100 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Supplements Video – The SCARY TRUTH!

  1. Bodybuilding supplements are good and are also necessary, but rather than trying anything, why not trying something herbal and genuine . I would recommend buying from a herbal brand like Herbolab. I've tested and i loving them. After all Herbal products have no side effect.

  2. those training since the 90s (like me) have read all the websites and bb magazines half of which were filled with ads selling pre workouts etc, i took loads of them, from different companies promising the world… sure I got a 'little psychological edge, but 20 years later, now I know, eat food, supplement with the (your own) research(ed) tried and proven for your specific gut and body type protein, drink more water and sleep more, eat organic meat (if you can afford it) you won't go far wrong

  3. 1- see's this video
    2- "this could be something", checks his product from the link in the description
    3- clicks on his protein powder ingredient list
    4- reads it contains soy
    6- closes the tab


  4. I don't know if I should start using supplements and protein powder I just think it's a bit like cheating

  5. Protein powder is good to have post workout but if you have chicken and rice cooked after every workout eat the chicken and rice and i only have pre workout when I'm tired and drained

  6. I've been using SARMs, I don't care what anyone has to say about them, they WORK. Not as strong as gear, but the results are nuts. Endurance and strength are through the roof. Aggression is there but it feels good

  7. It's extremely important that everyone is aware that suplement companies managed to lobby their way into passing a law that specifically prohibits the FDA from regulating this industry . So it is imperative that you understand what you are buying .

  8. Why do you include B and C vitamins in X-Cite and X-LR8? Also why do you include calcium in X-Cite? Doesn't calcium inhibit the uptake of other minerals? Thanks.

  9. M really not buying ppl selling BCCAs.. Is it worth it? I would appreciate answer from you cuz my husband only listens to you .. 🙂

  10. I've quit buying protein powder and I drink more milk instead and try to include more protein in every meal. It's cheaper and you get varied mix of proteins. Milk has both whey and casein so you get the benefit of both.

  11. This is why you look at the label, buy product will only a few indegridents, dont buy cheap protein powders there will be more fillers than protein in it. Check out your supplements products, also fda is a joke. They raided black stone labs for dmaa products and pharma chloterol pills that doesnt harm the body.

  12. I remember you could get giant bottles of ephedrine from GNC. That stuff worked great at giving you energy but it always felt like it was taking something away from you at the same time.

  13. I have a pretty well balanced diet without supplements
    Proteins-135gms /day

    & I have a good workout plan too

    Will this do??

  14. I wish I could tell if my supplements are even doing anything, I'm getting bigger muscle and losing fat, but I've also made a lot of dietary changes and workout changes at the same time I started these supplements, 2 weeks I lost 7 lbs, but I also lost 20 lbs the month before that just by cutting sodas and candy and all that crap, idk if everything is helping prigess, or if the suppliments are just wasting money

  15. FDA used to be proactive now it seems to reactive only. I swore off supplements when that happened. Real food, Real Results.
    Saving a ton of money too

  16. lots of duplicacy in supplementation here in india ….. what are the things that we should eat after anyworkout … we can t afford supplements ..pls tell us .. what we sholud do …?

  17. 2:10 having a background in pharma i can say that mag stearate is not a filler but a lubricant. it allows blends to flow freely. usually in pharma doses it comprises around 1% of the total formulation.

  18. I’m here because a woman at the gym was selling free samples of some of this stuff and I declined because naturally I wanted to get gains well… naturally

  19. What you put in your body is, as you said 'really important. Any supplement is VERY UN-IMPORTANT. Sometimes potentially dangerous.

  20. Once i gave up on supps my body turned into stallone in Rocky 4. My body rejects horrible shit and that's all protein shakes and pre workouts ever did to me. Even legit ones were not making me stronger or have an impact on my body. Once i just concentrated on my vitamins and minerals and not fucking overload with protein i shredded up and maintained it for 15 years now.

  21. Jeff can you make a video putting all the essential things That a good weight gainer or a mass gainer should have and should not have

  22. As a beginner I love these videos. And the comments have me rolling!! So, supplements aaaaaanndd cocaine!? Ok. Here goes nothin…

  23. jeff if i cannot find your product and Amazon is a little corrupt these days and i dont trust our postal station because im in the Rural lands of the USA
    I do try to buy the products that match yours though they cant seem to get past the Magnesium Stearate..I didnt know this would be bad and yet my blender cleans up easy
    As im doing this its more expensive than say ..Your Product and youre not pushing it on us youre telling us what to look out for…Thank You
    imma Tattoo an A-X on my Shoulder because Jeffs got my back

  24. Hey Jeff I’ve been really interested and invested in trying to improve my gut health now that I’m 46. I eat a lot of pork and especially chicken. It’s really challenging to find good sources of meats that don’t have antibiotics in them and it hard to trust the tricky labeling. They say things like no added antibiotics ever and I feel that the organic labeling is more misleading than it may seem. Anyway I’m curious about the quality of protein that you use in your products as far as my gut is concerned.

  25. hey jeff @athleanx I'm turning 17 soon and work out almost daily. I've heard supplements are very bad for under 18s. but would whey protein shakes really be bad?

  26. 'Is this going to save me money' Assuming you were getting the 24 grams of protein in each shake from normal foods before the supplement, yeah it'd save you a lot of money over time. However most people that are just starting out with weight lifting might not have a high protein diet they're used to in which case this is not only cheaper, but a much easier change to their eating habits than making themselves cook a lot more meat and eggs than they're used to. It also gives them caloric breathing room since there's much less calories per gram of protein in a protein shake than an animal based food which can give someone that much sought after space for dessert without messing up their diet too much.

  27. I have. A hernia from when I was a kid I had three surgeries on it before I was 18 and now I’m 34 I haven’t had a surgery sense but it makes it very hard for me to train because I can’t use my abs almost at all …. what do I do just give up probably huh 😢

  28. I have a question for anyone who uses Jeff's supplements.. I am type one diabetic and I want to avoid sugar or carbohydrates in my supplements. Are the flavors NOT made with stevia made with sugar, or just other artificial sweeteners that aren't stevia?

  29. Thanks for the free videos, I’m working out better and more effective than before. My shoulder pain is almost gone. Much appreciated content! Which is why I purchased your muscle stack. And will continue to support your product line. Age 46 170# 5’10”

  30. Jeff..why do your products have maltodextrin in them now? You spoke against this additive in great lengths in a video I saw, but your new line of protein powders now has it in them. Can you comment on that? Love your stuff but stopped buying bc of that. Is it now safe?


  31. Artificial flavoring, acesulfame potassium and sucralose are ingredients you feel are worthy to be put in your products?

  32. I'm no supplementation physique, love your content be it with supplementation, or not want to know how will I find time to watch all your great videos..:)!

  33. In the UK Myprotein has pretty cheap 5kg bags of plain whey and 1kg bags of creatine monohydrate. I've no commercial interest, they were really cheap, and I got a free stainless steel shaker.

  34. Most supplement stores have an exchange policy on supplements. Even if opened and the supplement isn't for you, you can return it. Maybe 10 years ago sales staff were told to push products, but where I live in Canada it's all about the goals of the customer and helping them meet that goal. For example, "I want lean muscle mass, which protein should I take"? Answer: stay away from weight gainers…

  35. Ok, so Jeff has a weird lifestyle. The thing that was in the microwave is what can I only assume is his next pre prepared microwaveable meal. He preps it the last night so its easy to get. This guy almost never cheats on his meals.

  36. Why are you so humble Jeff? Everyone else is going the easy route, abusing the system. The supplement industry is just as you say it is. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to do what you do everyday, knowing that you can literally be like the rest of them. But you’re not. You’re a true inspiration to our training generation, and hopefully many to come. Salute

  37. My cousin hit the protein powders and the gym. He still had a crap diet. A few years later he went to the doc because he was irritable all the time and loosing his hair at an excellerated rate. Turns out his estrogen was through the ROOF! Almost all these powders use soy because it's cheap – but loaded full of plant based estrogen and highly acid forming. I think they use it for the bloating out effect it has too – giving an artificial sense of mass building. I know not a lot of people won't like hearing this, but using a plant based protein like Hemp/Spirullina/pea will always be much easier for the body to use. Most veg is around 8% protein anyway, UNTIL you destroy it by cooking. If you don't keep in a good alkaline state, your body will sacrifice the calcium from you bones to buffer out the acidity – not to mention you potassium would be lowered too. The body will recognize this, and will be reluctant to put on more mass upon a weakened frame. Spirulina is around 80% protein, easy to process into body, alkaline forming and loaded full of nutrients (like B vits) we often miss form cooked (AND MICROWAVED) foods. Trueley an ancient magic superfood that you can take in tab form too so you don't have to taste it. Try it. You will never go wrong with complete nutrition. Just because protein was the first nutrient discovered didn't make it the only important one. Industry has a lot to answer for on this one. Though lots of research and experimenting on myself, there is no way known I'll ever think of meat or dairy as a heath food by any stretch of the imagination. Dairy is so acid forming IT IS one of the worst offenders in the cause of calcium deficiency next to alcohol. Research Acidic blood vs alkaline blood. The truth shall set you free.

  38. He just wants to sell his own stuff.
    The way he has them all there on the table. Can see through this bullshit.

  39. THUMBS UP!!!!
    then watch, if necessary.

    i take vits and supplements in little bottles and a rice based protein mix in a med small bottle from the whole foods market or companies that make natural products … i don't trust the stuff in the huge containers bc there are things i refuse to eat which are probably in the big container products.

  40. How did we ever evolve to get this far? Oh i know it was supplements. Eat fresh food in moderation. No one needs this shit inside them

  41. Avoid GNC and find a local nutrition supplement store instead. Here in Colorado, Nutrition Company in Broomfield is top notch.

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