Best Soundbar 2020 | Top 4 Soundbars 2020 Battle Royal (Finals)

you’re here to be part of history as in
the next couple of minutes we’re gonna take together and make a decision on the
absolute all-time best soundbar at a special soundbar ultimate battle royal
so this is how this battle royal is gonna go down eight of the finest
soundbars money can buy all 8 contenders are set to battle
it out in four different brackets at the end of the quarter finals four winners
will move on to the semifinals and from there you will move on to the finals
with the winner being crowned as the best soundbar of 2020! Here we go
one survives this is soundbar battles fight round one yamaha ysp 5600 versus
the sennheiser AMBEO soundbar judging this battle wasn’t easy but having
weighed all the factors our coal is toward the wind to the sennheiser MBO in
this fight congratulations to the Sennheiser am Bo
that we’ll be moving on to the semi-finals the second bracket is
essentially the cool kids on the block the son of spin bar first impose 700 we
love you so much beam but we have to get this battle to the bow sandbar 700 and
honesty we can’t wait to see how it fare against the Sennheiser am bo in this
semi-finals next up we got twenties finest the SL 10
wine versus the interesting Paul Commander the SL 10 why not only wins
this battle but knocks out the command bar it takes over with a full team
brutal knockout and proceeds to the semifinals for the final battle of the
quarterfinals we got a juicy one for you we got the
Atmos giant’s the Nakamichi shock wave nine point two point four versus the
sizing hwq nine yard we got to get the slight edge to the q9
yard that takes this match and with a heavy heart we said we say farewell to
the Nakamichi shock wave nine point two point four and on that note we welcome
this semifinalist the Samsung hwp many are the boys
soundbar 700 the Sennheiser am bo the LG SL 10 why in the first semifinal round we have the
Sennheiser MBO versus the boson bar 700 shake hands and let’s have a clean fight
fight both contestants strike out of the gate with their beautiful design
although they sports extremely different design styles both look innovative and
should essentially fit in any living room you place them in the boat 700 is
going for the more premium sophisticated design while the Meo is straight-up
tacky and audio driven design for us it’s dying we love both designs even
though they’re quite different next up we got audio quality
now these sound bars have different sound signatures and deliveries but
again both perform very well for the boss 700 lakhs in Dolby Atmos support it
makes up in better sound separation in the production mainly thanks to Bose
phase guide and quiet for take the elevates the listening experience in a
way that reduces distortion and widens the sound field whether we’re watching
The Avengers the Lang King or the news or even if we’re listening to music
the Bose 700 produces clear high fidelity sound at any volume level the
ambi on the other hand still has several growing pains – both as the headphone
and mic sweater and Sennheiser is still a newbie in the sambar key unlike the
Bose 700 the ambient does support Dolby Atmos MVPs 6 as you pretty much expect
from any high-end sambar this sound bar is an all-in-one system without the
compromise and that’s essentially the best thing about it we’re impressed with
the audio achievements Anheuser reaches with the Ambu but it’s still kind of
limited by the lack of physical surround speakers and it has no expandability
options but that might not be always a disadvantage as the embryo sneaks a left
low to the 700 but just being a better choice for those without a big room to
spare free speakers and sub it follows with the right swing for being a better
choice if you look for it all the Atmos and VPS X standalone sambar however the
boss 700 although being on the ropes manages to come back and recover and
deliver a deadly uppercut to the Ambu we’ll explain first of all it appeals to
a wider audience it features the superior music playback
better and more noticable soundstage clear dialogue and puncher deeper bass
especially when paired with the boss double the icing on the cake is the
extra features it offers like built-in Alixe we feel that the
ball 700 especially when paired with the subwoofer and these surround speakers is
an overall better package that makes it hard for a standalone bar like the Ambu
to compete but that being said the ball 700 manages to come back and take this
fight moving on to the finals before moving on to the second semi finals you
most likely don’t agree with some of the choices we made here based on your own
experience drop us a comment let us know why explain and let’s have a civilized
discussion our second semi finalists are the LGS elton y versus the samsung q9 y
our fight you’ve probably seen this before as samsung flagship vs. and LG
flagship if it sounds familiar is because both companies have been direct
competitors for years in numerous categories especially TVs mobile phones
and home appliances this fight however is all about sound bars and we already
covered the main specs features in audio quality for both of the systems so to
speed things up and get to the much-anticipated final battle we’ll just
note where each bar excels over the other and give our ruling for the match
the first round is gonna be about dolby atmos well we’ll just straight out say
dolby atmos reproduction sounds better on the samsung q9 er mid ranges sound
better on the QAR bass response and accuracy was generally equal involved
next round is designed as far as design goes both sound bars followed their
predecessors exact design language so we also give the slight advantage here to
the q9 er which looks and feels more premium next round is price and value
while both of these sound bars are full-fledged atma system the LG s Elton
Y manages to be more affordable option and caters to a more budget oriented
customer so who is the winner well there’s no knockouts here it’s a
tough call it has to come down to a judge’s decision both sound bars are
truly great and you wouldn’t be disappointed with either choice don’t
count on any slow-motion knockout scenes in this battle but we have to give the
slight edge to the Samsung q9 er as we always consider overall sound quality to
be the king on this channel and reviews so the winner in this semifinals by a
unanimous judge’s decision is the Samson q9e are the final battle to
determine it all which sambar would prevail and be considered the ultimate
battle royale winner welcome to the finals the battle of the Giants the
Samson community our versus the Bo ssam bar 700 fight we’ll begin with the sound
while both sandbars look sleek the bow 700 has a premium look and feel to it
all the way through with its aluminium grills a beautiful tempered-glass dog
two color options and a compact design that just manages to fit in every we
also like this year’s iconic white design it’s clean and refreshing the q9v
hour however is no slouch it’s a beautiful Samba and has a wraparound
metal grills and it’s just a beautiful sambar in every sense of the way however
where it comes short compared to the boss 700 is with it’s slightly less
premium look and feel also it’s quite bigger so it may be a problem as far as
placement options the boss 700 is more compact and has a premium design and
will quality good that the samson q9e are just can’t match now we know the
design is in the eye of the beholder but we just gotta give the slight edge here
to the boss 700 the boss 700 manages to follow through with an extra hook with
its built-in subwoofer but you have to consider the additional cost of that
subwoofer because it is not included in the boast 100 standalone version so the
boss 700 is currently in the lead but the QDR is far from throwing in the
towel and it strikes back hard what the boss 700 takes a beating as we mentioned
the boss 700 sadly lacks Tobias was MPTs sex support these sound formats are
painfully absent from the boss number 700 so don’t count on airplane missiles
and chopper sound reflecting from the ceiling these rounds virtualisation the
700 provides although being well implemented just can’t compete with
Dolby Atmos sound but beyond that the Samson kudani are also packs and much
healthier spec sheet the Samsung q9 er has HD are 10 suppor it has doubled HDMI
ports versus the 700 TRC support and many more connectivity
options having only one HDMI port on the 700 means that your only options for
wired connections are optical or HDMI IRC so that your additional devices such
as game consoles or streaming boxes effectively have to rely on your TV to
do the sound coding which is a huge – but most important
while the Bose sound bar 700 is limited to Dolby Digital and DPS will expand
ability of up to 5.1 channels the Qun NER is all-in and Dolby Atmos and DTS X
but it’s seven point one point four channels and 17 speakers array straight
out of the box the boss 700 came out swinging with a better design but it
just couldn’t match the Samsung QAR as far as features and sound here’s your
winner the Samsung hwq 9-yard the less sound bar left standing to take this
ultimate sound bar battle royale and be crowned as the best overall sound bar
for 2020 each of these competitors cater to different needs so our advice as
always is when coming to choose your next sound bar system carefully consider
your specific circumstances and budget in order to see which sound bar fits you
best you agree with our ranking and if your personal favourites you would have
liked to see included let us know social media add gear reviews on Twitter
Instagram and Facebook let us know in the comments below as well and we’ll
catch you guys in the next video you

20 thoughts on “Best Soundbar 2020 | Top 4 Soundbars 2020 Battle Royal (Finals)

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  2. I get the Nakamichi 9.2.4 and is a really good sound quality I'm really love it….and awesome Dolby Vision supported and Atmos sound very good and Dtx

  3. I recommend Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar but need to add a subwoofer to it & with a SVS PB-2000 Pro onto it, it will blow the rest here to win it.

  4. I only miss here the harman kardon sitation want to buy today one of the top 2 or the harman kardon what is better on the end q90r or harman kardon sitation 5.1?

  5. Bose 700 better then Sennheiser Ambeo ?? Come on man..🤔
    I gave my son my bose 700 and sub and bought the Sennheiser Ambeo and SVS sb2000 Pro. Set comes with a pricetag and tremendous sound quality

  6. So Samsung just announced on ces20 the new Samsung soundbar Q950T. I wanted to buy the q90r but now iam curios should I wait for the new one or buy the old one

  7. I'm surprised you guys still picked the Q90R tbh but it's a tough toss up between the two Atmos Bars.

    What you made you chose Samsungs bar though?

    Was it convience for the consumer or sound signature you liked better or what was it?

    I'm just curious because honestly the Q90R drops down to second for me from the Nakamichi mainly because of Terrible bass among a few other caveats but that's the big one.

  8. @Gearly Reviews, thank you for an outstanding job of review and informative comparisons! I have an Orbi mesh wifi system behind my TV. If I decided to place the Samsung sub behind my TV also, should I be concerned with the intermittent cutting out issue to the sub & surround sound speakers? Thx in advance!

  9. I went with Bose for quality build and its height fits under tv were most sound bars don’t and don’t like Alexa or Goole built into sound bars they should use the money for better sound and better quality remote control that says a lot about a company ( remote) 😎

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