Bodybuilding Competition Australia – Ty’s Comp Day ft Musclemania, Billie Paea – Zak Safari

I’m going to get a nice thin hey I woke
up and I was just like why don’t they like wine laughter oh we got calm tango
screwed okay say we can bring a trick you know so I just yeah that’s good
that’s good side tricep good yeah perfect double bicep
there we go back that’s your money make of it most muscular with one huh one
baby we got great crap it’s a hard decision what he’s already like that
know your heart you love your upper book you’re hiding abs your heart boom-boom yeah that should be fine don’t
feel small clear up those pearly whites all right yeah you got this yeah not
like because let’s try the porter Tunes all right knee get those on ready
quarter turn to the right what a turn to the right please please
yes yep everything’s right call it into right small small small yeah what’s the
right perfect yeah there are that yeah you’re poison
space yeah so bad yeah you thought it’s perfect it’s perfect
that’s not happy but we’ve been practicing and practice makes perfect so
that’s all good yeah good I might hey got 10 makes a whole different thing
yeah very nice look tidy so I did for this oh yeah hunt for years of hard work
for this one moment Wow Saru I can’t dance
hey man when you been dati I’m Eva died it be that long guys just
seven weeks right people do I have like 20 weeks for sure
Jonny did a year I’m combining over seven weeks anyway I’m just a bit of
bidets sorry you student up oh you know what
let’s do it bro no let’s do this let’s do it
man take a little love on IG yeah we do a video on that later I love you guys $30 a like you get it everyone’s doing a
shirt and you get a kill coming in journalist or if you’re friendly and I
go how many as far as you go 1,000 Oh city bucks thinks you look like
this bro hey bruh it’s like short shredded as bread flour you going
toddler in the beach right we’ll go to the beach to get a tan don’t like I need
a tan I think so I think I need a day I think he needs a tan what do you reckon where one does one more order Atlanta
kite how we can only do to the top no G cappuccino were to your sweetness
as well place one nurse who doesn’t have a sweetener very difficult I thought
you’re dieting Billy Joe just started this is coming up yeah I better do it you know I hate trust what you’re seeing now is my
normal state this is a super singer and Super Saiyan 3 yeah it is not the poisoner eating yeah in the it’s gonna chew hear the dull price
again all my blacks retail Merchants betraying
the center start comp rep training out of there so feel free to hit us up want
me to check it out and come and say hi to myself and I and the boys I’ll be
good because I’m gonna be training there a lot of question there and we make a
lot of YouTube video for you guys average first time on that stage doing
this again such a strong competitor and we really really pushed me to my limit
and I think it showed me what I want to do this job I’m gonna say keep your so
you use a lot younger than me is amazing really taught me a few things out there
and made me enjoy our place here the muscle my dears joining Championships
pull that hard work hard work they paid off
we did is the single most proud moment my life
now I’m so happy that I did this experience for overall as good as all it
was amazing the whole thing was amazing qualified to go to Vegas as well like
this Fe Thank You muscle man you for putting on
a great show and we did it baby oh yeah oh man we in KFC brother we it’s
a bucket I’m so excited I’m an Australian champion Wow yeah boy let’s get it she’s got the
trophy oh man I love sliggoo the trophy in the
cast building you’re judging today right yeah how do Tiger the killed it man
and who’s that on the card man oh we killed a man it’s a pretty big lineup
yeah good show yeah we go to the second part of the show which is out more of
the fitness modeling yeah

2 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Competition Australia – Ty’s Comp Day ft Musclemania, Billie Paea – Zak Safari

  1. dude looking great,strong back,strong pecs and kinda strong shoulders.

    not tryina mock on him but he needs to improve his legs and arms.

    none the less,great physique and good video.

    keep it up

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