Fat Burning Workout – Without Equipment
Full Workout Routine Summary, Tips & Info at the End EXAMPLES of Interval Workout/Levels
(Before & after Workout: 5-10 Min Warm Up & 5-10 Min Cool Down)
– Workout Level 1: 5-10 Rounds 1-3 Min Rest between Rounds (Passive/no activity or Active Recovery) Starting easy & gradually adding 1 more Round over Time
– Workout Level 2: 10 Rounds (Round 1-5 X2) 30-60s Rest/Active Recovery between Rounds (And around 1 Minute extra Recovery after full 5-Round Set)
– Workout Level 3: 10-15 Rounds (Round 1-5 X2 X3) 25-45s Rest/Active Recovery between Rounds (And some additional Recovery after full 5-Round Set) Interval Workout full 5-Round Set

1. 10 Burpees – 12 Alt. Split Squat Jumps – 40 Punches
Active Recovery (approx. 30s – 2 Minutes)
2. 10 Burpees – 16 Toe Touches – 40 Mountain Climbers
Active Recovery (approx. 30s – 2 Minutes)
3. 10 Burpees – 12 Cross Knee Plank – 30 Flutter Kicks
Active Recovery (approx. 30s – 2 Minutes)
4. 10 Burpees – 12 Knee Tucks – 12 Alt. Lunges
Active Recovery (approx. 30s – 2 Minutes)
5. 10 Burpees – 15 Jumping Jacks – 30 High Knees
(5-15 Rounds Total depending on Workout Level) More Examples/Challenge:
Increased Intensity – Focus on working harder/faster during Intervals, rather than just adding more. Measure the Time it takes for each Round & the full Workout (to compare between Workouts).

5-10 Min Warm Up before Exercise.
Ex: Jogging/light Cardio, Jumping/Squating, Arm Circles, Push Ups, Kicking/Punching… & Dynamic Stretching 5-10 Min Cool Down after Exercise – Light Jogging and Stretching Always start & train at your Level and Capacity. Do what you can and start from there to make Progress, Step by Step. Don’t attempt Exercises or Workouts that are too intense for you. High Intensity and fat burning workouts can be very challenging. Stop anything that causes Pain or something you feel you can’t manage. Break a Workout whenever you feel you need to. Listen to your Body. THANK YOU ALL for watching, and I appreciate every Comment/Like and everything you do to Support if you like the Videos!
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