Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Dumbbell Chest Press

What I’m going to be performing is the dumbbell
chest press. The bench is flat. Make sure your back, also your shoulders are flat against
the bench. Control the weight. When you’re bringing it down you want a good stretch on
the shoulders. A good stretch on the chest. Flex the chest when you come all the way up.
Again, control it coming down. Come up, flex the chest. When you come down, stretch it
out. Usually you want to do about eight to ten reps. The weight should be not too light,
not too heavy. The most important thing, is make sure you have a good squeeze as well
as a good stretch. And, that’s how you perform a dumbbell chest press.

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  1. Not to take anything away from this guy, but isn't it better to not lock your elbows since you'll be resting, and keep yours arms at a 90 degree when they are down ( or other other you're hitting your back ) I like where i'm at but I see a lot of people use this form and their chest looks good as well, so it gets confusing lol.

  2. jsut before the elbows are straight, remember to keep up the good, controlled and slow form, 2-3 seconds up and 2-3 seconds down

  3. when i do flat dumbbell press, I can do more reps than when I do incline dumbbell press. For example, I can do 12 reps flat dumbbell press, but when I do incline dumbbell press, I struggle to do 8-10 reps. Why is that? I find that it's quite frustrating really.

  4. hey mate, try using workout gloves or bandages for your hands, also, keep your wrists locked during the exercise so the weights dont scrape your handpalms. Good luck mate

  5. best to do it on the floor, this way the floor stops your arms at 90 deg which is where you should stop, will help prevent shoulder injury. if you want to stretch the pecs further do it after your work out.

  6. Help,this is my workout

    Tuesday, Thursday

    5 sets 8 Reps, Chest Press on Machine , Champagnes, overhead, incline dumbbell fly variant, flat dumbbell twist flat press & fly, Shoulders on machine, dead lifts

    I run it through a routine, about a minute rest then start the next set i'm trying to gain muscle and mass also add 20 pounds onto myself before next summer, I cut out my cardio, if anyone has any tips help me please, this workout gets me super tired, but i'm not sore, week 22

  7. one question. does anyone know if there is a difference between chest press and bench press and if so what is the difference ?

  8. @legendstheband there really is no difference except that the chest press uses stabilizer mucles more and its more of a squeezing motion than the bench press. Use both 🙂

  9. @pronation1 i would increase the weight and not do so many sets. You only need 3 sets to ahve an effective workout if your doing everything properly

  10. lol thts wat i exactly do but i do it the harder way wen i go up i turn the dummbell the other way which is better

  11. What does "not too light" "not too heavy mean?" It doesn't help me. Can someone try and tell me what pound dumbbells hes using please?

  12. what sort of exercises would u recomend for a full chest work out, my chest is a little flabby and sort of soft sort of like just below the nipple any suggestions please

  13. @JayDEUCE86 eh gloves just look cool, haha at least my gloves, i get caluses anyways since they are ripped in the grip and i dont wanna buy new ones since i been through a lot with them 10 dollar suckers, hehehe

  14. @SMyD77777 I think he means maybe you can lift it maybe 20 times…Any more than that is too light……If you can only lift it 5 times too heavy.

  15. @CoreAndGore He prolly means dont do something that u can maybe do 2-3 reps…atleast 8 reps…

  16. @JayDEUCE86 now you are speaking my language! Everyone who sees my calluses says its nasty or something of the sort but then when they see me work out they know why. 🙂

  17. @th3toiletguy9111111 It depends on what you mean by results. Many powerlifters have a 1×5 routine. If you want to be a pretty boy and not be strong at all then sure, lift 10 lbs 100 times.

  18. I tried this with both heavy and light weights but every time I do it like the video, I don't feel any burn at all. I'm flexing the chest and keeping a proper posture, but I feel nothing. Can anyone give me any ideas?

  19. thank you for showing this video! Much appreciated… don't listen to the idiots who wish they could be fit like you. They're probably sitting on the couch eating food while they watch YOU work out!

  20. thank you for showing this video! Much appreciated… don't listen to the idiots who wish they could be fit like you. They're probably sitting on the couch eating food while they watch YOU work out!

  21. Just an open question, I'm wanting to bulk up my chest and of course tone. Do I bulk up for a few months then work on toning or tone as I go? ie two days bulking one day toning or can you even do that in the same workout?

  22. @213HBK If you want to bulk up and lose weight, you want to get a healthy, high protein diet started. If you go to the gym 5 days week with a decent diet you should shed weight and build muscle like nobody's business.

  23. Thnx for your reply that really helped as I was unsure if you can bulk and lose weight. My main query (altho didn't articulate very well) was, at present I am doing 2 days on with 1 day rest. I do 4 sets of 6-8 reps of heavier "bulking" weights and was wondering at what point should I be doing the 10-12 reps of lighter "toning" weights. Do I wait until I reach my desired bulk, tone on alternate days, or do them in the same workout as the bulking weights? Hope it's not a dumb question

  24. I did the toning first, my main goal for when i started was a 6 pack. Once i burnt enough fat i started lifting heavier. I found that 20 minutes on the bike or treadmill before and after (You don't need to do 20 mins, i just did that much because i want to get my cardio up) worked, but you can do the "toning" weights before, during or after your workout. I don't think it makes that much of a difference. Just don't work the same muscles 2 days in a row. Work them on alternate days. Hope this help

  25. YES, that helps heaps!!! I only knew not to do triceps before chest, but have been doing the same routine on consecutive days as I didn't know any better.I actually have a friend who is a PT but haven't been able to contact him after the earthquake and as I am doing it at home, I've just been relying on info off the net. The cardio tip helped too, I have a small handful to get rid of and might just get a bike as cardio is my least favourite. Thanks again!

  26. I hate people like @CoreAndGore who think you need to max out or lift really heavy everytime you lift to get your maximum results.

  27. @youngfreedom93 for someone whos a smaller build like you ya, especially if you have only been working out for a few months, wait until you hit a year, youll really start to notice a difference, ive been going for 10 months or so and im 13 and i can already do 60 in each arm

  28. @ItsPixieDust95 i weigh 150, so no. and its not that hard, if ur older and can't do that and are making fun of me you should be embarrassed

  29. @xTobyMc slowly contract the chest. your problem might be because of your weak triceps . Start doing more tricep exercises

  30. wouldn't consider myself an expert but have a very good understanding to go along with experience as far as bodybuilding/lifting goes

  31. Jogging is a cardio workout which focuses on burning fat. Weight lifting is a muscle building excercise that breaks down your muscles and causes them to rebuild bigger.

  32. If you mean why should you jog less after lifting its because your body needs to rebuild the muscles and by doing high intensity cardio your body uses that energy for the running instead of rebuilding the muscle. Low intensity cardio is what you should do post lifting because it still burns some fat but isnt using enough energy to take away from muscle recovery.

  33. Hello(: Did you thought about the Explosive Muscle Method (google it)? My dad says it gets people stronger…

  34. I have a question, have you heard of this thing called the Max Muscle Method? (check google). My mother says it gets people ripped.

  35. Whenever I do this excercises, around my 6th or 7th rep, my forearms and wrists start to ache. Any tips on how to prevent this?

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