hard drive

    system type 64 bit operating system x64 based processor

    Windows 10 home

    first time of the morning I turn my computer on I do a general maintenance to hit

    disk cleanup



    CC cleaner

    Windows 10 Defender

    this is probably Overkill doing this every day how often a week should I do it

    thank you

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