100 thoughts on “Beyond Scared Straight: Keep Running, Clown! (Season 8 Flashback) | A&E

  1. These kids need to act their age cuz they aren’t that tough they haven’t seen anything in life yet to be that tough

  2. why’re the cops allowed to put their hands on the kids but the moment that the kids defend themselves, they’re wrong? lol

  3. It's clear as day that these children's problems stem from a broken home. The father is rarely ever present and those statistics are much higher in the black community. I honestly feel for them. They really never stood a chance.

  4. she’s way too young to be on here, straight up pedophilic comments made by some inmates. She doesn’t deserve that, she can still get help

  5. But like why do the officers abuse the inmates like that and bully them sometimes the people in jail are actually trying to get better

  6. No fear ?🤔 what if i put a rat in her face ? Cuz I'm pretty sure all 99% girls are terrified of rats😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Give them Wallbustin Kids a piece of German House wall. Then they know whats hard 😂 i mean our walls are Concrete with Rebar in it so no way you bust anything other than your hands

  8. Is it not abise of power or assult for the officers to grab faces push Lil girls hear or touching her hair the way she did

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