Build Big Arms Without Any Equipment

– Hey, what’s up guys? Today, I want to teach you
how to get big arms at home, with no gym equipment. Getting a big arms is
not just bicep alone. Do you know that most of the part, the muscles that in charge of the size are actually triceps? Right? But the thing is, doing triceps
at home is pretty simple. Push-ups, diamond push-up, whatever extension trains the triceps. The challenge is biceps. In order to train your biceps, you need flexion. You need to curl. You need to go to the gym. You need dumbbells and so on. So the good news is, without equipment, you can
also trains your bicep. So what you need is a towel. I would say a pretty long one, ’cause right here, you’re
about to do a curl. Now, the question is how you curl a towel that is light-weight and how you build your biceps with towel. So to set this up, all you need to do is
get down on the floor. You gotta place your towel in position. Make sure your towel is straight, and you’re going to put
underneath your feet. So from here, make sure
the towel is equal. You don’t want to do this. You don’t want to do that. Make sure they are equal
and the same length, and right here, you need
to suck in your stomach, because you need to stabilize your body, and to curl up your legs. All right? So towel underneath your
feet, and just curl. So by doing this, you’re
actually working your biceps. Right? So pretty fair guys will find this harder because of one thing: hamstring. Guys’ hamstring are normally
tighter than women and ladies. So the tighter your hamstring, the more resistance, the more
you will train your biceps. So I would say do like 10 repetitions, and you have to switch, because this is like a
stretching for your hamstring. You don’t want to get one
side is nicely stretched, and the other side is
not nicely stretched. Arms, I would say, you want to supinate out. You don’t want to do this yet. You want to supinate out, because when you supinate, this is where you train your bicep, and add a curl. Just like this. So when you do this, make sure
you keep your chest upright, fully extend your elbow, and curl without moving
your elbow too much, because when you move your elbow too much, you will lose the isolation. Right? So of course, you can add in the challenge by using more force of your legs. The more force you press,
by doing a leg press, the more you kick, the more the resistance you
will give to your biceps. 10 reps, left and right,
total will be 20 reps. And now, you’re not done yet. You’re about to do a superset. This time, other than bicep, you’re gonna train the opposite muscle, and that is the tricep. It’s very straight-forward. This is known as the diamond push-up. So diamond push-up, also known
as the close grip push-up, close grip works the triceps, and bonus, the chest and the shoulder. So in position, pretty
straight-forward, just a push-up, but to begin a push-up, my favorite is to first
start from the ground, because in the ground, you
can pretty much set up. Keep your elbow close to your body, and push. So for this, you want to lock your elbow. For triceps, it’s okay to lock your elbow, because when you lock, this is where you give full
stimulations to your triceps. So I would say this one you
can do like 10 repetitions, because this is more challenging, you’re pushing your body weight, where biceps you can do
20, and this you can do 10. So I’d say do in a superset
from 20 reps, 10 reps, take 60 seconds break, and then repeat. Repeat the towel curl. Another 20 reps, another
10 reps of push-up, that’ll be second set, so I would say do four sets,
and you’re good for now. So right after you do three to four sets of the previous superset, right now you’re going to
do another set of superset for the biceps and triceps, because deserve more volume
if you want them to grow. So for biceps, earlier on, we did
supination curl with a towel. You can pretty much do the
same thing on standing version. However, this is a little bit harder, because this would
challenge your stability. So place your feet on a towel. Right here, you’re using
only single stance. This is challenge your core stability. You can do the same thing, fully extend and fully flex
at the top as high as you can, without rounding your back. Make sure when you do, don’t round your back too much. Back straight, curl, and once you feel you’re hitting a limit of the range of motion, it’s good. It’s not necessarily to go like this. Like this, first of all, you’re
moving your elbow too much, you’re losing isolation,
and you’re losing stability. So here, maintain a straight form, curl, fully extend, curl. Same 10 repetitions. I would say, earlier on, you
already did this style of curl. Perhaps this time, you
want to do this way, you want to curl this way, because biceps works in two way: the short head and the long head. So if you do short head and long head, you develop a better,
bigger biceps over time. So instead of doing this, you’re gonna keep your wrist in a neutral grip position. So fully extend, and curl. Very good, other than
training your biceps, is more to like core
stability exercise also. Make sure you breathe. Keep your core tight. Imagine your body is a solid pillar. The more solid you are,
the more stable you are, the more isolation you’ll get. Right, so 10 reps, 10 reps, 20 reps. You’ll feel the burn. You’ll also feel your forearms,
because you’re gripping. No rest. The next exercise, we’re gonna
get back down on the floor. We’re about to do a tricep extension. So this exercise is a
great isolation exercise for the triceps. So to set this up, your
elbow is below your shoulder. Elbow below your shoulder. Put yourself in a push-up position. From here, you want to keep your wrist, your palm solid facing down on the floor, because from here, you
want to extend your elbow as high as you can. Fully extend it. Rest, and repeat. So you find this is
too hard, you can rest, knee rested on the floor, and do this. I would say go full version. If you can’t hit 10
repetitions, it’s okay. Just do as many reps as you can. When you hit a failure, don’t stop. Let’s say when you hit five, you fail, rest your knee on the floor and continue doing
another five or 10 reps. So this combination is very good for both biceps and triceps. By training arms, I’m sweating already. So if you are still watching
this video, good news for you, because some of you, you
don’t even have a towel. So what you can do, without
towel, is like this. This is one of my favorite
way of training my biceps, and this is what my dad taught me when I was seven years old at home. And that is just place your opposite arms against your palm, and curl. When you curl, you want to put
force from this opposite arm pushing against this. By doing this, you also trains your bicep. It’s not so fancy; however,
if you’re determined, no excuses. So the good thing is the harder you push, the more resistance for your biceps, and the harder you push, you’re also working your
triceps on the opposite arm. Two way training, biceps and triceps. When you’re done, move to the other side. I got one more idea also, for biceps, and that is you can
even bring it as far as curling your own feet. So like this, if you imagine you’re
sitting cross-legged, keep your leg straight, arms
around your ankle, and curl. Right? This looks like an awkward position, but it’s still effective. Give it a try. It’s all about variety to
spice up your training, so your training won’t look so boring. You can do the other side, left and right. And since you have a chair,
you can even do a tricep dip. Tricep dip on a chair is like this. Your palms, they’re nicely
on the bench, chair. You can keep your legs straight. Straight is harder. I recommend you bend a little bit, and fully lower yourself down, and keep your back straight,
without rounding your back. Back straight, and fully extend. Do this about 10 to 15 reps
until you feel the burn. So, that’s pretty much for this video. These are the few ways you
can actually do at home to train your arms. Obviously, if you get the
chance to use equipment, such as dumbbell, barbell,
cable, it will be great, because equipment, you always have the
choice to add resistance for progressive overload, and this will leads to
to muscle hypertrophy. So if you ask me how
did I achieve this body? Do I just do all these
exercises at home alone? The answer is no. Most of my training, I
would say 80% is in the gym, where 20% is bodyweight and stuff. It’s just that this video, I find is still useful for those of you who doesn’t have the
chance to go to the gym, because I was that person before. I didn’t have the chance to go to the gym, and that’s what I did last time. So share this video. Remember to check out other video as well, because this is where you learn how you train your chest at home, how you train your shoulder
at home, or even in the gym. Subscribe the channel, hit the notification bell, and thank you so much for watching. Stay awesome, stay fit. Peace. Hey, what’s up guys? Today– – [Videographer] Your shirt. – Oh, I forgot. Yo, what’s up guys? Today– – [Videographer] Wait,
wait, wait. Oil, oil. – Yeah, true. I take my oil. Look shinier. Look more muscular. So the secret, tissue paper,
put some water, put some oil, and look at this.

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