Bodybuilding Delts & Triceps Workout | Dorian Yates’ Blood & Guts

[music] So we’re doing a full
press like this…you know, locking out at the top,
and your shoulders go up and in like that… That way you’re not doing
that last third of the movement, which is mainly triceps. So you’re going up,
boom, like that. Boom, yeah? That’s it. Perfect, two, three, four. Eight, two more, nine, ten, perfect. When you do this, do you want
me to go down a pound or just below? Just to get a bit of a stretch? Whatever feels
comfortable, man. Don’t overstretch, you know? I usually just bring it
down, touch the delts, and go back up again. I don’t normally go in.
I normally go straight up. Going up there, you’re
kind of taking attention off. Have a bit triceps
at the top, you know? You might as well just
keep it on the delts. No need to lock out at the top. All right, big
Chris, come on. Don’t need a spots
on this one, man. Okay, oh, good. Two, strong, man. Three, four, five, six, boom. One more, bam, okay, good. Drop ’em down, man. All right, this
is the one, man. Let’s get ’em up. There’s your one, okay. Line ’em up, man. First one, yep, first one. Okay, let’s go now. Two, three, four is yours, five’s yours. Come on. Squeeze it up. Okay, drop ’em down. Good, six, man. Good, good six. Strong, man. There’s nothing wrong with
pre-exhausting on shoulders. Do your lat pulls first,
do your presses second. You don’t always have to stick
to exactly the same script. You know, I don’t like to
change things too much, because I like to keep a
track on the poundages and the exercises. If you’re going up in
your workout weights, then you’re doing
something right, you know? Standing, up to parallel,
keep your palms down, yeah? Good, two, three. Stop the swinging,
the body’s still. Four, eight, two more. Up, nine and again, up. Keep your body moving
down a little bit. You got a little bit of a
bad habit of doing this… It’s a lot less
than I normally do. I’m ready, brother. All right, come on, then. Rock and roll then, man. Try it a little bit
in front of you. All right, let’s go. Good, one, two, three, four is good. Come on, five is good. Six, nice, come on. Up, seven, keep
’em tight, eight, two more. Keep tight. Nine, and again, up. Ten, halfway now,
halfway up, up, come on. And again. One more, up. Good, good. Just another way of going
beyond failure, half rep, three-quarter reps, just
to take it beyond failure. I gave him a little
tip on the last couple, but it’s hard to
spot beyond that. Everything you’ve got, yeah? Everything, up and squeeze. Nice, control the negative. Good, that body still, man. Four, that’s better. Five is good. Come on, squeeze, six. And again, up. Squeeze, seven. Four more, all the way up, all
the way up, all the way up. Okay, slow it down now. Slow it down. I’m taking it to
the top, up, slow. Last one, everything. Try and stop it. Try and stop it. All right, maybe not. Watch that form, yeah? Good, two, strong, man. Three, nice. Four is good. Come on, I’m watching. Come on, five, that’s yours. And again, squeeze, one more. Everything, everything,
squeeze it up. Squeeze it up. Slow it down. I’m gonna take you up.
Hold it there. One more, hold it up. That’s it, nothing left. Once I’ve done a couple of
forced reps and he’s got no positive strength left, then
I’m lifting it to the top, and he’s just trying to
control it on the way down. Once you can’t control
it, then it’s finished. Game over. Try and bring your
elbows forward a little bit. That’s good. Six, pull, seven, and again. Pull, eight, two more, pull. Nine, again, half
reps, let’s go. One more, go. Good. It’s so much harder when
I pulled my elbows forward. Yeah, because if you come
back, you’re using your lats. We’re working, that’s a
small muscle, man, you know? So if you’re coming
straight out, you’re working more rear delts. You don’t need to
use as much weight. You’ve already done
the lats, you know? There’s no point in duplicating
what we’ve already done. So try and isolate
it on this one. You don’t need a ton of weight. Soon as I said that and you
started pulling out to the side, you can see your rear
delt come right out. Feel like about
20 pounds heavier. Rear delts, come
on, think about it. Good, good, perfect, man. Three, four, keep that form. Five, up, six, good. Seven, and again,
all the way up. Eight, halfway, and one more. Squeeze, great. Job done, man, job done. Sweet. Thanks, man. So we’re gonna
come from here, yeah? Elbow stuck by your sides. From here, lower chest,
lot of people do this… Push out like that. I want you to keep your elbows
by your side from out here. Down and in there. You get a much better
contraction at the bottom. Bring it into your legs there. I’m just using triceps, but
I’m keeping this locked in, letting the weight come
out to there, yeah? Down and in, much better
contraction at the bottom like that. Right in there in the
bottom, squeeze, yeah? Good, three, four, five, six, seven. Control that negative a
little bit more, yeah? Good. I find it easier to balance
if you’ve got one leg forward and one leg back,
instead of, like, standing like this if
you’re wobbling about. You don’t want to start leaning
in and letting your elbows come out, because then it
becomes a pressing movement. Okay, don’t forget to bring
it right in there and squeeze the [bleep] out of it. Two, three, four, five’s good. Six, keep it tight now, come on. Keep it perfect. Seven, eight, keep tight. Nine, and again. Push, ten, two more. Drive it down. Drive it down. Drive it down. One more, keep tight. Come on, push, push all the way. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze, good. Okay, good set. From here, from
that position, I want you to angle back, yeah? So from there, we’re
going back to there, yeah? Letting the weight go behind
your head, bring it back up, but don’t bring it over. Keep it on. That way there’s more in
the triceps and less strain on your tendons. Straighten your arms out, go. Okay, from there. No, don’t pull it over. Don’t pull it over,
just extend it. Okay, go down,
up…There, that’s it. Okay, now you’ve got it. Two, three, four, it’s good, man. Come on, eight,
two more like that. Keep the form. Nine, one more, squeeze. Got you. Well, we’re not trying to put
all the stress on your triceps without overloading
your tendon, you know? Lot of people get tendonitis
going too heavy on this one. Come on, this is the
one that counts, Chris. Come on. The grip and the angle,
everything’s tight. Squeeze, good. Two, three, four, five. Come on, six, good. Seven, come on. I’m watching you, tight. Eight, these are the ones. Nine, one more. Push, squeeze it up, squeeze it
up, squeeze it up, all the way, lock it out, triceps. Good, I got you. We’re gonna do something
directly overhead now, ’cause to really
activate the long head, which is the biggest
head of the tricep, you gotta kind of get a
stretch on, get it overhead. Got it? Nice and tight, then. All the way down,
all the way up. Good, one, two, three, four. Eight, two more. Big squeeze, nine,
and again, easy stuff. I got it. Stretch and blow, one,
two, three, four is good. Come on, five, squeeze, six. Let’s work, now, last exercise. Seven, one more. Come on, push, push, push,
push, push, push, push. Good, okay. Look at that. Blown-up triceps. Look at that. Don’t worry about the burn, man. You can do Jane Fonda classes
if you want to get a burn, you know? As long as the muscle’s
going to failure, it doesn’t know how
much is on the bar. The weight’s a tool, man. The weight is a tool just
to put stress on the muscle. You know, now we’re taking
enough time between sets in order to stay at
the same weights. Like, if I was doing
100-pound press– That’s called pacing
yourself, you know? That’s exactly what
I’m used to doing. It’s a big mistake.
Don’t pace yourself, man. Just go to failure and get the
job done to get out of there. Six sets and three
of those were warm-ups. Three working
sets, your triceps. [music]

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Delts & Triceps Workout | Dorian Yates’ Blood & Guts

  1. Dorian is awesome. Why because of the energy and simple details of how to do the exercise, and what not to do.    

  2. All the other training videos from are a joke compared to this.

    Dorian Yates knows his stuff, and speaks about it in an eloquent yet understandable and concise manner.  Not to mention 6 time Mr Olympia…

  3. Just started this today, totally different to what I have been doing. Could hardly lift my arms to the steering wheel in the car after. Looking forward to following this for the next 6 weeks 🙂

  4. just came back from the gym, looking good in the mirror, after watching this video….. i don't feel to good lol Dorian amazing body!

  5. just came back from the gym, looking good in the mirror, after watching this video….. i don't feel to good lol Dorian amazing body!

  6. 1:56 I don't understand. Just one working set and the first movement the guy can't do properly without assistance. Mr Yates don't you think is too much weight??? 

  7. One set to absolute failure makes perfect sense, once a muscle has been brought to complete failure, what's the point of doing anymore sets?

  8. Looks like he was trying to impress Yates because the weights he was using, were too heavy for him. If you can't stay still, use lighter weights. It's a lot more impressive to see someone make it look easy by keeping perfect form, than someone who uses his whole body to alleviate some of the weight from the targeted muscle. 

  9. Did someone actually say that working front delts isn't necessary because of the bench press?
    If you're feeling anything in your delts during a chest press, you're not isolating your pecs. Its called the all arms no chest syndrome. Too focused on impressing rather than building. That's the silliest thing I've heard all year.

  10. i want to ask you Mr .Yates one question ?
    i love your workout but here i don't see your push down reverse grip with single arm why?
    i see this workout from you but now not and i love this exercise.
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    I've never seen any trainer advocate at little sets as Dorian. I'm very intrigued.

  13. Lying triceps extensions, fucking SPOT ON PERFECT! I've been preaching this same shit for years on the skullcrushers, but people still insist on keeping the arms straight up in the air and dropping the bar right to their forehead. This is not a go heavy exercise, its a lighter weight and perfect form exercise. Incorrect skullcrushers are the fastest way to tricep tendonitits and a 4 month gym break. Someone needs to show this video to that fucking idiot Scott Herman.

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    I have so much respect for this man!

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  19. Can someone help me with this? Whenever I do a tricep workout , by the end of it my triceps are completely loose no tension whatsoever. I do around 3-4 sets of 4 standard exercises once a week. Please someone tell me whats going on??

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  22. Why using such a heavy weight for a small muscke like rear delt, he start cheating and swinging and engaging your lats and traps and end up losing tension from the very beginning.
    Why not using a light dumbbells and perform a good controlled reps to really exhaust that muscle area alone☝️

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