Bow Legs Yoga For Athletes – How To Correct Bow Legs (in JUST 1 session!)

Are you losing confidence because of
your bow legs? Are people making fun of you? But you actually want to straighten and fix your bow legs naturally?! I can totally relate to that and I’m here to
help. Because I will tell you and show you just one private class with a client
of mine and how this session helped change his legs. My name is Chi and
you’re welcome to The Body Conditioner. Here we work in, not out. If people are
making fun of you because of your bow legs write ‘Yes’ further below in the
comments section. Now let me tell you about Greg. Greg is one of my private
clients and this is how he stood when I met him. Can you see the shape of his
legs and the way he stands? Now when I assessed his body I also looked at the
way he moves and walks. So this is how he walks, the way he walks,
the way he carries his body, and the way he uses his muscles. Greg was born this
way so for him it was all natural and normal. He didn’t think there was
anything wrong with it and I told him that I’m very sure we can do something
about it. And that’s what we did. So we looked at
his muscles. So number one we looked at the hip adductors. I showed him a few
exercises to do that help him strengthen those muscles. At the same
time we looked at the external hip rotators, the deep buttocks muscles and I
knew they were tight. So I showed him some exercises on how to release some
tension from that area of his body and to regain mobility. At the same time I
also looked at his hamstrings. Those are the muscles in the backs
of your thighs. And I knew that the biggest one, the lateral one, the biceps
femoris will be super tight. So we also worked on that. And surprise, surprise!
Let me show you the picture after that session. Isn’t that amazing? Just one session of working your muscles correctly can
change the shape of your legs. And wouldn’t you want that too? Understanding your
body, unlearning your habits and changing the shape of your legs. I’m
super happy to help. So come on over to the Facebook group and send me your
pictures. Let me understand your body, let me
understand what’s going on and let me help you find a solution. I really, really,
really look forward to connecting with you. Have a fantastic day! Click on the link further below to get your
ebook on how to correct your bow legs naturally. It’s absolutely free for you. Also
come on over to the Facebook group and send me your pictures. Let’s understand how we can
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