59 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Supplements That Work IF… (SUPPLEMENT LIE!)

  1. Hi Jeff how can i purchase athlene products? I leave in cayman island. And normally we use forwarder to ship things in u.s and they send it to cayman.. Thanks

  2. I would love to try your supplements but I live in Ireland 🇮🇪 and I take it they are only sold through your site. The cost of postage would make it not an option for me, any work around?

  3. I'm currently taking EAS Vanilla flavor 30g Protein. I haven't done the clump stirr test but I know that shit taste disgusting. Once I finish that jar I'm gonna start using Muscle Milk Vanilla which I haven't tried. Hopefully it tastes better than EAS.

  4. I'm testing mine tonight I'll be PISSED if this is the case cause I just bought the BCAA. I KNEW I should have gotten the Athlean X stuff but I just wanted to have something so when I do order the X series supps I'd have something to take during the AX-1 program till they come in. Thanks for doing these videos Jeff!

  5. I guess the real point to all the responses here from my view, propylene glycol ( anti freeze, diuretic, and a few other things I will not get into), I've taken crap in the past with it in it and then went and worked in 100 degree temps, when you sweat and you feel like your salad shooters gonna blow out even though your dehydrated; you"ll sure as hell wish youd bought Jeff's non glycol and non preservative laced sups. As far a sucralose, I prefer natural juice I make myself for sweetners, alot of micronized supplements still dont fully disolve, bcaas are one of them and carnitine and creatine monohydrate also rarely disolve. Opinions are like certain body parts, we all have one. I will say this much after my own research; find info that works for you and use it, build your mind like you build your body, both represent each other; but dont hack up another persons video, if your an expert on supplementation then go make your own dam channel. So far I havent heard this guy bash on anybody's stuff directly, but he does show the differences really well. I wish I would have had this guy as a coach back in 98' when I was in highschool. I may have been more motivated to become something then; AND I DAM SURE BELIEVE HE WILL RAISE HIS CHILDREN HEALTHIER THAN MOST OF US WATCHING HIS VIDEOS WILL EVER BE OR BECOME; ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO CANNOT FIND A WAY TO STRENGTHEN THE MUSCLES THAT KEEP THEIR MIND AND MOUTH FROM BASHING A MAN WHO HAS TAKIN THE TIME TO DEVELOPE A WELL RESPECTED CHANNEL. 🤔

    And as far as tasting good, Im sure that taste is more or less a selling point for most people, but I buy all my supplements now in unflavored versions so im sure not to get fake sweetners and all that crap, if i want taste I'll add my own cocoa, or natural ingredients (cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, etc.) Healthier and combinations are endless.

    Ive had some of the hardest pumps with out supplements, Ill leave that for the rest of you to try and grasp 😎

  6. Let me guess your product is the best. That's what all people would say if it was there product. I think you understand health but you don't everything so stop thinking you do.

  7. Thanks i will keep this in mind sir. But unfortunately for me, we do not get Athlean x supplements in india 🙁

  8. Just because something has hydrophobic properties doesn't mean it's insoluble in water. Amino acids are soluble in water.

  9. I dont have floaties hardly at all in mine and it taste like green apple. https://nutrithority.com/products/amino-factor?variant=7888039346233

  10. Snorting Huge Fat lines of Cocaine off your toilet seat when your wife and kids are downstairs watching tv is the ultimate pre work out boost you need to loose weight and burn fat! Cocaine has been pharmaceutically proven to speed up heart rate to a safe level and optimise body fat burning capabilities! So what im basically saying is this is total Horse Shit and a complete fucking lie… Have a great day 😁👍

  11. Most BCAA sups only have 3/8 essential branch chain amino acids. Your body can’t use the 3 unless it has the other 5, or else your body will use it as fuel, at which point you just might as well eat a banana because that does the same thing 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. This guy clearly has no idea about micronization, pharmaceutics, formulation, dosage forms etc, and yet, he manufacture and sells bodybuilding supplements. What the hell!

  13. Why does it make you upset if people ask why sediment is floating in their pre workout? Do you assume that everyone that buys your supplements is an expert?

  14. BCAA's are useless anyway. They do not help in any way and in some situations may even decrease protein synthesis. Do not toake BCAA's separately only take them with whey protein or dont take them at all as they tend to not be very cheap. A whey protein compared to bcaa only intake produces twice the protein synthesis.

  15. I have been wondering about the clumps for over a YEAR while taking the rx supplements and only now do I find this video. I'm so thankful I'm actually taking the correct supplements. Thank you Jeff! <3

  16. I must have some good shit because my amino acids clump at the top at first but after a long stir it goes away. Not like my xtends it will mix really fast but it's costly. The only thing I don't like about good quality aminos is that it tends to stain the cups, it has some kind for food coloring or dye in it.

  17. Allergic to athlean x protein drink because of the egg whites. Anyone have a recommendation on another brand ? Athlean support wouldn’t help point me in the right direction

  18. Hes probably being as honest as possible but i think hes just trying to explain why his own supp is clumpy so people stop complaining lol

  19. Cool I'm gonna test my bcaa' brand now for clumpy floaters & see what goes down
    @ athlean-X Jeff great vid

  20. What i did is copy the pre post and recovery ingredients of the athlean x supplements from bulk supplements cost me around 245 dollars from amazon but last for months im on the fourth month right now. Probably can get another month out of it. 245 for 4/5 months vs the athlean x monthly cost of 120 something dollars or more do the math. Bulk supplemnts.com which is the name for the name of the company

  21. Im surprised non of his supplents dont have arginine. Well he must have a good reason for not adding arginine

  22. I am only using iso-protein as a supplement to build muscles but want to move to BCAA as my muscle mass is decreasing with regular workout. I am scared of any intake of BCAA.

    Can you clear my mind and provide scientific backing as to why I should use BCAA and its side effects?

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