Best Wireless Charging Pad for Apple Watch, AirPods & iPhone! AirPower?

Hello, guys this is Amit and welcome back to our PhoneRadar’s new video and I’m in China where I’m going to talk to you about my wireless charging solutions if you use an Apple Watch or an iPhone or any smartphone which supports wireless charging plus alongside Apple AirPods or the latest AirPods Pro then you would always be looking for the perfect wireless charging solution and I’ve recently watched an Unbox Therapy video wherein he had talked about this product, which is named – SliceCharge Pro so I’ve also ordered it in India when I was India I had ordered this and almost after 10-12 days, the product has been delivered to me in India and there were no custom duties but then I still paid $125 for this product and the product is finally here but hasn’t got time to unbox it, so have thought to bring this to China and whenever I would be free here I have thought about unboxing it and talk to you about everything of this product in detail so, guys this product here is named SliceCharge Pro and it has got six coils wireless charging mat which implies it would get a total of six coils, meaning on the back, you get five coils and another coil for Apple Watch so let me just open it and show you all its features and the box contents as well and here’s the box and as soon as you open it you’re greeted with a coupon and support details with which you can contact the support and you also get a coupon here as well again, it’s a useless coupon and don’t waste your time on this as you need to post their photo and all that kind of stuff, it’s completely useless it says – fastest charging area, effective charging area and this is the part where you get five coils and here’s the actual pad and this does look very premium and this definitely looks like a very premium product the product here appears to be made with high-quality material, which has also got a textured finish and the cuts on the back of the product are designed pretty well and here there’s clear mentioning of hard side and lapse, SliceCharge Pro six coil wireless charging mat and the good thing about this is you can move it upwards based on your requirements however, it’s little tight but then good thing is it has got its charger on the inside itself and you need not buy it separately, in fact, whichever Chinese product you buy the cheaper ones especially in the wireless charging pad you wouldn’t get this Apple Watch option, you just get a section where you insert your regular cable, which looks something like this, in fact, I have also had a temporary solution and it’s from another company wherein it had become a good solution especially when travelling but then this is something, which I always wanted to buy and now let me just charge all the three products and then show you a quick demo of the same and before talking further, here we get a Type-C to Type-C cable provided by the company and along with it you also get a power adapter which is of 30W and USB Type-C power adapter, which also appears to be a high-quality one and that’s also a good product so let me just quickly show you a demo of the whole setup now so here’s the quick demo as you can see I have placed three products inline and all the three are simultaneously charging, which is very important and it clearly works, which is again a good thing I like the overall quality again, the most important factor, which you need to notice is that this is an MFi-certified, which also implies it’s an Apple certified product, which means it’s obviously going to be a little costlier but notably, you get an Apple certified product which means it’s definitely a good quality product, as of now, my experience with it has been pretty good but then I actually expected this to be priced around $50 to $60 or something around $70 but $125 is slightly on the upper side but again as there isn’t other competition in the market despite one or two being good quality products like Belkin and many others but they are not supporting six coils, meaning you can’t high speed charging alongside you also can’t charge multiple products at once so, this product here might be the best solution which I’ve also figured out and this works flawlessly if any of you also use any Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, or any other wireless charging pad then do let us know in the comments section below, which brand of it do you use and the reason behind it, so, this has been my complete unboxing and an overall quick overview of this new SliceCharge Pro wireless charging product and if you’ve liked this video then do hit the LIKE button and stay Subscribed for more such interesting videos this is Amit and I’ll meet you guys in our next video, until then, GOOD BYE!

100 thoughts on “Best Wireless Charging Pad for Apple Watch, AirPods & iPhone! AirPower?

  1. This is one of the best Wireless Charging Pad that comes with multiple coils & works great. Bought it based on
    @UnboxTherapy's earlier suggestion. What charging setup do you use?

  2. I dont think wireless is any good ,u can't move your phone and all, just to show off 😅🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. So happy to see u Amit bro.. Iam using wired charger only. Not in a positon to upgrade to wireless devices.. U r back😍😍

  4. Its nice bhaiya ki aap hmesha wo content present krte h jo dusre ni kr rhe nd helpful b h.. but have u ever realised ki ye kitna galat impact daal rha channel pe.. ur channel is declining at the time noobies nd nontechnical guys are exponentially increasing the subscriber's count for their channel.. u should not indulge into common line but this line is way too beyond what majority likes to watch.. think on it pls.. I don't want to lose phoneradar.. been following it from 3 years back.. love u by heart (though never won any of ur giveways).. hehe.. anyways my contact bhaiya.. 7985603156.. thnx..

  5. नमस्कार भाई जी। बहुत सारा प्यार।
    बहुत अच्छा चार्जर है।

  6. Really good wireless charging pad, with fast charging, I think Apple should buy this brand to introduce their own AirPower, and if Apple launch their own AirPower with similar technology then price tag is 250 dollar minimum 😅😅, and Amit bhai does it work with other wireless charging phone?😅😅

  7. Awsm! Great design of the product with OPSO MFi-Certified Apple Watch Charger. 👍 It has the closet function to the AirPower.
    Btw great video Sir as usual 👌

  8. Stylish and take up less space than individual chargers and devices Very stable for phone and watch. Great work bhai 💯♥️

  9. Bro plz give me the One plus 7 pro plz bro i beg u plz i need it to grow my gaming channel and I dont have a good phone to play games plz bro i beg u plz

  10. Love you sir ji 💕💕💞💕💞💕💞💕💞💕💞💕💞💕💞💕💞

  11. नमस्ते अमित भाई गुड अनबॉक्सिंग वेरी वेरी गुड इंफॉर्मेशन गुड वीडियो गुड जानकारी गुड न्यूज जय हिंद जय भारत जय सियाराम अमित भाई

  12. Yes, it is one of the best wireless charging. Really unique. It takes less space than the wired chargers but charging speed will be a concern I guess. BTW awesome video Bhai.

  13. I simply don't understand why Apple has not launched that charging mat. What Apple is waiting for. It wants people to stay in its ecosystem and then also delays the accessories. Then why the hell you sell Wireless Charging

  14. Thanks for the video. Loved the stripped-down graphical representation at 1:05. While I would like to try it out, unfortunately none of my/or my family's devices are supporting wireless charging.

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